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How to Clean and Sanitise Your Washing Machine

Having a washing machine at home is an absolute convenience. It saves us time and effort and has revolutionised how we do laundry. However, keeping your washing machine clean and sanitised is essential to maintain a healthy home environment and ensure your clothes come out fresh and clean. Over time, soil, detergent residue, hard-water minerals, mould, and mildew can accumulate, affecting the efficiency and cleanliness of your machine. If your washing machine needs repair or its service is due, you can book a repair request at OneDios within 60 seconds. 

Whether you own a front-load or top-load washer, there are effective methods you can use to clean and sanities it:

For Both Front-Load and Top-Load Washing Machines:

1. Vinegar and Baking Soda

To clean your washing machine thoroughly, begin with an empty and dry machine. Then, set it to the cleaning or the hottest and largest setting available. As the washer fills, add 3-4 cups of white vinegar. Allow the machine to agitate, then pause the cycle, allowing the vinegar to soak for a minute. After that, add 1/2 cup of baking soda, then resume agitation briefly. Pause again and let it soak for an hour for deep cleaning. Finally, complete the cycle and repeat if necessary for extra cleanliness​​.OneDios app is a one-stop shop for all your washing machine service, complaints, repair, and extended warranty requests.

2. Washing Machine Cleaning Tablets

To clean your washer, place a tablet in the empty tub of the machine. Then, run a normal cycle at the hottest setting to ensure a thorough cleaning. This straightforward method can effectively remove any buildup or residue from your washer and keep it running smoothly.​​

3. Borax and Washing Soda

Mix 2 tablespoons of oxygen bleach or borax with 2 tablespoons of washing soda directly in the tub to clean your front-loading washing machine. On the other hand, for top-loader washing machines, you can use 1/2 cup of each ingredient and run the machine at the hottest temperature. Once the cycle is complete, add vinegar to the dispenser or tub and run another hot cycle to thoroughly clean the washing machine.​​ For repair and service of your washing machine, download the OneDios app and book your washing machine service today.

Additional Cleaning Tips:

  • Rubber Gasket: Clean the rubber gasket around the door for front loaders or the top of the drum or lid for top loaders with a damp cloth. If concerned about mould or mildew, use a bleach and water mixture or vinegar and water instead​​.
  • Detergent Trays and Washer Parts: Remove and clean any soap or fabric softener residues from detergent trays and other removable parts​​.
  • Sterilizing Cycle: Run the washing machine on the hottest water setting with two cups of baking soda, followed by a cycle with two to four cups of white vinegar for a natural sanitizing cycle​​.

Maintenance and Sanitization Tips:

  • Always wipe the rubber gasket with a dry cloth and open the door to prevent mold growth​​ after each wash.
  • Avoid leaving wet laundry in the machine for extended periods and measure detergent usage to prevent soap scum buildup​​.
  • Clean the lint filter after every wash and periodically check for residues around the drum and seals.
  • Check the hoses for leakages and cracks for optimal washing machine functioning. Lint and dirt can clog the outlet water hose. Call a professional to do the job of repairing and replacing hoses. Download the OneDios app or book an appointment online for washing machine service or repair. Our technicians from OneDios are just six clicks away.

At OneDios, we understand the importance of maintaining your household appliances in top condition, so we emphasise regular cleaning and sanitisation of your washing machine. As the sole provider of brand-authorised extended warranties, we encourage our customers to choose brand-authorised extended warranties for their appliances. If you have any queries regarding the AMC and extended warranty of your Washing Machine for all brands such as LG, Whirlpool, Samsung, IFB and Bosch, etc., we are here to help.  OneDios app even logs when you last got your washing machine serviced and parts replaced. 

Trust OneDios for your appliance protection needs and enjoy the assurance of knowing your home is in good hands.

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Washing Machine Repair or Replacement: Which one is a better option?

Whether to fix or replace your washing machine can be a daunting choice. A broken washing machine can be quite bothersome, especially if its warranty has expired. Sometimes replacing a washing machine is more cost-effective in the long term than having it repaired.

Following things are to be kept in mind while deciding to repair or replace the washing machine:

1.  Lifespan

All electronic appliances have an average anticipated lifespan. The expiration date of your machine depends on usage and proper maintenance. Washing machines are expected to last around 11 years. It is advisable to replace it after that as its performance declines significantly and it keeps asking for frequent, time-consuming repairs Consider the following:

  • Repair: A relatively new washing machine might not frequently malfunction, and repair costs would be less expensive. Finding new parts for modern equipment may be simpler than for older types. When repair costs less than half the price of a new machine, washing machine repair is a better option.
  • Replace: It might be costly to maintain equipment which breaks down frequently, primarily if the appliance has been used for a while. Moreover, such a system might no longer be covered by a guarantee, leaving you to pay for the repairs. If fixing your current machine will cost too much, especially if it is more than 50% of its life expectancy, it is best to order a new one

2.  Cost

Your washing machine could experience mechanical issues and quit functioning anytime, regardless of age. For a modest cost, an expert can help you diagnose the problem. Our technicians from OneDios are just six clicks away. Download the app or book an appointment online.  Your decision to repair or replace your washing machine should be based on the estimated cost, including the replacement parts and labor price.

