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How to Make your Home Energy Efficient?

Energy-efficient homes mean using less energy to do the same jobs, reducing energy waste, and saving money. With climate change affecting people across the globe, energy conservation is no more a choice but a must for all. When your home uses excess energy to power electronic appliances, light bulbs, heaters, etc., it not only adds to your utility bill but also causes pollution and harms the environment. To make our environment green, we need to reduce our carbon footprint, and there is no better place to start than our homes. We need to consider future generations and adopt sustainable ways to live.

Energy-efficient homes conserve energy and reduce unnecessary energy consumption, greenhouse gas emissions, and demand for non-renewable resources. To effectively make your home energy efficient, you need to be aware of how energy is used, where it’s wasted, and how it can be used more effectively and efficiently in everyday life. Let’s all be smart and consciously start implementing sustainable and energy-efficient home changes. Not only will you save money on your energy bills, but you’ll also make your home more comfortable all year round. OneDios aims to offer a top-class professional facility for repair, fitting, and air purifier service. OneDios app makes it simple for the consumer to avail of the post-sales services without difficulties.

You can improve air quality, reduce greenhouse gas emissions, and save money by making a few easy changes.

  1. Replace your light bulbs with LEDs or CFLs. Compact fluorescents (CFLs) not only use less than two-thirds of the energy required by standard bulbs but also last 10 times longer. Although LED bulbs cost more at purchase, the upside is they last long and have options available that are enabled for Alexa and Google Assistant. LEDs last 25 times longer than regular ones, saving you the expense of buying more; they also consume 75 percent less energy.
  2. Switch OFF unnecessary appliances. Many electrical appliances are plugged in with their switches on. Appliances use energy even on standby mode; switching them off is the easiest way to reduce energy consumption and electricity bills. Also, unplug battery chargers when they aren’t in use. 
  3. Buy energy-efficient appliances. An energy-efficient air-conditioner utilises 30-40 percent less electricity than a standard air-conditioner used for the same time. An inefficient refrigerator can increase the annual electricity bill of a household by as much as Rs 4,000-5,000 in some cases. So, a consumer needs to choose appliances with a five-star rating. Energy Star-qualified appliances use 10-50% less energy than standard appliances and help reduce emissions of greenhouse gases. 
  4. Air seal your home. Seal cracks, gaps, leaks, and joints in the ductwork, windows, and doors to ensure cold or hot air doesn’t escape your home. With an airtight seal, you can save energy when heating and cooling your home. Sealing gaps and cracks is an easy and inexpensive way to lower energy costs. 
  5. Use cold water for washing purposes. For laundry and dishwashing, try using cold water whenever possible to save significant energy.
  6. Lower the thermostat settings. Setting your thermostat to a lower temperature than usual will not cool your home faster. The best practice is to set the temperature at around 24 degrees. Set your water heater temperature around 50 degrees; it saves energy and you from getting burnt with hot water.
  7. Install solar panels. The renewable, free energy source is clean as it doesn’t emit any greenhouse gases and is cost-effective. Solar panels may be an excellent investment if you can afford them. They’re becoming popular to heat hot water and generate electricity for homes. Panels are installed on rooftops, and they help cut down on your electricity costs because it allows you to produce your own electricity. Once installed, they last a lifetime without needing repair or replacement.
  8. Try using a ceiling fan instead of an air conditioner whenever possible.
  9. Cook smartly. An enormous amount of energy is wasted while cooking. Instead of a stove or oven, try using a microwave, toaster, slow cooker, pressure cooker, air fryer, etc., as they are quicker and use significantly less energy. While using ovens, try not to open the door as the temperature drops, and the oven has to overcompensate to raise the temperature back. Using lids on pots and pans will heat food more quickly.
  10. Save water. Be conscious of running water while brushing your teeth or shaving. Avoid running half-loads of laundry in your washer. Install low-flow showerheads and shorten your shower time to improve your home’s water efficiency. Use the waste filter water for dishwashing, laundry or car washing. Recycle water and use rainwater whenever possible.
  11. Get your appliances serviced regularly. Annual service and proper maintenance of all appliances like AC, refrigerator, washing machine, and dishwasher are essential to increase efficiency and save money on repairs. Timely repairs help in reducing energy consumption as inefficient appliances have to work harder to give the desired output. OneDios app is a one-stop shop for all appliance service or AMC-related issues and queries without having to call various people or seek phone numbers.
  12. Install a smart thermostat and automate your lighting. A smart thermostat can reduce your heating and cooling costs by up to 15 per cent. It works by learning your habits and adjusting the temperature automatically. For lights, install dimmer switches and motion sensors that turn off when you leave the room.
  13. Schedule an energy efficiency audit. Service providers offer home energy efficiency audits. These providers are equipped with specialized tools and skills which help them evaluate your home’s energy efficiency and determine where efficiency can be improved by recommending some low-cost measures. If you’re concerned about the energy consumption in your home, don’t hesitate to contact OneDios today, and we’ll be happy to answer any of your questions.

By following these simple steps, you can also make your home energy efficient. You can make a few changes now and then and work towards it. You can download the OneDios app and book your appliance service for an extended warranty or service in a few seconds.

If you feel that your appliance service is due, download the “OneDios” app and generate a service request in a few clicks. You can also buy the extended warranty and AMCs for all brands like Bosch, LG, Voltas, Daikin, Hitachi, etc.

You can raise a service request in a few clicks without calling customer care, Samsung service center, LG service center, etc. OneDios app is a one-stop shop for all your services, complaints against repair, and extended warranty requests. Download the OneDios app and upload the details of your appliances today. It even logs when you last got your oven serviced and parts replaced. OneDios will also help keep track of your previous services, and you can fix your appliance’s next service in advance. OneDios now also covers over 1350 postcodes in India.

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Top 5 Air Fryers of 2023

Cooking and eating healthy have become a priority for all families in today’s age. If you love fried food but are worried about your health, consider investing in an air fryer for your kitchen. Air fryers allow you to moderate calories while enjoying your favourite fried snacks. Air fryers are considered one of the essential kitchen appliances that many of us use today. They not only help calm your craving for fried food but also help you stay healthy.

Air fryers will only work if you maintain the system you’re using, so read the instruction manual carefully before use. For air fryer service or repair, download the OneDios app today. OneDios app is a one-stop shop for all your air fryer service or AMC-related issues and queries without having to call various people or seek phone numbers. 

Choose an air fryer that suits your needs and budget, and enjoy healthy, fried snacks. While buying, there are a few factors that one should consider, like capacity, power consumption, temperature control setting, operation noise and wattage. Apart from the functions and features, one must look for user ratings and reviews of each product. Looking for the best air fryer brand in India? Here are a few you could choose from:

  • Philips Digital Air Fryer HL9252, 1400 W, 4.1 Liter

Philips is India’s No.1 Air fryer brand (Source: Euromonitor International Limited; Consumer Appliances 2021ED). Quick, precise and efficient, Philips HL9252 is the best air fryer. The Philips digital air fryer allows you to cook food with up to 90% less fat. The air fryer comes with an auto-off function to provide safety and save electricity when the basket is removed. Also, the air fryer is designed in a starfish shape to provide uniform heating.

