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Why Regular Connection is Crucial for Excellent Customer Care Service

Customer Service

Customer care is the direct connection between your customers and your business. Building a healthy relationship with customers is crucial to business success. If the customers feel more connected and secure with the brand, repeat purchases are likely to be made and thus increase the lifetime value of the customers.

Connecting with customers helps to build customer retention. In addition, loyal customers help acquire sales, reasonable profits, and new references and assist in word-of-mouth marketing by vouching for your quality, honesty, and services.

Customers are the force that drives a business; hence it’s important to note how they interact with your brand. Constant interaction with the customers is essential beyond the initial transaction.

A company with an excellent customer service team does more than answer questions and solve customer issues. They are proactive to ensure such problems never crop up in the first place to give customers peace of mind. OneDios allows customers to book service in 60 seconds or raise a complaint. It eliminates the need to contact customer care of different brands, such as Voltas’ customer care or Samsung customer care, in case of a breakdown.

Here are the ways to connect with customers and make them feel special:

  1. Provide Tailor-made Solutions

Each and every customer has unique needs. Make your customers feel special, and approach each customer as an individual and should cater to their needs and requirements. Grouping all your customers together cannot provide the best solution, as customers may require the same product or service, but their reasons may differ. So, businesses must tailor their marketing approach to cater to multiple audiences.

The organizations can segment customers based on age, gender, social class, education, income level, and new/regular customer. Sending personalized and customized messages to the customer segments increases upselling and cross-selling opportunities.

  1. Keep Customers Engaged and Show Appreciation

Keeping customers updated about introducing a new product/service, an upcoming promotion, or your latest blog post is essential. It helps raise brand awareness and makes customers feel like a crucial part of the business. Moreover, it aids in bringing value to customers’ lives and keeps them in the loop.

Engaging customers on social media and responding to their comments are great ways to guide the narrative about your brand. Respond quickly to questions and concerns that come in from customers through these channels.

Showing customers that you appreciate them can improve their connection to your brand. Human nature is such that a little act of kindness or a word of appreciation makes our day. So is with customers; little appreciation makes customers happy. OneDios has become the number one trusted brand for home appliances, providing excellent quality and satisfaction to its customers. Going out of your way to make a customer happy can reap significant rewards for your business. A positive word of mouth is spread by satisfied customers and thus building brand image and reputation.

  1. Respond to Concerns

Good customer response is a vital asset for an organization and directly or indirectly helps in business growth. Don’t be available only when the company is doing great or customers are happy. Constant dedication earns the trust and respect of customers. Poor customer service can lead to business closure in no time.

Businesses need to be aware of how the response times can impact the customer experience. Swift response and quick redressal of complaints help build brand image and trust. If you are done with wasting your time with the customer care helpline, then move ahead with OneDios App to avail the fastest and smartest communication. Customers can book a service in 60 seconds with OneDios, of any major brand, which ensures solving customers’ problems at the earliest without contacting the customer care service of multiple brands.

Hence, success depends on understanding and interpreting queries and then working to provide the best solution in as little time as possible. Undoubtedly, OneDios is setting new goals of efficiency for customer service. If the organization succeeds in satisfying the customer, it wins in developing and maintaining a relationship with that customer and can easily retain him.

  1. Go Above and Beyond

Go above and beyond for your customers. To keep customers long-term, offer special discounts, recommend customized products based on consumers’ needs and always remedy an unpleasant experience. Such efforts on the company’s part enrich customers’ experience and minimize customers’ need to contact customer care.

It is your job to ensure your customer’s experience ends well. Exceptional customer support will keep them coming back. Samsung customer care, or Volta’s customer care, aims to make a strong connection with the customers and use this technique to their advantage.

Reward programs are a great way to connect with customers. Points or gifts for purchases/services are good incentives and provide extra value to the customer. Gifts to customers on birthdays or out of the blue can be send to emphasize their importance–for example, a discount code or coupon. It is essential to customize appreciation messages and add a personal touch.

  1. Keep it Personal, not Transactional

Building personal relations with customers strengthens your bonds with them. It aids in creating lifetime customers and building a community around the company. Moreover, it benefits employees, customers, suppliers, and the community.

Being conversational and consultative with customers helps rather than being aggressive while selling. The human aspect displayed while interacting with customer care benefits the company’s image as one that aids in making an informed decision rather than a hard sell.

Industry Talk

When should I get my Voltas Air Conditioner Serviced?

It’s the time of the year when we need a cooling breeze every second. Getting home after a long day of work, you look for the air conditioner’s remote. But wait, you didn’t get your Voltas Air Conditioner (AC) serviced yet because it seems fine?

Well, it is important to get your Voltas AC serviced during fall and spring. It not only keeps it clean but also keeps the parts in a good shape for optimum usage.

Voltas Customer care Number

During the fall season, your AC needs a service for the heater or furnace so that it can be prepared for the cold. On the other hand, during the springtime, your AC needs some tuning to prepare for the humidity and heat.

To make your Voltas AC more efficient and long-lasting, the service includes lubricating and cleaning the parts to ensure their proper functioning and a check on the electricity and airflow. After this, each part of the AC will be inspected along with the refrigerant level check.  Finally, the technician will check the thermostat for its accuracy and take the required measure of recalibrating or re-programming it.

Overall, you get a full inspection of your AC with brand-authorized maintenance to ensure efficient functioning and a relaxing environment for you.

Not just services, but you too can follow some tips to keep your AC clean and efficient-

  1. Replace the HVAC timely

During all these seasons, your AC takes in all sorts of dust and dirt particles that are present in the air and to reduce those particles, they have HVAC (Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning) filters. They require replacement according to your environment for the optimum use of your Air Conditioner.

2. Clean the Condenser Area

The Condenser of the AC is located outside due to which it is exposed to branches, stones, dirt, bushes, etc. There are times when squirrels, rats and other rodents climb inside and chew the electrical wiring which can be dangerous for them and harmful for your AC unit. This makes it mandatory for you to clean and keep a check on the condenser.

3. Pour Vinegar to clear the Condensate Drain

Your Condensate Drain tends to clog up during the fall and spring season when the AC isn’t working much. Since the water is removed when it runs at full speed during a hot day, it can develop algae, mold or junk when the temperature is mild and the AC isn’t running much. To keep it clean, you can pour a cup of Vinegar during the season change.

Does this remind you of your AC’s service? No need to look for Voltas’s customer care number and getting into the hassle of reaching out to customer care because you can book a service at your fingertips within 60 seconds on any day with OneDios.

Keep the cooling coming!

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