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5 Simple Ways to Improve Customer Response Times

excellent customer care service


Customers either shape the brands or shake them. Without customers, no business can ever reach its potential. Keeping customers happy and satisfied and giving them excellent customer care service is essential. Replying faster to customer queries and complaints must improve customer satisfaction. A swift response from customer support can enhance their experience. One of the best ways to keep loyal customers happy is to offer excellent customer service.

Quality customer care is responding promptly. 71% of customers believe that a quick response from the service team can significantly improve their experience. Customers expect their queries to be answered efficiently and timely. Response time is very crucial in customer satisfaction and building loyalty. A platform like OneDios App is a one-stop solution that allows customers to book service in 60 seconds or raise complaints. They are bringing a revolution by improving customer response times without needing to call customer care. OneDios is standing out by simply responding, resolving, and delivering its promise of outstanding customer service.

An organization’s customer service response time simply refers to how quickly it responds to a customer’s inquiry. Good customer care doesn’t mean resolving the issue in the very first interaction. Acknowledging their message or ensuring them that you are working on their problem is enough to keep them satisfied for the time being. Prompt response is essential for customers to decide which brands/businesses they will continue dealing with. Immediate response and good services earn the company’s trust, satisfaction, better sales conversion, and loyalty of their customers.

Here are five simple ways to improve customer service response times and experience.

1. Ensure Excellent Customer Service

A highly skilled and competent team to handle any customer query is the first step toward providing excellent customer service and support. A knowledgeable support team with excellent communication skills and a desire for customer satisfaction is a must.

To improve team efficiency:

  • Regular training – Conduct regular training sessions on updated features of different products or services and convey clear brand messaging. Training should be consistent across all departments and teams.
  • All vital business information should be shared with the support team to make them aware of all the policies, products, issues, and solutions.
  • Keep monitoring your current goals to understand the problem areas and improve them in the forthcoming training sessions.

Set realistic goals for your team and motivate them to meet those goals. Create a motivating environment where employees feel encouraged to do their best. Such training sessions aid the customer service team in responding quickly and thoroughly understanding products and services.

2. Set up a First Automated Response

An excellent automated response makes the customer feel heard, saves the service team time, and helps manage customer expectations. This simple technology lets the customer know you have received their query and what they should expect to happen next.

However, one can’t rely on an automated message to satisfy a customer’s needs fully. Still, often all a customer wants are to be acknowledged, and an automatic response is an excellent way to:

  • Assure the customer that their request has been received and a customer service executive will contact them soon.
  • Set expectations upfront and inform the customer of your average response times.
  • Remind the customer of your customer service department’s opening hours and how long it takes for them to respond.
  • Provide links to FAQs and other self-service tools to help them, reducing the need to contact customer care.

3. Categorize and Prioritize the Requests

Each customer query is essential, but to provide efficient customer service, categorizing and prioritizing the requests is needed to maximize the use of resources. Categorizing the requests based on complexity and subject matter helps the customer service team to be more productive. For instance, a customer reporting a fraudulent debit card purchase or customer with a recurring issue, or a customer who is impatient or angry are the ones who need to be given importance over others. Your business loses money and potential clients if their issues aren’t resolved on time. This doesn’t mean other customers aren’t necessary.

A ticketing system is great for this. It helps you tag each of your customer enquiries by priority so that you know which queries are urgent and which can be replied to a little later yet timely. An easy and quick method is to use a traffic light system:

  • Red for high priority
  • Amber, for less urgent emails
  • Green, if an immediate response is not required

Grouping similar tickets together boosts efficiency. For example, your team can devise one immediate solution and quickly resolve the entire group of tickets in a single pass.

4. Use Customer Service Response Templates

In customer service, it so happens that some questions are asked again and again by customers. Such frequently asked questions can be dealt with quickly and efficiently by using templates containing prepared answers.

Create templates by identifying common questions and issues your support team encounters most frequently. To rewrite the same responses to common questions repeatedly leads to time wastage and duplication of work. An experienced agent knows what types of questions their customers frequently ask. Use this information to prepare your customer service team better.

Templates save time, provide customers with the correct information, and help reinforce the brand by keeping communication consistent and your customers happy. Templates can be created for questions such as “how can I reset my password?” or “when will I receive my order?”. Whirlpool customer care and many other major players follow the same practice.

5. Set up Time-Based Alerts

Every business wants to respond quickly to reduce its customer response time. However, sometimes the time lag in responding or resolving the issue is outside your control. It’s very easy to lose track of which emails have an early response requirement and to miss inquiries that get buried during busy times.

Set up time-based alerts to avoid losing customer questions in the system or responses being delayed more than required. The customers deserve attention and answer their questions within a reasonable time frame. Customer waiting time for response can be highlighted using time-based email alerts.

Upon receiving an inquiry, a customer service agent determines when to follow up. An alarm is then set as a reminder. It allows agents to go away and research the correct solution and ensures unopened or unclaimed emails are picked up before the deadline for response has ended. A time-based alert ensures that nothing is missed.

