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7 Common Refrigerator Problems and Their Solutions

A refrigerator is one of the most common electric appliances found in homes. It keeps your food cool and fresh and prevents it from spoiling. A properly functioning refrigerator has become an important part of our daily routines. However, like any other electric appliance, you might face a few refrigerator problems due to rigorous usage. There are some problems that you can fix yourself but for others, you will need technical help from a service provider.



Let’s have a look at some common problems and their solutions:

      1. Leaking Water is one of the most common Refrigerator Problems

This is also potentially a hazard, as one can slip and fall due to leaking water if left unnoticed. There can be two causes of these refrigerator problems. The first reason could be blocked defrost drain and another possible reason can be clogged or frozen water supply. You can fix this by draining the frost drain located at the back of your freezer with warm water. You can also manually clean the rubber valve located inside the defrost drain.


     2. Refrigerator not Cooling

Sometimes you might experience that your refrigerator is not maintaining the temperatures that it should. The primary reason behind this is a dirty condenser coil and you need to clean the coil to fix this. The condenser coil is located at the bottom of your refrigerator. Don’t forget to unplug it before doing this. You can also do this on regular basis as part of its maintenance. 


     3. Refrigerator Door not Shutting Properly

If you have been using it for so long then you must have experienced that the rubber seal of the door is not holding the door intact. This can cause other problems in your refrigerator and might even increase energy consumption. To solve this refrigerator problem, you will need to get the rubber seal replaced. 


     4. Frost Build up  Inside your Refrigerator

The freezer unit of the refrigerator acts as a storage space for ice and frozen food. If you observe that significant frost or ice is building up inside it, it might adversely impact the proper functioning of the freezer. This problem is caused by increased humidity inside the freezer. It might be because of leaving the freezer door open for too long or due to a faulty door seal. You will need to get the seal replaced in this case as well. 


     5. Noisy Refrigerator

They do make a little noise as part of their normal functioning. But if the noise from your refrigerator has increased significantly it might be caused by a malfunctioning fan. It consists of two types of fans: a condenser fan and an evaporator fan. These fans keep the condenser coil cool and help to maintain an adequate temperature inside the refrigerator. One of the probable causes of a noisy refrigerator is a faulty motor in one of these fans. You will need to call an expert to fix this problem for you. 


     6. Refrigerator is Warm

It keeps your food cool. But if the temperature inside the refrigerator turns up, it defeats the whole purpose. The most likely cause of this problem is the faulty condenser coil. You can try cleaning it to ensure its efficient functioning. If the problem is not solved then you will need professional help to repair or replace it.


     7. High Electricity Consumption

If you notice a sudden spike in your electricity bill it might be because of the refrigerator. This is because it is one of the most energy-intensive appliances at home. You can use an energy meter to measure the electricity consumption of your refrigerator. If the sudden increase in electricity bill is indeed due to the refrigerator, you will need to book a professional service to solve this problem. 


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