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Demystifying Energy Star Certified Appliances

Demystifying Energy Star Certified Appliances

Energy Star has become a household name in an era where energy efficiency and sustainability are paramount. You’ve likely seen the Blue Energy Star label on various appliances and electronics, but what does it mean? As a homeowner, using energy-efficient appliances that can improve your lifestyle, save money, and protect the environment is essential. By upgrading to energy-efficient appliances, you can lower your electricity bills and also help reduce the emission of harmful gases like carbon dioxide, thereby contributing towards a greener planet.

In this blog, we’ll demystify Energy Star-certified appliances, exploring what they are, how they benefit you, and why they are crucial in reducing energy consumption and environmental impact. If you’re concerned about the energy consumption in your home, don’t hesitate to contact OneDios today, and we’ll be happy to answer any of your questions.

What Is Energy Star Certification?

ENERGY STAR products are the same or better than standard products, only they use less energy. Established by the United States Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) in 1992, Energy Star is a voluntary program promoting energy-efficient products and practices to encourage energy efficiency and reduce greenhouse gas emissions. Energy Star-qualified televisions use 30% less energy than average.

Energy Star certification is awarded to products that meet the EPA’s specific energy efficiency criteria. These criteria vary depending on the type of appliance but generally require products to perform as well as or better than their non-certified counterparts while consuming less energy.

Why Choose Energy Star Certified Appliances?

  1. Energy Savings: Energy Star-certified appliances are designed to consume significantly less energy than their standard counterparts. These appliances incorporate advanced technologies, such as improved insulation, high-efficiency motors, and optimised designs, resulting in lower energy consumption. A more effective machine will require less energy to complete the same task than a less effective one, saving you money each time you use it. This translates into lower utility bills, saving you money over the long term. For instance, an Energy Star-rated refrigerator can use up to 15% less energy than non-certified models.
  2. Environmental Benefits: You’re contributing to a more sustainable and environmentally friendly future by choosing Energy Star appliances. Efficient appliances consume less energy and significantly reduce the demand on local power grids. Resulting in decreased dependence on fossil fuels, lower greenhouse gas emissions, less water consumption, and a reduced carbon footprint from your home to the power plant. All of which contribute to a cleaner and more sustainable future.
  3. High Performance: Energy Star appliances are not just about energy efficiency; they also undergo rigorous testing to ensure they perform as well as or better than conventional models. You can expect top-notch performance and functionality. These appliances incorporate the latest technology, which makes them energy-efficient and requires less maintenance. This means you won’t need to replace them as frequently as their outdated counterparts. If you feel your appliance service is due, download the “OneDios” app and generate a service request in a few clicks.
  4. Incentives and Rebates: Many governments and utility companies offer incentives, rebates, or tax credits to encourage the adoption of energy-efficient appliances. Choosing Energy Star products can make you eligible for these financial benefits. You can download the OneDios app and book your appliance service for an extended warranty or service in a few seconds.
  5. Saves Water and Cost-effective: Energy-efficient appliances can improve household efficiency by reducing water usage. Lower energy consumption leads to lower electricity bills throughout the appliance’s life. Although the initial cost of an Energy Star-certified appliance may be slightly higher, the long-term savings can balance out the higher upfront cost. By using Energy Star-certified appliances, you can reduce your electricity bills by up to 30% annually. With OneDios’ extended warranty plans and customer service, you can enjoy your Energy Star-certified appliances’ long-term performance and reliability.

Types of Energy Star Certified Appliances

Energy Star certification covers a wide range of appliances and equipment commonly found in homes, including:

  1. Refrigerators: Energy Star-certified refrigerators use advanced insulation and efficient compressors to reduce energy consumption.
  2. Washers and Dryers: Energy Star washing machines use less water and energy, while dryers are designed to dry clothes more efficiently.
  3. Dishwashers: Energy Star dishwashers use less water and have innovative features like soil sensors to optimise cleaning.
  4. HVAC Systems: Heating, ventilation, and air conditioning systems that meet Energy Star standards are more efficient and can reduce heating and cooling costs.
  5. Lighting: Energy Star-certified LED bulbs use up to 70% less energy than standard incandescent bulbs and last much longer.
  6. Electronics: Energy Star also covers various electronics, including computers, monitors, and office equipment like copiers and printers.