Key features:

  • The Digital Touch Panel consists of 7 pre-set cooking functions and a Keep Warm Function.
  • Preset programs include frozen snacks, fresh fries, meat, chicken drumsticks, cake and even grilled veggies.
  • 1400 W
  • Dishwasher safe 4.1 Liter non-stick air fry basket ensures easy clean up.
  • Patented Rapid Air technology- ensures guilt-free food with 90% less oil and delivers the crunch and tenderness of frying.
  • Starfish design pan ensures 360 °even frying.
  • NUTRIU APP: Get 200+ Indian and global recipes and some from celebrity Chef Ranveer Brar by downloading the free NutriU App (IOS & Android).
  • A great addition to any kitchen, perfect for 2-4 servings.
  • Warranty – 2 years


  • Touch screen operation
  • Versatile usage
  • Quicker than other air fryers
  • Preset functions work effectively
  • Easy to use as the handle is attached to the inner basket


  • Basic design
  • Limited preset menu

Philips digital air fryer allows you to roast, fry, bake and grill a wide variety of dishes with ease. The digital display and touch panel make it convenient to operate. Compared to others, it cooks quicker too, which is a massive advantage as you save time and electricity. For an extended warranty or air fryer service, you can download the OneDios app and book your air fryer service in a few seconds.

  • Kent 16096 Classic Hot Air Fryer, 1300 W, 4 Liter

The Kent air fryer is a classic, easy-to-use air fryer that comes at a budget-friendly price. It comes with a temperature control knob to easily adjust cooking temperatures. This 4-litre air fryer is perfect for three to four people. 

Key features:

  • 4L capacity ensures servings for 3-4 people
  • 1300 W
  • Rapid heating makes cooking faster, and vapour steam ensures your food is crispy outside and tender inside
  • It comes with an easy-to-use temperature control knob to adjust the temperature from 0 to 200
  • It uses up to 80% less oil and offers a similar taste to deep-frying
  • Its 30-minute timer with auto cut-off shuts down the appliance once the process is done
  • Fry, Grill, Roast, Steam, and Bake your favourite snacks
  • Warranty – 1 year


  • Budget-friendly
  • Easy to use
  • The temperature control knob allows adjusting the cooking temperature
  • Auto cut-off feature
  • Vapour steam heating technology
  • Heating light indicator


  • Built quality could be better
  • Small for families with more than 3 members

Kent classic hot air fryer is one of the best budget-friendly options. Its vapour steam and rapid heating technology evenly cook food from the inside and crispy from the outside. It comes with a 1-year warranty. With just one click, you can also download the OneDios app for an extended warranty or air fryer service or find out about AMC.

  • Inalsa Digital Nutri Air Fryer, 1400 W, 4 Liter 

The Inalsa air fryer separates and captures excess fat. Inalsa Nutri Fry Digital air fryer is your perfect partner in keeping your family healthy. The oilless electric air fryer machine cooks food with little to no oil. Now, prepare nutritious meals more efficiently to achieve tasty and low-fat food with benefits. 

Key features:

  • Oil-free fryer: with hot air at high speed and constant temperature, fries with little or no oil, with less than 99% fat and a crispy and tasty result
  • Patented Rapid Air crisp technology with a unique starfish design pan ensures evenly fried results without flipping the food.
  • 8 preset programs: The 8 preset programs of Air Fry Digital will allow you to cook: frozen potatoes, raw potatoes, all kinds of vegetables, chicken, sausages, meat, fish, cakes and much more!
  • Fully digital: Fryer with digital touch screen and very easy to use. Set time between 1 and 60 minutes and the temperature between 80ºC and 200ºC.
  • High capacity: 4 litres 
  •  It has a buzzer at the end of cooking, cold touch handle and non-slip feet.
  • Warranty – 2 years


  • Budget-friendly
  • Slightly larger inner tray
  • Cooking performance is optimal on manual settings
  • 8 preset modes
  • Touch screen panel


  • Preset functions don’t work effectively
  • It can’t be used for defrosting
  • The inner tray moves when tossing food

The Inalsa Digital Nutri Fry air fryer has intelligent air-crisp technology and has eight different settings for snacks. The digital interface is also easy to use and very responsive. To repair and service the Inalsa air fryer, raise a service request with  OneDios without having to call various people or search for phone numbers.

  • Havells Prolife Grande Air Fryer

The Havells Grande Air Fryer has a 6.5-litre bucket and 10 preset cooking options. It’s a pleasure to bite into tasty, beautiful food because of the powerful motor in this air fryer, which produces crispy on the exterior and moist and juicy food on the inside. 

Key features:

  • Aero crisp technology allows 360degree air circulation
  • 10 Auto pre-set options to cook
  • 1700 W
  • Digital touch control panel
  • Auto shut off up to 60 minutes of timer automatically shut off for precise cooking
  • 6.5 Litre Pan capacity and 5 Litre Food basket capacity
  • Over-heating protection function & safety lock
  • Warranty-2 years


  • Huge 6.5L pan capacity
  • Digital touch control panel
  • Two years warranty
  • Easy operation


  • Bit expensive
  • Basic design

Havells Air fryer lets you fry, bake, toast, roast, grill and reheat the food with hot air, keeping it up to 85% less oily over traditional deep frying. Havells Prolife Grande air fryer is one of the best choices available to Indian customers. You can book an appointment for an extended warranty and air fryer service with the OneDios app.

  • Instant Pot Air Fryer, Vortex 6QT

Instant Brands is a pioneer in kitchen appliances, from Electric Pressure cookers, Air Fryers to Ovens. Today, Instant Brands’ products are in millions of homes worldwide. Instant Brands is America’s most loved brand, an expert in air fryers. This Instant Vortex air fryer has 6 built-in programs that allow you to broil, roast, bake, dehydrate and reheat your food. With this smart appliance, you can save time as the air fryer heats faster than a regular oven. 

Key features:

  • SMART 6-IN-1 FUNCTIONALITY: Air fry, Grill, Roast, Dehydrate, Bake and Reheat.
  • EASY CLEAN-UP: Non-stick, dishwasher-safe air fry basket and tray.
  • INSTANT BRAND CONNECT APP: Get 1900+ Chef Curated Smart Recipes by downloading the free Instant Brands Connect App (IOS & Android).
  • Touch control panel
  • It uses 95% less oil.
  • Clear cook window to monitor cooking progress without opening the basket
  • Patented Even Crisp technology creates the perfect crisp.
  • Warranty-1 year


  • Large capacity
  • Multiple touch programs
  • Easy to use and clean
  • Stylish design
  • Saves time
  • The healthy option saves 95% less oil


  • Expensive
  • Limited offers

The crisp technology gives you perfectly cooked food with just a little oil. Easy to use and clean, Instant Pot Vortex 6QT is one of the best air fryers. Overall, such a premium air fryer will make your neighbours and relatives envy you.

OneDios hopes that the list of 5 popular air fryer brands and models above will help you make the right decision. If you still have questions about purchasing the best air fryer brand in India, contact our experts at OneDios for guidance. Furthermore, their equipment is lightweight, quick, and easy to clean using conventional techniques or dishwashers. Most air fryers come with a one to two-year warranty, if anything goes wrong, contact OneDios.

