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How OneDios successfully hacked virtual working

Like businesses all around, we entered March with a “plan”. And it was working perfectly! We’d just moved into our amazing new office, Our application had gone live and we’d signed on our first investors. We looked forward to ending our first year on a high. But there were clouds on the horizon. As the Covid 19 pandemic gripped the world we had to adapt and adapt fast. Unlike the big multinationals with there detailed disaster management policies and abundance of resources at their disposal, we had to think fast and put a plan in place. Constantly hustling and adapting to change is something is a skill set you develop as a startup and so we played to our strengths i.e. Our people, our passion and pure grit to keep things running. We are proud to be sharing what has worked for us.

Tightening up those wallet strings

This was top priority, putting in place a financial plan to see us through the crisis. However unlike businesses who reacted to the situation by defaulting to cost cuts, we used it as an opportunity to challenge our cost base and redefine what would be essential expenditure. We had to get our cost base leaner but smarter. This plan was put in place not simply for the lockdown, but our broader cost strategy as well. Eg. IT infrastructure needed more investment which we met through renegotiating lease expenses.

Staying connected

We ensured our teams were set up to work remotely well before the lockdown was put in place. This meant providing IT infrastructure, setting up support systems and helping them get into a routine for virtual working. Through the use of Hangouts meet, Zoom and other collaboration we ensured we were always connected and able to solve problems faster and more efficiently. Our daily virtual huddles have helped us take stock, set goals and track progress seamlessly.


We knew the lockdown would impact different people differently. The challenges our people faced ranged from lack of getting essential supplies to what we’ve termed as WFH fatigue. So empathy has been at the centre of all our interactions with the team. We understand our teams aren’t simply working from home, but are trying to work through a global crisis. By promoting a culture of honesty and openness we’ve been able to help our people navigate the long road to getting used to the “new normal”.

Passionate leadership

The best of plans can fail under poor leadership. Seeing our founders live and breathe their passion and vision for OneDios has been nothing but intoxicating for our teams. In a world flooded with news of loss, our founders have helped paint their vision of the bright future that OneDios is heading for perfectly. From our daily huddles, to client meetings, having strong focused leadership can make all the difference when it comes to raising morale. They celebrate our successes and guide us through our failures.

OneDios People

OneDios Values and Culture

Our Values and Culture

Whether it be our clients, customers or our employees, People are at the centre of all that we do. After all, OneDios was founded with the sole purpose of making everyday lives easier.

Our people are the foundation of our business. We understand that our culture will be derived and defined by these people. We strive to provide equal opportunity to all by transcending the boundaries of all biases. This helps us ensure that we are attracting and retaining the best talent from all parts of the society. We believe in building an environment that provides our people with experiences which help unlock their potential and help them grow professionally with us.

Our values define who we are, what we stand for, and how we do business. They are the pillars of how we work within our teams and with our clients. They guide us in our everyday decision making and in still in us the responsibility to always do our best.

Constant Evolution

Disruption and evolution is at the heart of what we do. We believe in constantly evolving not only what we do, but how and when we do it. Which is why you will find you’ll never find a OneDios office which isn’t abuzz with excitement, innovation and energy . So we look to constantly innovate, test, retest and learn along the way. After all, “reinvented” is literally, our last name

Keeping it Simple

We believe disruption and complexity, just do not mix. Which is why we are
constantly working on making things simpler, more agile and scalable. This includes
not only our products, but our teams, our offices, everything!

Being One Team

We believe in building a diverse and inclusive work space where our people feel empowered to provide their perspective and share feedback. We care about each other, our clients and endeavour to build an environment where everyone can perform at their best! Our people and our teams are our biggest assets so we foster a culture of collaboration. So no matter how big or small the task, help is always around.

Making a Difference

We build and deliver innovative solutions to the challenges faced by our clients, our people and the wider society. With this in mind, we are proactively looking for innovative ways to do our part in making our society and our world a better place.