Energy Star-certified appliances are a practical choice for homeowners who want to save energy, reduce utility bills, and minimise their environmental impact. By choosing Energy Star products, you’re investing in a more sustainable future and enjoying the benefits of superior performance and potential financial incentives. Embrace sustainability, reduce your carbon footprint, and enjoy peace of mind with OneDios and Energy Star-certified appliances in your home.

So, the next time you shop for appliances or electronics, look for the blue Energy Star label—it’s a simple yet impactful way to make your home more energy-efficient and eco-friendly.

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The Cost-Benefit Analysis of Extended Warranties

As technology advances rapidly, we commonly rely heavily on electronic devices and appliances daily. These gadgets, such as smartphones, televisions, laptops, and home appliances, have become integral to our daily routines. However, we often face the unfortunate situation of experiencing appliance malfunctions or breakdowns. Therefore, extended warranties are frequently discussed and considered, especially in consumer electronics. 

Understanding the cost-benefit analysis of these warranties is crucial for making an informed decision.

The Pros of Extended Warranties

  1. Protection Against Expensive Repairs: Extended warranties can be a financial safety net. They cover specific types of mechanical failure and can save you from high repair bills in case of a breakdown. With OneDios extended warranties, you’re shielded from these unexpected financial burdens. 
  2. Peace of Mind: For many, an extended warranty brings peace of mind, especially for significant purchases like vehicles or high-end electronics. It acts like a financial fire extinguisher, providing comfort even if never used.
  3. Customisable Coverage: Some extended warranties offer customisable coverage, allowing you to tailor a plan to your specific needs and budget. OneDiosin partnership with renowned brands like VoltasBlue StarGodrej and Daikin, guarantees quality repairs and the use of genuine parts.

The Cons of Extended Warranties

  1. Cost vs. Savings: The cost of an extended warranty can be pretty high, and there’s also the possibility that you may never use the warranty, making the expenditure a potential waste.
  2. Coverage Limitations: Not all plans are created equal. Non-exclusionary plans often leave significant gaps in coverage. Even comprehensive plans have exclusions, so you may still face out-of-pocket expenses for certain repairs.
  3. Overestimation of Risk: People overestimate the likelihood of product failure, which drives them to buy warranties. When informed about the actual failure rates, willingness to pay for warranties dramatically decreases.

Evaluating Extended Warranties

    1. Vehicle Reliability: An extended warranty may not be necessary if you own a car known for its durability and reliability. However, it might be a wise investment for vehicles with a history of mechanical issues.
    2. Financial Preparedness: An extended warranty could provide security if a sudden, large repair bill would be a financial burden. Investing in an extended warranty through OneDios ensures that your appliances receive timely maintenance and repairs.
    3. Comparison Shopping: It’s essential to compare different warranty plans and understand what each plan covers, including any exclusions or special inclusions. OneDios offers extended warranties that safeguard your appliances and give you peace of mind.

OneDios: A Trusted Extended Warranty Provider

OneDios stands out as a premier provider in the realm of extended warranties. OneDios is unique in offering brand-authorised extended warranties, ensuring that your products are serviced by qualified professionals using genuine parts. OneDios, in partnership with renowned brands like Voltas, Blue Star, Godrej and Daikin, provides brand-authorised extended warranties. Opting for OneDios extended warranty means choosing reliability, quality, and peace of mind. It’s an investment not just in the longevity of your products but also in the assurance of having brand-backed support throughout the life of your electronics.

The decision to purchase an extended warranty should be based on a thorough analysis of your specific needs, the reliability of the product, and your financial situation. While extended warranties offer several benefits, they also have limitations and costs that need careful consideration. Choosing a provider like OneDios ensures that your investment in an extended warranty is wise and beneficial.