OneDios app is a one-stop shop for all your air fryer service or AMC-related issues and queries without having to call various people or seek phone numbers. We aim to offer a top-class professional facility for repair, fitting, and air fryer service work. OneDios app makes it simple for the consumer to avail of the post-sales services without difficulties. It also keeps track of your air fryer service in the past and if any part was replaced. At OneDios, you can also schedule the next air fryer service in advance. OneDios now covers over 1350+ cities in India.

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Getting your Air Conditioner Ready for Summer

Summers are approaching soon, bringing with them “I can’t believe it’s so hot outside!”. With the regular rise in temperature outside, cool rooms seem like heaven. Air conditioners provide the necessary sigh of relief and comfort from scorching hot weather out. The last thing you want on the first hot summer day is a non-functional air conditioner. If you don’t keep your AC well maintained and serviced before summer arrives, this could happen to you. Is your AC overdue for some service or maintenance? Schedule an AC customer care service with OneDios, before the summer heat gets too scorching.

Your air conditioner has been sitting idle during cold winter, collecting leaves and other debris. Replacing the filters, cleaning the condenser, and performing minor checks will get your AC unit into shape, ready to operate safely and cool your home efficiently this summer. Fixing the AC before turning it on for the season will increase efficiency and save huge electricity and repair bills.

Following are some steps that will help you to get your AC summer-ready:

  1. Turn your AC OFF

Before working on your air conditioner, always turn off the power to the condenser at the service panel. For safety reasons, the circuit breaker should be turned off.

  • Clean or replace the AC filters

The filter is the lungs of your air conditioner. Allowing it to build up with dust, dirt, and debris will make it work harder to cool the house. The AC filters have a certain lifespan, after which they worsen the air quality instead of improving it and thus need replacement. The filters get clogged easily, so they need regular cleaning, especially before summer arrives. Some filters need replacing every six months, but they must be cleaned monthly. You can even get an expert’s help cleaning or replacing the filters. If you are facing any issues or need help replacing the AC filters, download the OneDios app and put in a request today. It is a one-stop shop for all your AC-related issues and queries. 

  • Clean the condenser coils

The air conditioner’s condenser unit is usually outdoors and is a large metal box with sides looking like grilles. In winter, families generally cover it to prevent it from collecting dirt and debris. Otherwise, it likely contains leaves, dirt, dust, mud, and debris and needs cleaning. Anything that obstructs the flow of air will reduce the condenser’s efficiency, so these coils should be cleaned before use.

  • Remove the debris around the condenser

Even when your AC unit is not in use, you don’t want leaves, twigs, dirt and dust to collect around it. Clear all leaves and debris out of the base of the condenser. Sponge and wipe away your AC unit’s dirt, bugs or bird droppings. Allow the unit to dry. Cleaning the air conditioner prevents it from getting clogged and breaking down, making it more efficient. If you are looking forward to buying an Extended Warranty plan for your air conditioner, download the OneDios app and put in a request today.

  • Unclog the AC drain pipe

The pipe that carries condensation away from your air conditioner can get clogged. If the pipe becomes clogged, the drain pipe could back up, water will begin collecting inside your AC – or into your house, and you will have a big problem with a hefty repair bill. If you are not comfortable cleaning your AC drain pipe, download the OneDios app and call for an AC service expert. You should check that AC’s drain pipe is clear and unclog it at least once every year.

  • Check for leaks

Leaking AC ducts affect the efficiency of your air conditioner negatively. Leaks in the ductwork either ooze the cool air outside or circulate the hot unconditioned air inside the home. Leaky ducts make your HVAC work much harder; sealing leaking ducts can generate significant savings on heating and cooling. Always keep the air ducts clean and leak-free. If, unfortunately, your AC does get damaged by leakage, download the OneDios app and call for an AC service expert.

You can also get the ducts insulated, as it may help seal the leaks and keep the air inside the ducts cool for extended periods.

  • Use the correct temperature settings

The thermostat is an essential part of your AC unit, but with a change in weather, it’s time to switch off the AC and turn on the heater. You need to adjust your thermostat setting during the change of season. This prevents your AC unit from overworking and keeps your energy bills in check. The AC temperature should be set at 24°C to balance the cool and comfortable temperature and power consumption. Setting low temperatures doesn’t help in cooling the room faster; instead can reduce the AC’s lifespan and result in high electricity consumption. For any query regarding temperature levels, feel free to call experts at OneDios.

  • Get your AC serviced regularly

You should get the entire AC unit serviced before turning it on for the season or call an expert. Getting your air conditioner serviced at least twice a year is always better. The expert will check the entire AC system and ensure it is in good working condition. Regular AC maintenance increases the efficiency and lifespan of the air conditioner.

At OneDios, we handle all your air conditioner’s maintenance, repair, installation, and extended warranties.

  • Replace the AC remote batteries

As the AC unit has not been used all winter, the AC’s remote control doesn’t work when you use it again in the summer. It is because the remote batteries are out of charge. Replace the old batteries with newer ones at the start of the season.       

  • Test the AC unit

Test your newly cleaned air conditioning unit after allowing the unit to dry thoroughly. You’ll need to turn the power back on to your condenser unit. If your AC is not running correctly, please get in touch with us at or download the OneDios app and put in a request today.

With these simple Ac maintenance tips, you can get your AC ready for the coming summer season and enjoy the coolness with a cool summer drink rather than spending time and money on fixing it if something malfunctions. Repairs to your air conditioner is not a DIY job. A professional should handle them. At OneDios, we provide the best-experienced professionals and services to assist you in getting good quality customer service for your appliances. OneDios also keeps track of your previous AC service and if any part was replaced. At OneDios, you can also schedule the next AC service in advance. You can also buy an extended warranty and AMCs for all AC brands like LG, Samsung, Haier, Daikin, Hitachi etc.

Regular AC maintenance results in a longer unit lifespan, increased energy efficiency, cheaper repair costs, enhanced air quality, and a comfortable home temperature. With OneDios, you can contact any customer service within 60 seconds, regardless of the brand—Whirlpool, LG, Crompton, Bajaj, Panasonic, Sony, Voltas, Kevinand so on. OneDios is the one-stop shop for all home appliance service and repair needs.

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Must-Have Appliances for a Healthy Food Menu

Kitchen appliances need the most attention as they help you prepare all your dishes fuss-free. Good, healthy food is equivalent to a good day and also turns a bad one around. Kitchen appliances and modern gadgets in the cooking area give your kitchen a more aesthetic appeal and overall charm. There is nothing like a suitable kitchen appliance to fire up your cooking experience and make home-cooking fun, exciting and lovable. The maintenance and care of appliances are very straightforward; however, if you feel that your appliance service is due, download the “OneDios” app and generate a service request in a few clicks.  Investing in high-quality, durable and multi-function appliances can help anyone prepare delicious and nutritious meals quickly and efficiently. To dish up a healthy menu in no time, here are some kitchen appliances to help you along.