At OneDios, we are proud to offer and deliver excellent customer service and are quick in responding to inquiries. OneDios makes the process simpler, faster, and more efficient by contacting customer care for any issue and booking service within a minute. To learn more about how OneDios can help you with the hassle-free booking of services, download the OneDios app now. We understand that excellent customer support drives an amazing customer experience. 

The OneDios app is a one-stop solution for all your AMC-related service issues without having to call multiple people or find phone numbers. We make the service experience effortless and timely for the customers and efficient for the support agents.

OneDios offers an outstanding professional facility for repair, installation, and service work. OneDios app makes it simple for consumers to avail of post-sales services without difficulties. You can schedule the service of any electrical appliance at OneDios, which covers all major brands. OneDios now covers over 1350+ cities in India.

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Signs Your Washing Machine Needs a Service

It is ubiquitous for all of us to avoid the signs that our washing machine is giving us to pay attention to the problem. You are all set to do your laundry after a long day at work, but the machine is not working properly. What do you do?

It may be the sound of the machine, or your laundry is not getting cleaned; such signs tell you to call the service repair instantly. If you own a whirlpool washing machine, then save yourself the time and money of a big problem by addressing such issues immediately. Here are some everyday situations that people face when their machine needs service.

The prominent signs:

So, check out these signs for understanding that your washing machine needs a service:

The machine does not start

It gets super annoying when you put the laundry in the machine, add the detergent, close the lid and start the machine, but it just won’t work. No matter how many times you try, the result remains the same. This is a widespread issue faced by people. In such cases, call the whirlpool customer care number immediately and let them figure out what is going on. When it comes to electronics, you should not try any DIY.

Issues in the drum

After the wash, rinse, and spin cycles are complete, and you open the lid of the machine, you may find the clothes soaking wet. It may be possible the water is not draining out of the machine. While people may think that reducing the load and trying it again may solve the problem, this is a short-term solution. To permanently fix this issue, you need to seek professional help, or you can connect through whirlpool toll-free number.

Squeaks and Thumps

If your washing machine suddenly starts making weird noises, it is high time you opt for servicing of the machine. Squeaking sounds are the ultimate sign that the machine needs repairing. Other sounds like thumping, bumping, and grinding indicate that the machine may be off-balance. Do not operate the machine in this condition for safety purposes. Squeaking is a fixable issue and is not a cause of great concern. However, the grinding sound is more severe because it means that there is something wrong with the internal parts.

Water is not going into the drum

You pour enough water into the drum, but the machine may not be receiving it. If the water seems to be insufficient in the machine and this case has never happened before, then call a professional. Moreover, it may be a sensor or a mechanical error. Getting it repaired will fix this issue and will also find the root cause behind it. Sometimes, the spin cycle will stop working altogether. Setting the washing and risking cycles will ensure that your machine will work well in the long run.

Starting and stopping abruptly

The machine may start and stop suddenly throughout the process of washing the clothes. When there are long stops in the machine, it tells that some of the parts are not working right. Parts may wear down with time, and you need to repair them or get new ones. Thus, get in touch with whirlpool washing machine customer care.

Seek the professional assistance

Whenever something unexpected happens, call a professional. Get the problem fixed as soon as possible to avoid more significant problems in the future. Even if there is no issue with the washing machine, servicing the machine regularly is vital to ensure that its lifespan does not reduce. But, we understand that being in touch with whirlpool customer care toll-free numbers is not at all easy. Hence, to resolve your problem in the easiest way, you can take the assistance of OneDios.

The convenience of OneDios

OneDios is the best platform to initiate touch with your preferred service provider in the least possible time. Whether you own an AC, washing machine, refrigerator, or any other appliance, you must download the app now. For instance, if you have a whirlpool ac, then simply contact whirlpool customer care ac. The best part about OneDios is that it ensures contact with your chosen service provider in the next 60 seconds.

Book your service on a go

Now, what else are you waiting for? Book your whirlpool customer care service today. Initiating the request with OneDios is as easy as it gets. All you have to do is, simply download the app, register with your credentials, create your account and login. Once you log in to the app, you can gain the access to book your service. Just specify your brand, kind of service, submit your details, and much more.

Purchase extended warranties at OneDios

Without any sign of doubt, OneDios is adding massively to the ease of the users. Not just that, but you can also buy the extended warranty on your electronic items from OneDios. Yes, stop looking anywhere else if you are seeking a platform to avail the yearly warranties on your electronic items

OneDios vault is the savior

Can you imagine that apart from contacting the customer care service of your preferred service provider, you can catch the benefit of the OneDios vault?

Moreover, do not miss out to enjoy the advantage of the OneDios vault to keep your important documents, receipts, bills and safer. Additionally, be it Samsung, Voltas, Panasonic, Whirlpool, Kevin, Usha Bajaj or any other leading electronic brand, you can undoubtedly rely on OneDios.

Now, we hope that you know how to reach the whirlpool customer care number in just 60 seconds and 6 clicks. So, stop ruining your time finding the way to connect customer care support of any brand. Above all, you need not pay anything to avail the benefit of OneDios since it’s a free service. More than that, OneDios is a more imaginative and innovative solution to handle all kinds of support and repair work in regard to electronic items.

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5 Reasons why my whirlpool AC. is not Cooling. How shall I resolve it?