Extended warranties are a complex but vital consideration in modern consumer purchases, especially high-value items. With the right approach and a trusted provider like OneDios, you can navigate this decision confidently, ensuring the best protection for your investments.

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Water Heaters: Ensuring Warmth and Comfort

A warm, relaxing shower is a simple pleasure that brings immense comfort, especially during chilly days. Your water heater provides the warmth you need to start your day or unwind after a long day’s work. Taking hot water baths offers numerous health benefits, such as improving sleep quality, promoting healthy skin, and reducing symptoms of cold and fever. Therefore, having a water heater is essential for maintaining optimal well-being. 

However, water heaters may encounter issues that disrupt their functionality like any appliance. On average, a well-maintained water heater lasts 8 to 12 years. However, it’s important to note that water heaters won’t last forever. Eventually, the elements will burn out, and the tank will rust. To help protect the environment and save money, there are steps you can take to extend the lifespan of your water heater. You can buy the extended warranty and AMCs for all Geyser brands, like RacoldAltonAO SmithHavells, etc., from the OneDios app. Dealing with water heater repairs can be daunting, but with OneDios by your side, the process becomes simple and stress-free. 

1. Streamlined Service Requests

When your water heater malfunctions, getting timely repairs is crucial. OneDios simplifies the process by offering a user-friendly platform to request repair services. With just a few clicks, you can log your service request and receive prompt assistance from skilled professionals.

2. Access to Qualified Service Partners

OneDios has a vast network of trusted and qualified service partners across various locations. When you request a water heater repair through OneDios, you can rest assured that a skilled technician will be assigned to assess and resolve the issue efficiently.

3. Transparent Cost Estimates

Water heater repairs often come with cost concerns. OneDios prioritises transparency and provides upfront cost estimates for the repair work. This helps you make informed decisions and plan your budget accordingly.

4. Convenient Appointment Scheduling

Juggling work, family, and daily responsibilities can leave you with limited time to schedule a water heater repair. OneDios understands this and offers the flexibility to choose a convenient appointment slot that fits your schedule.

5. Warranty Management

Managing warranty claims can be challenging if your water heater is still under warranty. With OneDios, you can easily track and manage your water heater’s warranty, ensuring you get all the entitled benefits.

6. Regular Maintenance Reminders

Preventive maintenance ensures your water heater’s longevity and optimal performance. OneDios helps you stay on top of maintenance schedules by sending timely reminders. Regular maintenance avoids unexpected breakdowns and saves you money in the long run.

7. Supportive Customer Service

Exceptional customer service is at the core of OneDios’ values. If you have any queries or concerns regarding your water heater repair, the OneDios customer support team can always assist you and provide prompt resolutions.

Here, we will discuss some tips on caring for your water heater to ensure it remains in top condition for years.

  • Remember to turn off the geyser once you’re done using it. This simple act can help reduce power consumption, extend lifespan, and save money on water heater repairs.
  • Ensure there is sufficient space around the water heater. This will prevent it from feeling cramped and allow better airflow, ultimately reducing the risk of fires.
  • Do not keep anything near or under the geyser.
  • The water heater should be installed away from wet areas, like the bathtub, shower, or toilet and at a sufficient height.
  • Installing insulation around the pipes and water heater is recommended to improve energy efficiency and increase water temperature by 2-4 degrees. This can reduce heat loss by up to 45% and lower your expenses on unnecessarily heating water. Download the OneDios app and call for a geyser service expert to add insulation to your water heater. 
  • Water heaters have a sacrificial anode that helps prevent corrosion caused by hard water. The anode rod safeguards the inside of the tank from rusting and should be inspected annually. If the rod is missing or not functioning correctly, the hot water can corrode the tank at a fast rate. If you need to have the anode of your geyser checked or replaced, scheduling an appointment with a professional Geyser service expert is recommended. You can conveniently use the OneDios app to book the appointment.
  • If hard water is used in the water heater, it can cause deposits to accumulate at the bottom and lead to premature issues. To avoid this, installing a water softener that can remove the minerals responsible for hard water and let only soft water pass through the pipes is recommended. You can also download the OneDios app and raise a geyser service request to drain the sediments from your tank. 
  • It’s essential to prevent unsafe internal pressure from building up in a water heater, as it can lead to an explosion. To avoid this, the TPR valve is installed to release excess pressure from the tank. Testing the TPR valve to ensure its functioning properly regularly is recommended. Download the OneDios app and register your water heater service request today.
  • Lowering the temperature of your geyser will help you save electricity, increase its life, and the geyser will have to work less.
  • Over time, sediment accumulation can settle at the bottom of your water heater tank, leading to internal corrosion and a decline in performance. To ensure your water heater operates at its optimal level, it’s recommended to flush it annually.
  • It’s essential to perform regular maintenance on the heating elements to avoid the geyser becoming ineffective due to limescale build-up.


