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OneDios Business- Dealer Registration Process

The video takes you through the simple steps you need to complete in order to register as a dealer on OneDios and enable your OneDios business partner access. You can also download the complete guide using the link OneDios Business- Dealer Registration Guide

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OneDios Training

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Register As Partner

Register as OneDios Partner

  • All Dealers need to register once on the OneDios platform. The details for the dealer are asked in three tabs.
  • Tab 1: “Dealer information”-
  •  Owner Name: Name of the owner of the dealership
  • Company Name: The name of the legal entity of the dealership
  • Email: Email id on which the dealership wishes to receive its credential information.
  • Primary Mobile: The mobile number which shall receive sms notifications from OneDios.
  • Password and Confirm Password: Please choose a password and confirm it. This password shall be used to login to the dealer portal by dealer using the dealer user id credentials that shall be sent on email and sms by OneDios.

  • Tab 2: “Location

This location will be the default primary location of the dealership.

  • Contact Name: Name of the dealership contact
  • Address Line-1: The address of the Outlet that will be registered with the account.
  • Address Line-2: The address with the street and the area of the outlet.
  • Pin Code: The area code of the location of the outlet.
  • Area: The particular area of the location can be chosen from the drop down.
  • City: City in which the outlet is located. (Automatically populated)
  • State: The state in which the outlet is located. (Automatically populated)
  • Country: The country where the outlet is located. (Automatically populated)

Please click Next to go the next tab

  • Tab3: “Documents

The Dealer needs to upload the images of its documents. There are three placeholders –

  • Dealer PAN Card
  • Dealer Company incorporation document
  • Any other company identification/proof document.

Uploading one of the two documents- dealer Pan Card or CIN Document is mandatory

Click on “Submit” after uploading the documents.

Please select the checkbox confirming your acceptance of the Terms and Conditions of OneDios website and mobile applications.

NOTE: It will take up to 24 hours for the verification and approval of the dealer’s account.