  • Instant Pot

Instant Pot is an electric cooker with multiple functions such as slow cooking, rice making, sautéing, yogurt making, steaming, and more. The Instant Pot cooks food much faster (50-70%) than the oven or regular stovetop methods, and you can make entire meals in one pot with minimal clean-up. It is extra safe and requires no monitoring. Soups, curries, chicken, beef, potatoes, rice, stews, and many more healthy dishes can be cooked in an instant pot. 

  • Food Processor

Food processors help make nutritious meals convenient, saving you time, money, and weight gain. Food processors evenly chop veggies, mince garlic, and fresh herbs, and brew creamy sauces and dressings quickly, allowing you to experiment with different recipes. Some food processors have special attachments for evenly shredding food and can knead the homemade dough. For repairs, maintenance requests, and warranty extensions of any of your brand’s appliances, you can log on to OneDios here. OneDios has become the number one trusted brand for home appliances, providing excellent quality and satisfaction to its customers.

You can easily prepare dinner with the help of a good-performance food processor as an additional set of hands in the kitchen. You can whip up a homemade hummus or salsa in seconds and have complete control over what goes in it.  

  • Air Fryer

An air fryer is a must-have kitchen gadget if you want healthy food that tastes indulgent. Air fryers create the crispy, chewy foods people love without all the oil. An air fryer is a hybrid between a deep fryer and a convection oven. Air frying is healthier than frying oil. It cuts calories by 70% to 80% and has a lot less fat. Air frying also helps cut down on some of the other harmful effects of oil frying. Air fryer opens the door to making endless fun, delicious and nutritious meals in less time and without increasing clean up. OneDios app is a one-stop shop for all your air fryer service or AMC-related issues and queries without having to call various people or seek phone numbers.

You can make roasted Brussels sprouts, fish, doughnuts, potatoes, broccoli, carrots, chicken nuggets, sweet potato fries, and much more with perfect texture and ready in minutes.

  • High-Speed Blender

A blender is a common kitchen appliance used to mix ingredients. Blenders can purée vegetables into soup, crush nuts into butter, whir dressings and sauces into silky emulsifications, chop ingredients into salsas, and make smoothies. Smoothies have been one of the most popular food trends for a while now. They’re a delicious and convenient way to boost your nutrient intake and add more diversity to your diet. Most blenders allow you to use whole fruits and vegetables, so eating more nutrient-packed foods is easy. Using whole fruits and vegetables increases the fibre content of your meal. No preheating, spoons or cups to measure, baking, grilling, or boiling required; quick and nutritious meal ready in minutes with a blender.

  • Oven 

Ovens are used for heating, baking, roasting, toasting and grilling. Ovens come in different kinds and sizes and have been around for centuries, making our lives more comfortable. Cooking in an oven is not that cumbersome; you need to know it better, and it can do wonders. You can make crisp cookies, chicken seekhs, lemon tarts, baked pasta, pizza, and much more. If you face any issue with your microwave oven regarding installation, service requests, and maintenance and need professional help. You can raise a request for microwave oven repair and maintenance with OneDios to prompt and efficiently resolve your microwave oven or OTG issue.

Contrary to popular belief, ovens do not emit harmful chemicals or waves that cause health risks. Most people believe that the energy transfer in the oven causes adverse health effects, especially microwave ovens. The cooking methods used impose health risks, not the oven itself.

There are plenty more appliances out there, but these are the ones we felt are used more frequently and are most efficient in producing a healthy meal. We hope the above list of appliances will be helpful. Any appliance is as good as its master. If you use it wisely and maintain your appliance well, you will get the best out of it. These appliances should help you dish up a healthy and nutritious meal in no time and easily maintain a work-life balance. Some machines make your life easier, while some make your kitchen more functional. In a nutshell, kitchen appliances are essential for our mental, physical and emotional well-being. Most of these appliances are relatively inexpensive considering their usage and are, instead, very reasonably priced. They are also durable and come with a warranty, making repairs easy and affordable.

For repairs, maintenance requests and warranty extensions of any of your brand’s appliances, you can log on to OneDios here. OneDios has become the number one trusted brand for home appliances, providing excellent quality and satisfaction to its customers.

Whether you own a water purifier, refrigerator, or more, you can buy extended warranties on numerous electronic appliances exclusively at OneDios. If you want to book the service of any brand appliance, then download the OneDios app, choose the type of service, and you will receive a call from the customer service executive. It’s hard to believe but true that OneDios initiates a connection with the customer service of electronic brands such as Panasonic, Daikin, LG, Godrej, Samsung, Sony, Bajaj, Voltas and so on within a minute.

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Hidden features in your Refrigerator you did not know about

While buying a new refrigerator there are many factors to consider while making your purchase, whether it’s storage for fresh herbs, speakers for playing music, or Wi-Fi connectivity. Today’s fridges offer a variety of cool features to make cooking fun and easier. In today’s growing technology world, many people buy smart appliances that can diagnose and troubleshoot issues and communicate through smartphones. A neatly organized refrigerator saves money and time, reduces food waste and unpleasant smells, and increases the fridge’s efficiency. However, you can extend the life of your refrigerator with timely service and extend the warranty of your appliance.

From the practical to the unusual, here are some of the features of the fridge you did not know about:

  • Crisper Drawer

The crisper drawer extends the life of your fruits and vegetables by controlling the airflow around them via the vents. Most crisper drawers have adjustable humidity vents, allowing you to close off the airflow (creating more humidity) or open it up (creating a low-humidity environment). 

Generally, a low-humidity setting should be used for anything that rots quickly. That means apples, pears, avocados, melons or fruits. The high-humidity drawer is great for anything that wilts—thin-skinned vegetables like asparagus or leafy vegetables like greens, strawberries, etc.

Use the refrigerator’s crisper drawer’s humidity controls to keep your produce fresh and healthy for longer. 

  • Convertible fridge/freezer

Convertible refrigerators are multi-purpose and can function as a refrigerator or freezers. With some models, the entire unit changes from one to the other and back again, per the user demand. The possibilities with this fridge are limitless, and it’s an excellent option for storing extra drinks, food platters, and catering trays during the summer season. And by switching the unit to freezer mode, stock frozen fruits and vegetables in the winter season. If your refrigerator breaks down or is not cooling, instead of searching for a refrigerator customer care and waiting for their response, take the expert services of OneDios

  • Fridge deodoriser

The unpleasant smells of onion, fish or garlic in your fridge can spoil your other subtly flavoured foods. A refrigerator deodorizer is an excellent way of solving this odour problem. Deodorizer doesn’t require cleaning, just replacement every three months. Some refrigerators, nowadays, come with a built-in deodorizing filter to eliminate bad smells and preserve food’s original flavour and aroma for longer. Strong odours are removed as air is continually passed through activated carbon filters. It is advised to keep your refrigerator neat and clean to keep it in immaculate condition. Looking for refrigerator service, you can book your service from OneDios in just 6 clicks.

  • Sliding shelves

Some refrigerators these days come with sliding shelves inside the fridge door. You can hang individual shelves that include everything from a can dispenser to a narrow compartment for loose items like cheese or juice boxes. If you don’t like how they’re arranged or need to fit awkwardly shaped items, slide them along the door’s rails. Sliding shelves allow easy access to the stored items and provide a better view of the contents. 