Checking your warranty is a good idea when deciding on fixing or replacing a washing machine. Expenditures can be significantly reduced if the appliance is still brand new and covered by a warranty.

  • Repair

Some washer replacement parts are reasonably priced.  Repair is advised if the machine only requires simple maintenance that won’t cost more than half as much as a new appliance.

  • Replace

Even after repairs, some parts of your washing machine may continue to function poorly. Frequent maintenance would be expensive. Once more, if the entire repair costs more than 50% of the cost of a new unit, it’s probably time to say goodbye to your old appliance.

3.  Issues

If you’re unsure what the problem is, you can take help from our team at OneDios. Whether your washer or your dryer isn’t working correctly or there is leakage or safety concerns or leakage, technicians are there to help you identify the issue. Some issues may be inexpensive to fix, and others might call for a specialist. An expert’s judgement is best when deciding whether to repair or replace your washing machine.

4.  Efficiency

The performance of your machine also influences your need to look for a replacement. Water, energy, and detergent usage may be higher with an older model than with a newer one. If clothes are still wet after a complete dryer cycle or water is leaking, it’s clear that your machine is underperforming. A significant advantage of new appliances is that they are energy efficient. An Energy Star-rated washing machine uses 33% less water than an unrated one.

Investing in a new model could be more economical in the long run as it would reduce your monthly electricity costs.


If you have any queries regarding the extended warranty and AMC for all Washing Machine brands such as LG, Whirlpool, Samsung, IFB and Bosch, etc., download the OneDios app today. At OneDios, we are here to help you take care of all your home appliances. You can raise a service request in a few clicks without having to call various people or search for phone numbers.  OneDios app is a one-stop shop for all your service, complaints, repair, and extended warranty requests. It even logs when you last got your washing machine serviced and parts replaced. One Dios will also help keep track of your previous services, and you can fix your Washing Machine’s next service in advance. OneDios now also covers over 1350 postcodes in India.

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A Comprehensive Guide to Buying A Washing Machine

Buying a washing machine can be stressful. This is because an investment in washing machines needs to be made with an informed choice. With multiple choices and brands available in the market, you need to do research and planning before deciding on a final choice. Your choice also depends on the factors like specific needs, family size, and budget.

Here are a few things you should consider before making a final choice.

1. Semi-automatic or Fully-automatic washing machine

Semi-automatic washing machines are the basic ones that have two separate drums for washing and drying clothes. These washing machines require some manual work on your part like filling of water and putting or taking out the clothes from the tub. On the other hand, fully automatic washing machines have a single tub. You can simply throw your clothes inside and wait till the alarm rings. These are convenient for very busy people and don’t have enough time to spend washing the clothes. A few disadvantages of fully automatic washing machines are the consumption of too much water and electricity as compared to semi-automatic washing machines.


2. Front Load or Top Load

In Top load machines, you need to put the clothes from the top of the tub and they are connected to a constant water supply. They are less expensive as compared to front-load machines and need some manual work done on your end. You can even add clothes to the tub in the middle of the wash cycle in these washing machines. 

Front Load washing machines offer a greater number of wash programs as compared to top load ones. These washing machines have a single tub for both washing and drying clothes. Pros of this washing machine include less water and electricity consumption as compared to top-load machines.


3. Capacity

The capacity of your washing machine depends on the number of family members and the frequency with which you need to wash the clothes. A washing machine of 7kg capacity is sufficient for a family of 3-4 members. There are also 8kg and 10kg capacity versions available with many brands. If you are single or a couple, a 5kg washing machine would do the trick for you.


4. Wash Programs

Wash programs in a washing machine are based on the capacity of load and types of clothing fabric that you need to wash. There are several different kinds of programs available in various brands available in the market. The most common wash programs are:

  • Quick wash
  • Daily wash
  • Pre-soak
  • Delicate
  • Woollen or cotton
  • Easy care

You can choose a model or brand based on your specific needs and preferences.

 5. Wash Features 

Wash features are additional options available for your convenience in a washing machine. These would vary depending on the brands. A few examples include:

  • LED Display
  • Bubble wash
  • Dryer
  • Temperature control
  • Revolutions per minute or RPM choice of the spinner


If you are planning to buy a washing machine you should buy an extended warranty of your Washing Machine too, why not raise a service request on OneDios? You can raise a service request in a few clicks without having to call various people or search for phone numbers. OneDios app is a one-stop shop for all your service, complaints, repair, and extended warranty requests. It even logs when you last got your washing machine serviced and parts replaced. OneDios will help you keep track of your previous washing machine service and book the next service in advance. OneDios now also covers over 1350 postcodes in India.