Is your Whirlpool A.C. not cooling the room properly? If yes, it may have some problems within the unit. Not enough Cooling and blowing out hot air are some symptoms the air conditioner needs to repair. A.C. requires regular maintenance to function correctly in the long run. When the air conditioner stops maintaining a cool temperature in the room, it can get irritating. Here are some reasons why your A.C. is not providing the cooling effect it should and how you can fix these issues.


Air filters are dirty.

One of the most common issues of this problem is that the air filters are not clean. It may get clogged with dirt and dust particles, leading to further problems.

Outside Unit

Yes, you heard it right! The outside unit matters as much as the inside unit. The air conditioner will not function to its full potential if it is not clean. Firstly, the inside team absorbs the heat in the room and transfers it to the outdoor unit.

Motors stop working

A well-functioning motor is necessary for the Cooling of the air conditioner. If the motor fan is faulty or is not working efficiently, it will raise problems in the air conditioner.

How to fix it?

It is possible to fix the motors quickly without any hassles. However, it is best to leave this task to the professionals. Instead of directly reaching the whirlpool customer care number in India to get the issue fixed, you can move with


Refrigerant levels are low.

Refrigerant is kind of a fluid that consumes heat from the air. Low levels or the absence of refrigerant may cause the cooling effect to be negligible.

Problems with the compressor

The compressor is the element that regulates the flow of refrigerant from the evaporator to the condenser. It is one of the most significant parts of the air conditioner unit. However, if the compressor is broken, it will not cool the air to its total capacity.

How to fix it?

Usually, you need to change the compressor entirely and opt for a new one. With professional help, through OneDios, the ac will start working again.


OneDios: The Foundation of Easy Customer Care

You can quickly contact the whirlpool customer care service to resolve the issues. You don’t have to wait on calls to talk to an executive. OneDios is here to save the day as it raises requests and shares with the brand in 60 seconds.

Yes, you are making a right guess; our aims to help the customer resolve appliance-related issues in no time. Here are the best features of OneDios that you should know:


The convenience of the app

For cutting down the hassle of contacting the customer care of any brand, OneDios provides you with the convenience of an app. So, if you want a Whirlpool A.C. customer care number, download OneDios App and wait for the results.

Resolves complaint in 6 clicks

Gone are the days of waiting in a loop for customer care; OneDios is all set to resolve your complaint in 6 clicks by ensuring your connection with the customer care of any particular brand.

Annual extended warranties

If you have no clue how to buy the extended warranties of your appliances, then OneDios complies with the task for you. Download the app now to know more.

Virtual locker

Stop misplacing your invoices or appliance-related documents because we allow you to keep everything safe in the app locker.

So, whether you are searching for whirlpool A.C. customer care number Hyderabad or whirlpool A.C. customer care number Chennai, OneDios is the one-go destination for every customer looking for a hassle-free customer service experience.

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Know All About The Whirlpool Appliance Warranties Here!

If you have any questions regarding your whirlpool appliances Warranties, then you are in the right place. Whirlpool appliances promise outstanding quality and services as well. But just in case any product is unable to meet your needs or stand up to Whirlpool’s standards, then make sure your appliance gets fixed, and you get the best experience.

The first step in checking the details regarding the warranty involves reading about the period of warranty as it is limited. The next thing to be sure of is the model number. Before reaching out to whirlpool customer care, it is advisable to know about your appliance. The Whirlpool customer care number is readily available. It will be in the manual of your device and easily accessible on the website.

Whirlpool warranty covers most of the Factory Specified Replacement Parts and the repair labor used to repair any damages or defects existing in the appliance. The warranty is usually limited to one year from the date of purchase, but it depends on the appliance. The warranty will only be used if the appliance has been installed, operated, and maintained according to the instructions. If an appliance needs to be replaced, then the replacement product will be covered for the remaining time of when your original unit was purchased.

If any specific information is required regarding the appliance’s warranty, one can always contact the customer service through the Whirlpool customer care toll-free number. There are a variety of products covered under warranty, but to name a few-

  1. Washers and dryers
  2. Refrigerators
  3. Dishwashers
  4. Ranges, ovens, cooktops, and microwaves

Apart from these essential appliances, one can always check with Customer Care to find out about more products covered under warranty. Other appliances which may also come under warranty include an air conditioner, air purifier, chimney, washing machine, and water purifier. To know more about the air conditioner, one can always ring up the whirlpool ac customer care number.

If you need the service, you’ll need proof of purchase, including retailer name and address, your unit’s model number and serial number, and a description of the problem before calling Whirlpool customer care.

It is natural to find a few faults or defects in the appliances we use in our homes, be it of any brand. But it is always the right of a customer to get what they bought and get their expectations fulfilled according to what the company had promised them. One thing which should be kept in mind while purchasing the Whirlpool appliances is that once bought; they should be installed and used only in the correct way written in the manual. One should not go on the path of using an appliance incorrectly. This practice will protect most customers from using the existing warranties, and they will also be delighted with their products.

It’s all these efforts or you can easily download OneDios app on apple store or play store or visit OneDios and book service to the brand in 60 seconds.