  • Smart fridge repairs

With a smart fridge, you don’t have to worry about repairs. Your fridge can pick up on problems before they become more prominent. You get alerts on your smart fridge phone app regarding any problem. The AI built into these appliances catches potential problems like temperature drops or poor airflow before they cause significant issues. If you wish to avoid searching for refrigerator repair near you, then you can contact OneDios for regular maintenance and repairs of the refrigerator of any brand.

  • Make mealtime fun

Most refrigerators come with in-built speakers with Bluetooth connectivity, so you can listen to music, podcasts, or audiobooks while cooking dinner. A smart fridge can also play movies, watch recipes, and match or entertain your kids while you cook. This makes spending quality family time in the kitchen more fun. 

  • Dual ice makers

Use the dual ice maker in your fridge to take your cocktail parties to the next level. This revolutionary dual ice maker in refrigerators automatically creates standard ice cubes, crushed ice and slow-melting round ice. The round ice melts slower, chills more efficiently and helps beverages taste their best for longer.

Now that you know how the features in your fridge can be of maximum use to you, try them out. It is always good to stay updated with technology, especially regarding home appliances and comfort. Always research online to double-check that the fridge you want to purchase comes with all your desired features. You can call or download the OneDios app; our experts are always ready to help.

If you are facing any issues with your fridge, download the OneDios app and upload the details of your Refrigerator today. You can also buy the extended warranty and AMCs for all brands like Whirlpool, Samsung, Godrej, GE, etc.  OneDios is developed to in-line the services from all brands in just a minute. We are bringing a revolution in how customer service is delivered. OneDios makes the process simpler, quicker, and more efficient of contacting customer care for any issue and booking service within a minute.

You can raise a service request with OneDios without having to call various people or search for phone numbers. OneDios provides an end-to-end solution for all your refrigerator service and repair-related issues. OneDios also helps you to keep track of your previous refrigerator service details and parts replaced. You can also book an appointment for an extended warranty with us. Download the OneDios app today. OneDios now covers over 1350 cities in India.

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Why do brands want customers to buy an extended warranty?

Warranties are the true confidence of a brand in its product. Warranties are a promise they make to maintain and service the product for the period. Extended warranties are worthwhile as no matter how reliable the product is; its components are still expensive to replace. It is common for electrical or mechanical parts to fail unexpectedly and cost you even more in repairs. For only a tiny amount, you can buy the peace of mind associated with an extended warranty that covers your appliance for up to twice the length of the standard warranty. An extended warranty is an insurance policy for your appliance and a safeguard against expensive and unforeseen repairs.

Why do the brands encourage you to buy an extended warranty?

  • Increase customer confidence in the product

An appliance is a significant investment, and customers want to ensure that it lasts up to its lifetime and want the best protection for their investment. A brand confident enough in its products will provide an extended warranty, which makes the customer keep the faith and believe in the products offered. The result is a positive experience for your customers throughout their product lifecycle – from when they purchase to if/when they need to file a claim.  And the best part?  You don’t handle any administration or liability, so you can focus on selling more products! You can buy an extended warranty instantly in a seamless and paperless online transaction before your standard warranty expiration with OneDios.  

  • Warranties help in closing the deal

Before making a purchase, customers usually compare the product from different brands. When brands are comparable in price and benefits, they look for other features to help them make a final decision. In this case, a warranty that includes additional coverage of 2-3 more years than the other brand’s limited warranty might be what closed the deal.

  • It provides peace of mind

Customers buy or renew the warranty primarily because it provides peace of mind.  It gives them confidence that it will be covered should anything happen to the product. Rising costs and fears over inflation make customers more thoughtful about their purchases. And with higher prices comes an added desire to ensure the product’s protection.

  • Warranties help in turning a negative experience into a positive one

One of the most satisfying benefits of offering extended warranties is improving customer satisfaction. An excellent extended warranty helps to protect your customer’s budget from unexpected maintenance and repair costs. Customers who purchase a brand-authorized extended warranty are substantially more satisfied than those who buy coverage from a third party. As a result, the customer is more likely to respond favourably about your brand and product when providing reviews. Customers are more likely to make a repeat purchase or recommend a brand after a positive claims experience. 

  • Increases brand loyalty and customer retention

Customers are more likely to be loyal to a brand that provides excellent customer service and expresses an interest in protecting them. Offering extended warranty products that fit your customer’s lifestyle and needs will allow your customer to find value in a time of need. By investing time in showing your customers that you care, they’re more likely to remain loyal to your brand and return for parts and service– business your customer could take elsewhere.

  • Increase in customer referrals

By providing quality products to your customer, they are more likely to feel confident in their purchase, leading to more customer referrals. Positive emotions and experiences add value to those referred to your brand and make them more open to your brand offers. A loyal customer will always come back to buy more products from the same brand and even bring more customers.

So, extended warranties are the need of the hour and benefit both the brand and the customers. You may be able to purchase an appliance extended warranty from the original appliance manufacturer, the dealer where you bought the appliance or a third-party provider. 

For the first time ever, Voltas has started providing brand-authorized extended warranties in partnership with OneDios. Voltas’ extended warranty plan guarantees authentic Voltas service and spare parts at the lowest prices possible, and customers will get service from the brand itself. You can register any complaint to the Voltas customer care department through the OneDios app, which is available on Android/IOS.

The OneDios app is a one-stop shop for all your service, complaints, repair, and extended warranty requests. You can buy brand-authorized Annual Maintenance Contracts (AMCs), Service plans, and Extended Warranties on OneDios to provide your appliances and products with 360-degree protection. OneDios has multiple options and plans on the platform for OEMs and other service providers for easy comparison. You can buy your next extended warranty on OneDios here.

Download the OneDios app now. Retailers, sellers and customers can be saved from hassles given by third-party warranty providers. You can also download the OneDios app or visit the OneDios website to buy an extended warranty. OneDios provides the app’s solution for uploading invoices, warranty cards, receipts, and appliance documents. OneDios now also covers over 1350 postcodes in India.

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Mistakes Water Heater Owners Make

Winter can be tough to survive without warm water. Cold water baths sound scary. Hot water baths have multiple health benefits like a good night’s sleep, clean & healthy skin, relieving symptoms of cold and fever, and more. Hence, a water heater becomes a bare necessity. 

Regular water heater maintenance can prolong the life of your water heater, make it more energy efficient, and prevent costly (and inconvenient) emergencies. For routine maintenance, it is best that expert technicians service or repair your Geyser so that it lasts longer. OneDios is a one-stop solution for all your geyser service and repair needs.

We should not take our water heaters for granted but operate and maintain them adequately for their smooth functioning. You must know or have read about correctly maintaining your water heater, but you must not see what you have been doing wrong. 

Some of the most common water heater mistakes we make are:

  • Setting Temperature too High

The higher the temperature you set, the more energy your geyser will consume to heat the water. If the temperature has been set too high, the pressure inside your tank may be hazardous. High pressure can lead to water leaks and require costly repairs. If you are facing water heater leakage issues at your home or looking forward to buying an AMC plan for your Geyser, you can download the OneDios app and raise a request today.