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Home Appliances that Definitely Deserve A Special Care.


Modern lives are heavily dependent on home appliances. And as work from home has become a new normal due to the Pandemic, the usage of home appliances has increased drastically. Home appliances have become a critical part of our daily lives. During these times your home appliances deserve special care. Also, these appliances are expensive and you invest a lot of time and energy before finally making a choice. You naturally expect your home appliance to run smoothly at least for a few years. One of the most convenient ways is to extend the warranty period for regular maintenance and care. 

Few tips to keep your Home Appliances efficient and effortlessly:


1. Television

TV is truly our saviour to kill the lockdown boredom these days. But, you might experience issues with your TV due to increased usage. TV repairs and maintenance can be expensive. Most of the brands offer 1-2 years of warranty, however, after that period of experience you will end up running after local service vendors or endlessly calling customer care numbers. To avoid such a situation, ensure cleaning it regularly with a microfiber cloth and adjusting to lower brightness or contrast levels. If any issue with your TV persists, you will need professional help. You can raise a request for TV repair and maintenance with OneDios to prompt and efficiently resolve your TV issue.


2. RO Water Purifier

RO water purifier provides clean and safe drinking water and ensures disease-causing pathogens do not enter our bodies. Tap water is not safe for drinking purposes in most cities. Given this situation, you cannot afford to be careless regarding RO maintenance. One of the best ways to ensure that your RO keeps functioning efficiently is to get filters replaced on regular basis. What is key to know and understand is that your RO is the first line of protection when it comes to your daily water needs. Therefore, call for an RO service at regular intervals. OneDios app is a one-stop shop for all your RO service or AMC-related issues and queries, without having to call various people or seek phone numbers.


3. Fridge

The fridge is one of the most integral home appliances. It keeps your food fresh and prevents it from spoiling. Some of the tips to take care of your fridge include maintaining the correct temperature range and shutting the door properly. Ideally, you should also avoid putting hot food directly inside the fridge. Some common problems with this home appliance include leaking water, reduced cooling, and frosting. To solve these problems, download the OneDios app and simply raise a request within a matter of few clicks.


4. Air Conditioner

As the summer temperature rises, AC has special significance to keep you comfortable and cosy at home. But this home appliance is also one of the most high-maintenance and energy-intensive. So, make sure its servicing and maintenance are up to date for its efficient functioning. Some of the common AC issues faced by most people are dirty filters, malfunctioning compressors, and inefficient cooling. One of the smart ways to avoid hefty bills for AC repair and servicing is to extend the AC warranty. You can effortlessly extend your AC warranty or AC AMC plans with OneDios.


5. Washing Machine

A washing machine is again a very important home appliance. With everyone busy with their work or studies, there is no time to keep washing clothes traditionally. Some of the common problems with washing machines include unusual noises, excessive vibrations, or faulty motor. To fix this, you will need technical help, as it might require the replacement of some parts. Raise a request on the OneDios app for all your servicing and maintenance needs You can also consider extending the warranty plan for your washing machine with Onedios for more convenience.

OneDios is a one-stop-shop for all your service, complaints, and repair requests. Download the OneDios app and upload the details of your appliances today. OneDios will help keep track of all your previous services and you can schedule the next maintenance of your home appliances in advance. You can also buy the extended warranty and AMC’s for them.

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7 Things to consider before buying a Washing Machine.

In the fast-paced world, everyone is busy in either their jobs or studies. It is a very competitive environment. Wouldn’t you like to have an electric appliance to take care of your dirty clothes? Washing machines are time savers and offer you much need leisure after a long day’s hard work. Washing clothes might sound very trivial, but it is an important part of daily routine. And who has got the time and energy to do it the traditional way? You might need a washing machine to do it for you, so you can have a respite of relief. With the technological advances, every updated model of washing machine tries to reduce the effort on pars of human as much as possible. You just need to throw the dirty clothes and receive them clean and dry in the quickest time possible.



You need to keep in mind a few things before you decide to buy a Washing Machine.

     1. Automation

A washing machine can be either semi-automatic or fully automatic. A semi-automatic washing machine, as the name suggests, requires some manual effort on your end. Because it has two tubs in the top load feature. The best advantage of a semi-automatic machine is that it saves a lot of water and is low maintenance. A fully- automatic machine on the other hand has only one tub used for both washing and drying purposes. It requires no manual effort and is considered best for their convenience. You just need to throw in the dirty clothes and wait for the alarm to beep.