Keep the temperature around 120 degrees F. At this temperature, no one gets burned, you can save electricity, and you extend the life of your heating element and geyser.

  • Installing it Wrong

If you have no professional experience with water heaters, you might unknowingly worsen things if you decide to take on the installation yourself. Water heater systems are pretty complex. Download the OneDios app, and our Geyser service partner will handle all your water heater-related issues. 

While installing the water heater, keep the following things in mind to avoid unnecessary repair costs:

    • Choosing the wrong size: The size you need depends on the number of people in your household and hot water usage.
    • Location: Where you place your water heater is essential – for safety, convenience, and efficiency. An experienced plumber will ensure your water heater has proper access and room for adequate airflow. 
  • Setting it up all wrong: Forgetting to install the drain pain or using the wrong size can increase your risk of water damage in the future. If the TPR valve and release tube are not installed correctly, you run the risk of your water heater bursting or even exploding. OneDios makes it simple for the consumer to avail of the post-sales services without difficulties. We aim to offer the best facility for repair, fitting, and Geyser service work


  • Ignoring leakage

Water leaks usually are caused by leaking valves and plumbing connections, but they can also be related to tank problems. Leaking water can cause significant damage to a home, so it is crucial to fix the leak as soon as possible. If you are facing water heater leakage issues at your home or looking forward to buying an AMC plan for your Geyser, you can download the OneDios app and raise a request today.

  • Not draining excess water

If the water appears to be filled with debris, dirt, or mineral deposits, then the water heater should be thoroughly cleaned. Sediment build-up can settle at the bottom of your tank and cause internal corrosion and affect its performance. Flushing the sediment out of your tank is easy, and it’s one of the most important things you can do to extend the life of your water heater. You have to do it only once a year to keep your water heater running at peak efficiency. You can also download the OneDios app and raise a geyser service request to drain the sediments from your tank. 

  • Not switching it OFF

We forget to switch off the geyser, fearing the water will turn cold. It is a mistake, best avoided. Turn the geyser off when you are done using it. It will help decrease power consumption, extend lifespan, and save money on water heater repair. The water does not turn cold, even after switching the geyser off, as the storage tank holds the temperature of the water for 4-5 hours.

  • Ignoring annual checks

The anode rod protects the tank from rusting on the inside and should be checked yearly. Without a rod or a properly functioning anode rod, the hot water quickly corrodes inside the tank. Therefore, fix an appointment with a Geyser service expert if you need to get the anode checked or replaced. You can use the OneDios app to do the same.

TPR valve releases pressure from the tank if it detects that it has reached an unsafe level; otherwise, the water heater can blow. Test the TPR valve regularly to ensure it is operating as required. You can Download the OneDios app and register your water heater service request today. 

  • Noises coming from geyser

Are there noises coming from your water heater? Does it sound like a low rumbling or popping or a high-pitched whine? The noise you’re hearing might be the sound of boiling water. Typically, these noises indicate a severe build-up of sediment in the water heater tank. Not all water heater issues can be handled by oneself. OneDios is a great place to find an expert to help you tackle tougher water heater repair problems.

  • Not knowing when to replace the water heater

Many do not understand when they should have a water heater replacement. It costs them more than they ever expected. A water heater usually lasts 8-10 years, and after 10 years, you must replace them as you will start noticing leakage, noises, rust and water not heating issues more often. Our professionals at OneDios will inspect your water heater, inform you if there are issues found, and determine if a water heater needs repair or replacement is required. 

  • No timely repair and maintenance

Water heater maintenance should be regulated according to instructions given in the user manual every once in a while. Proper care will keep the heater in good form. Ensure that all the pipes and other parts are in good shape; otherwise, it might affect the heater’s overall performance. Regular geyser service is crucial to prevent corrosion, ensure efficient heating, increase lifespan and significant savings. If you are facing water heater issues at your home or looking forward to buying an AMC plan for your Geyser, you can download the OneDios app and raise a request today.

OneDios is a one-stop shop for all your Geyser-related issues and queries. We aim to offer the best facility for repair, fitting, and Geyser service work. OneDios makes it simple for the consumer to avail of the post-sales services without difficulties. By uploading a picture, you can now use the OneDios app to register your product and digitally keep all your documents, like invoices and warranty cards. OneDios also keeps track of your recent Geyser service and replacement of any part. You can buy an extended warranty and AMCs for all Geyser brands like RacoldV-GuardAO SmithKenstarHavells, etc.

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What to gift your Valentine?

Thinking of something original, thoughtful and inspiring to make your day or the year marvelous. Valentine’s Day is a time for romance, showering love, and going out with something extraordinary for your loved one. Roses, chocolates, and dinners all have their charm and meaning, but a special gift that could sweep your valentine off their feet would be like a cherry on the cake. Make your loved one feel cherished and loved by gifting them an electronic appliance that could excite them and jump up in the air.

You must be in a great relationship to put so much thought and effort into choosing an extra special gift for your valentine. Your gift will now express your feelings about how much they mean to you and how you will be there for them through thick and thin. Love is in the air! And on behalf of the tech lover in your life, nothing says “I love you” quite like a new device.

Here are some things we thought would be a perfect gifting idea for your valentine.

  • For Fitness Enthusiasts

A gift of good health is the best gift to give your partner on valentine’s. If your partner is a fitness freak, avid runner, workout fanatic or yoga devotee, there’s a fitness gift to upgrade their experience and make them extra grateful.

  • A Smartwatch/Fitness Tracker – For a tech-forward guy, a fitness-buff gal, and beyond, a smartwatch/tracker is one of the best gifts you could give. When you give someone a watch, you give them the gift of time. Watches/trackers are durable and long-lasting. It’s got your step tracking, sleep monitoring, and a slew of other functions in a sleek smartwatch. With impressive new fitness features found in the latest Apple Watch models to Android-integrated smartwatches, they make for an unique gift this valentine’s. 
  • Personal Blender – If your partner enjoys healthy eating, a blender with a build bottle is an effortless and convenient way to enjoy fresh fruit and vegetables. These appliances let you quickly make a daily smoothie, protein shake or fruit slushie with minimal washing up.
  • Wireless Headphones/Earbuds – Headphones can make or break a workout (who hasn’t had the frustration of having them fall out, get tangled or run out of battery in the middle of a workout?). Airpods or earbuds let you enjoy hours of music, streaming movies, or talking on the phone endlessly. No more messy wires; these tiny devices offer boundless freedom. Wireless headphones make for a knocking gift idea.


  • For Tech Savvy

This valentine’s day, ditch the mushy gifts and amuse your partner with what they love the most. Help them get their hands on everything they have been yearning for a long time. Surprise them with top-notch digital devices that will accompany them for years.

  • Latest smartphone – If your partner is looking to buy a smartphone and they adore photography, making videos, or ardently loves social media. Look no further; buying him the latest Apple iPhone is the best thing you can do for him. 
  • Game console – If you love playing video games with your partner. Gaming consoles or customisable controllers could be the best gifts for your partner. Several gaming accessories available online that look classy come with excellent grips and interchangeable thumb sticks. Games can make for the best presents. 
  • Instant Camera – Capture your love story instantly with your Valentine in the most unique and trendy way. This will surely be one of the classic Valentine’s gifts you can amuse your partner.
  • Personal Assistant – It is the best feeling to have someone at your beck and call, especially if they play your favourite music or read top news on demand. Alexa from Amazon is one of the most popular voice assistants that can play music, provide news and cricket scores, and control your home via smart automation. 
  • For Music Lovers

Some people don’t just listen to music. They live it! If your partner is a music lover, there are many options to gift him with the perfect gift this valentine’s.

  • Bluetooth speakers – There is a wide variety of Bluetooth speakers in the market. One can take Bluetooth soundbars, mini speakers, or water-resistant speakers anywhere. They are wireless, energy-efficient and offer superior sound quality. If your partner loves to read with classical music in the background or loves to groove to their favourite music in the open, a portable speaker is what they need.
  • Media streaming device – Streaming platforms have become one of the most popular modes of entertainment. Amazon Fire TV Stick offers a bouquet of entertainment and is perfect for binge-watchers. The media streaming device lets you stream videos, install applications, and listen to music on your TV. 


  • For Dazzling Beauty Buffs

For your partner to pamper you and make them feel special, there’s nothing like a new makeup or hair tool to make their day.

  • Hair Trimmer – A well-kept beard is the best accessory a man could wear. Help your man experiment with his facial hair by gifting him an excellent hair clipper and trimmer.
  • Hair Styler – If your significant other or Galentine is into hair, she needs new products and tools. The hair dryer that everyone dreams of! Dyson’s Supersonic protects hair from extreme heat and provides smoothness for every hair type.


  • For Personal MasterChef

Scratching your head about what to get your favourite cook? Gift your valentine an appliance to make your partner’s cooking time fun, fast, healthy and full of flavour. Gifting a useful appliance is a way to tell someone that you care about them and want to be present in their everyday life. Half the fun of gifting someone an appliance is finding the one that perfectly suits them. When you’re gifting someone, there’s no greater satisfaction than giving them something you know they’ll use and love.

  • Espresso Machine – Do they crave caffeine? Why not help them start every morning right with an espresso machine? They’ll be able to get through the day quickly with a premium cup of espresso brewed at home. No more stopping by the coffee shop is needed because they can whip up a cappuccino, latte, or anything else in their kitchen.
  • Blender/Food Processor – Choosing a good blender for Valentine’s Day gifts means making your loved one’s juices or smoothies easier to prepare and quicker to enjoy. Thanks to the wide range of blenders with multiple speeds and blades, blenders can be a handy kitchen tool for more than just drinks. You can use them to prepare soup, mixes, and even mix batters for favourites like pancakes.
  • Juicer – Move over from the traditional juicers and get a juicer as a gift for your dear one. Get a smart revolutionary design juicer with more power. Instead of the normal juicer-cutting process, its squeezing technique helps it to retain more enzymes, vitamins, and minerals from the fruits or vegetables.
  • Waffle maker – Not all women are impressed by flowers. So, if you’re a man buying Valentine’s gift for a woman, it could be wise to break free of the stereotypes and get her something she can use. If your Valentine prepares a big breakfast every week, one kitchen appliance to consider giving for the holiday is a waffle maker. These appliances aren’t just for making waffles, however, because you can also use them for cooking bacon in a pinch, making waffle sandwiches, and more.
  • High-Quality Mixer – Does your valentine like to bake? A high-quality mixer will help them do the job faster if they often bake cookies or cakes. Not only are kitchen mixers impressive looking with gleaming steel, but they’re also powerful enough to get your valentine making multiple cakes a day. Mixers are also handy in the kitchen for uses other than baking, such as whisking, blending, and even juicing.

I hope this will help you choose the right gift for your valentine. You relax and think about what you can get your valentine that they’ll use and like. Consider their habits, likings, and favourites when choosing the perfect thoughtful valentine’s gift. While showering love on your valentine, remember to pour a little love on your appliances too.

A professional technician is your best guide for repairing or replacing an appliance. Contact OneDios and have them look at your machine. They can tell you the problem, how much it will cost to fix it, and whether you should consider replacing the appliance.

OneDios has become the number one trusted brand for home appliances, providing excellent quality and satisfaction to its customersOneDios helps you book a service in 60 seconds and raise a complaint. It is bringing a revolution in how services are delivered in 6 clicks. You can also buy extended warranties and AMCs for all brands, like Whirlpool, Samsung, Bluestar, etc.

At OneDios, we aim to make your experience easier, smoother, more comfortable, and more convenient for our customers. We approach your issues and complaints with great attention and care and offer quick services to resolve them. You can book the service on OneDios here for regular maintenance and repair of home appliances of any brand. OneDios app is a one-stop shop for all your service, complaints, repair, and extended warranty requests. It even logs when you last got your appliance serviced and parts replaced. One Dios will also help keep track of your previous services, and you can fix your appliance’s next service in advance. OneDios now also covers over 1350 postcodes in India.

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How to Properly Clean your TV

Every appliance is as efficient as its master. If you take good care of your appliances, they will serve you better. All appliances need timely service, routine maintenance, and cleaning at home once in a while, and then only work efficiently throughout their lifespan. Modern appliances like television, refrigerators, etc., require more care. A well-maintained TV saves money and time and increases the television’s lifespan. However, you can extend the life of your smart TV with timely service and extend the warranty of your appliance.

Sometimes, the picture on your television screen is hard to see or dust build-up. Cleaning off your TV every once in a while makes the picture quality great. Cleaning your TV the right way is very important—using the wrong cleaning supplies could lead to damage or streaks on your screen. If your television breaks down or is not working, instead of searching for a customer care number of any brand for television service and waiting for their response, take the expert services of OneDiosMention the issue you are facing, and the customer care service executive will call you.

Modern TV needs more innovative ways of cleaning from time to time to retain their durability. You can remove dirt, smudges and fingerprints from the TV screen effortlessly.

    • Ensure the TV is SWITCHED OFF before you start cleaning to keep yourself and the TV safe. Turning it OFF will also help you spot dust and grime much easier. Give it a few minutes to cool down before you begin cleaning.


  • Dust the screen with MICROFIBER CLOTH or an ELECTROSTATIC DUSTER. Modern screens can be sensitive to pressure and can be easily scratched. Microfiber cloth is woven with tiny fibres, reducing the chance of causing scratches or damage. Dust the screen up and down gently with a microfiber cloth, a 100% cotton T-shirt or an electrostatic duster. The electrostatic duster uses static electricity to attract dust and lint, making them an easy way to clean your TV screen without scratching it. You should never use paper towels, cotton towels or toilet paper to wipe down your TV. In the unfortunate case of a TV breakdown, you can use the OneDios TV repair service team to get it repaired.


    • Wipe the hard plastic frame with a microfiber cloth or a duster. Do this right after you dust your screen so you can get rid of the majority of the grime right away. Also, wipe the vents on the sides or back of the TV with your cloth. The vents can also be cleaned using a vacuum with a soft brush attachment at least once a month. If you are not comfortable cleaning your TV from the inside, download the OneDios app and call for a TV service expert.