     2. Washing Machine settings

There are several wash settings available in the machines. You can choose the wash setting according to the nature of the fabric in your clothes. Various features available are a delicate wash, wool wash, or silk wash settings. Some fully automatic washing machines also have an option of customized wash settings.


     3. Spin cycle

The spin cycle of a washing machine refers to revolutions per minute(rpm). You can choose the spin cycle as per the fabric of the item. Ideally, delicate clothes are spun on a 300-500 rpm cycle. More resistant items can be washed with higher rpm cycles for better results.


     4. Capacity of load

The load capacity of a machine depends on family size and the frequency of washing the clothes. The capacity of load in the washing machines available in the market typically ranges between 6-12 kg. You can pick your appropriate preference according to your needs.

     5. Type of load in the washing machine

There are two options available: top load and front load. Your choice depends entirely on personal preference and comfortability. Because both of the features have similar functionality at the endpoint. Some users find a top load more comfortable, but an automatic front load Washing machine takes less space.


     6. Drum or the Tub

The durability of the washing machines builds upon the material used in the drum or tub. There are a lot of varieties available. The drum of the machine can be plastic, porcelain enamel, or stainless steel. Washing machines with stainless steel drums are usually more expensive. You can decide on your choice based on your budget and needs.


     7. Dryer

There are two kinds of versions available in the market. The first one has a separate dryer and requires you to dry the washed clothes separately. The second one is called the washer dryer. The washer-dryer automatically washes and dries your clothes in one go. But, these are more expensive and have a smaller load size. So, you need to select the type which suits you the best, according to your requirements.


If you are planning to buy a washing machine you should also buy an extended warranty of your Washing Machine too, why not raise a service request on OneDios? You can raise a service request in a few clicks without having to call various people or search for phone numbers.  OneDios app is a one-stop-shop for all your service, complaints, repair, and extended warranty requests. It even logs when you last got your washing machine serviced and parts replaced. OneDios will help you to keep track of your previous washing machine service and you can book the next service in advance. OneDios now also covers over 1350 postcodes in India.



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Extended Warranty – 8 Washing Machine Tips

A washing machine plays an important role in keeping your life trouble-free and provide you with tidy clothes. To increase the life span of all your home appliances, it is better to buy an extended warranty. People want their washing machine to work perfectly. For spotless clothes, you should keep your machine in good form.  But after a while, the clothes don’t come out as they used to be. Here are a few tips which will increase the efficiency of your machine:



1. Regular cleaning:

A dry and moisture-free washing machine, will remove all kinds of smells and keep it fresh. You need to clean the machine with a mild detergent or with water and white vinegar or lime juice. Clean the dirt properly from the inside of the tub as well as from the outside. But make sure that the switch is off and there shouldn’t be any clothes inside before cleaning. This will also clean the inside of the machine, hard water deposit, and outlet duct from grease, dirt, and debris. A clean washing machine will also remove the odor that can soak into your clothes.

2. Check the hoses:

You need to check the pipes and taps regularly for any leakage. The pipes which are leaking can be also very risky. Ensure that there is no lump or damage. The fittings should be tight as well. If you have further queries regarding the extended warranty and AMC for all Washing Machine brands such as LG, Whirlpool, Samsung, IFB and Bosch, etc., download the Onedios app today.

3. Don’t clean everything

Heavy items such as carpets, rubber floor mats put a lot of strain on the machine motor and can damage the machine.

4. Use the right detergent:

Don’t use regular detergent with energy-efficient washers. So make sure that you use the right kind of detergent as per your machine model.

5. Don’t use too much detergent:

The excess amount of detergent can leave a deposit in your washer. You should also measure the quantity as per the manufacturer’s recommendation.

6. Protect from spillage:

You should protect the washing machine from accumulated deposits from the dishwashing cleaner spillage. Even if the detergent is of good quality, there will still be sticky deposits. This can also cause a lot of bad smells. To clean this deposit, use a mild detergent and wipe it. Clean the buildup lint and dirt deposit on the interior of the drum with a wet cloth.

 7. Don’t burden it:

Don’t burden your washing machine as this can damage your washer. You can also download the Onedios app for your extended warranty requirements, upload the details of your washing machine today.

8. Move clean clothes to the dryer immediately:

Keeping wet clothes for long in the washing machine can cause fungus and rust.

If you are planning to buy an extended warranty of your Washing Machine, why not raise a service request on OneDios? You can raise a service request in a few clicks without having to call various people or search for phone numbers.  OneDios app is a one-stop-shop for all your service, complaints, repair, and extended warranty requests. It even logs when you last got your washing machine serviced and parts replaced. One Dios will also help in keeping track of your previous services and you can fix the next service of your Washing Machine in advance. OneDios now also covers over 1350 postcodes in India.