  • To remove streaks or smudges, use a screen cleaner or water. Any hard-to-remove marks can be cleaned with a damp cloth. Never spray the water or screen cleaner onto the screen itself. That can cause a shock or damage internal components that will leave the television out of order. If you are facing any issues or the TV keeps heating up, download the OneDios app and put in a request today. It is a one-stop shop for all your TV-related issues and queries. Spray water or cleaning solution onto the microfiber cloth and then gently wipe the cloth along your screen.


    • Never use Colin or other glass cleaners to clean your TV screen. Colin and other glass cleaners contain ammonia and alcohol, which can damage delicate TV screens. Sometimes, it causes a chemical reaction with dirt on the screen and leaves it cloudy. 


  • Use isopropyl alcohol or white vinegar to deep clean your TV screen. If the TV screen still looks foggy, make a1:1 solution of water with white vinegar or an a1:1 solution of water with isopropyl alcohol. Spray the mixture onto a microfiber cloth and gently wipe your TV screen. White vinegar and isopropyl alcohol don’t leave streaks on your TV screen. If you are looking forward to buying an Extended Warranty plan for your LED TV or LCD TV, download the OneDios app and put in a request today.


    • Use electronic wipes. Electronic wipes are safe to use on most electronics. Use them to scrub any stains or spots on your TV screen gently. Apply gentle pressure, as hard pressing can damage your screen.


  • For stubborn stains, use dish soap. A 10:1 ratio of water and dish soap mixture will gently remove any marks or stains on your TV. Too much soap can streak your TV screen, so the more diluted the mix, the better. For any query regarding brightness levels, feel free to call experts at OneDios.


  • Clean the remote. While cleaning your TV, don’t forget to de-germ your remote. Before cleaning, remove the batteries from your TV remote. Dip a cotton swab with vinegar or soap mix and dab it between the buttons. The remaining grime can be dislodged with the help of a toothpick or a dry toothbrush. With a damp microfiber cloth, wipe down the back and sides of the remote. Let the remote air dry before using it and putting the batteries back in.
  • Don’t forget to keep the area around your TV clean. Clean the areas around the TV to prevent dust and hair from getting into it. 

We hope you will find this helpful in cleaning your TV correctly. These will help you keep your TV safe and work efficiently for longer. Always remember never to use any glass cleaner or water directly on your TV screen. Proper maintenance and timely service are essential in saving repair costs, replacing parts, and increasing your TV lifespan.   

If you are facing issues with your TV in your home, download the OneDios app and put in a request today. We aim to offer a top-class professional facility for repair, fitting, and maintenance work. At OneDios, we provide the best-experienced professionals and services to assist you in getting good quality customer service for your appliances. OneDios also keeps track of your previous TV service and if any part was replaced. At OneDios, you can also schedule the next TV service in advance. You can also buy an extended warranty and AMCs for all TV brands like LG, Philips, Sony, Samsung, Haier, etc.

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Is Microwave Safe?

Microwave ovens are highly versatile appliances found in almost all households. Convenient, quick, efficient and easy-to-use, a microwave oven has made cooking straightforward with little cleanup. But the question, “are microwaves safe?” keeps looming over it like a shadow. Some believe that microwaves produce harmful radiation and damage healthy nutrients. The fear of radiation doesn’t let people use it to its full potential. Microwave ovens emit radiation but are not hazardous to your food or health.

  • Working of microwaves

Microwave ovens are a lifesaver for those who won’t or can’t cook. They are more common than toaster ovens in households because of their speed and affordability. Microwaves turn electricity into electromagnetic waves. These waves stimulate molecules in your food to heat it. Microwaves cook food much faster than traditional cooktops because microwaves begin the process from within the food and warm it up to its outermost layer. It is not that microwaves are unsafe; instead, your cooking methods are wrong. For extended warranty or microwave oven service, you can download the OneDios app and book your microwave service in a few seconds.

  • Is radiation from microwaves harmful?

When used according to the manufacturer’s instructions, microwave ovens are safe and convenient for heating and cooking a variety of foods. Microwave ovens produce non-ionizing radiation, like the radiation from your cell phone-though, much stronger. Microwaves have metal shields and screens over the door that prevent radiation from leaving the oven, reducing risk and harm. It is always advisable to keep your face at a foot’s distance from the microwave. You can also book an appointment for an extended warranty and microwave service with the OneDios app.

  • Effect on nutrients

Microwaving does not reduce nutrient value more than other cooking methods. Nutrients are lost in all forms of cooking, whether stove, boiling, frying or microwaving. While heating the food, some molecules break down, lowering the nutritional value of food. The main contributing factors are temperature, cooking time, and method. 

However, the faster you heat your food, the less time there is for nutrients to break down – microwaves may have the advantage over traditional cooking when preserving the nutrients in our food. In some foods, due to less cooking time and temperature, microwaving may minimize the formation of harmful compounds that can form when cooking at high heat.

  • Avoid plastic containers

Some containers or plastics contain harmful chemicals like bisphenol-A (BPA) and phthalate linked to conditions like cancer, thyroid disorders, and obesity. When heated, these containers may leach compounds into your food. So, for this reason, never microwave your food in plastic container unless it is labelled as microwave-safe or BPA free or phthalate free. Plastic wrap is also safe to use in the microwave, so long as it doesn’t touch the food in the cooking process.

  • Heating food properly

Microwaves sometimes are not as effective as other cooking methods at killing bacteria and other pathogens that may lead to food poisoning. That’s because the heat tends to be lower and the cooking time much shorter. Sometimes, food heats unevenly, like maybe in the case of meat. It’s also important to be careful when heating liquids. Microwave energy turns water into steam, and if that steam becomes trapped inside the food, the pressure will rapidly build until it is released by an explosion and may burn you or damage the microwave. For microwave service or repair of all brands such as LG, Panasonic, Samsung, IFB, etc., download the OneDios app today.


So, there we have all about microwaves being a safe, healthy, highly convenient, swift and efficient way of cooking your food. They cause no harm to your food or health if used correctly and appropriately. On the contrary, microwave ovens are even better than other cooking methods for preserving nutrients. Always use microwave-safe plastic, and do not stand too close to the microwave. Most importantly, cook food properly, i.e., do not underheat or overheat your food and always follow the instructions in the manual.

Whether you should use a microwave or not depends on you. The microwave oven requires periodic cleaning and maintenance per the manufacturer’s instructions. The maintenance and care are very straightforward; however, microwave service is needed once a year. Therefore, if you feel that your microwave service is due, download the “OneDios” app and generate a service request in a few clicks. You can also buy the extended warranty and AMCs for all microwave brands like Bosch, LG, Voltas, etc.

You can raise a service request in a few clicks without calling microwave customer care, Samsung microwave service centre, LG microwave service centre, etc. OneDios app is a one-stop shop for all your services, complaints against microwave oven repair, and extended warranty requests. Download the OneDios app and upload the details of your appliances today. It even logs when you last got your oven serviced and parts replaced. OneDios will also help keep track of your previous services, and you can fix your Microwave’s next service in advance. OneDios now also covers over 1350 postcodes in India.