A well-functioning water heater ensures warmth and comfort in your home, especially during colder months. OneDios simplifies water heater repairs, providing a hassle-free experience from start to finish. It is essential to service your water heater every six months to ensure efficient heating, significant savings, and improved durability. Annual checks should also be done to inspect for any signs of leaking, damage, or trouble. It’s always best to hire professionals to guarantee quality and safety for owners and help extend the water heater’s life. If you are facing water heater leakage issues at your home or looking forward to buying an AMC plan for your Geyser, you can download the OneDios app and raise a request today.

Moreover, OneDios’ warranty management and regular maintenance reminders ensure that your water heater remains in top condition, providing reliable warmth whenever needed. You can buy an extended warranty and AMCs for all Geyser brands like RacoldV-GuardAO SmithKenstarHavells, etc. Embrace the simplicity and efficiency of OneDios for water heater repairs, and enjoy uninterrupted comfort throughout the year. OneDios makes it simple for the consumer to avail of the post-sales services without difficulties. By uploading a picture, you can now use the OneDios app to register your product and digitally keep all your documents, like invoices and warranty cards. OneDios also keeps track of your recent Geyser service and replacement of any part.

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Top 5 Washing Machines for Winters in India

As winter approaches in India, our laundry needs to change. The cosy warmth of sweaters, blankets, and shawls becomes essential, and a suitable washing machine can make all the difference. Neglecting these machines’ proper use and regular maintenance can lead to costly repairs, even though they are generally durable. Are you in need of any servicing or maintenance for your washing machine? Schedule a washing machine customer care service with OneDios before it’s too late.

To help you prepare for the upcoming winter season, we’ve curated a list of the top 5 washing machines ideal for Indian households. In this blog, we’ll explore each machine’s features, pros, and cons, ensuring you have all the necessary information to make a wise and cosy choice for your winter laundry.

LG 9 Kg 5 Star Wi-Fi Inverter AI Direct Drive Fully-Automatic Front Load Washing Machine with In-Built Heater

The LG washing machine is a technologically advanced and elegant appliance that offers efficient cleaning with the added convenience of remote access and control. With a 5-star energy rating and Wi-Fi connectivity, it assures energy efficiency and effective performance.


  • Suitable for large families.
  • Inverter Direct Drive technology for quiet and energy-efficient operation.
  • Steam Wash feature for effective stain removal and 99.9% germ-free.
  • 6 Motion Direct Drive for thorough cleaning.
  • Multiple wash programs, child lock.
  • 1200 RPM: higher spin speeds help in faster drying
  • 14 wash programs with Fuzzy logic optimises washing condition
  • Warranty – 2 years comprehensive and 10 years on Motor.
  • Stainless steel drum brings convenience and durability
  • LG smart thinQ- operates remotely through Wi-Fi 
  • Smart diagnosis- instant troubleshooting


  • Exceptional energy efficiency.
  • Powerful stain removal capabilities.
  • Gentle on delicate fabrics.
  • Durable build quality.
  • Advanced AI and steam technology


  • Higher initial cost.
  • May require specialised detergent for steam washing.
  • Front-load design requires bending.

LG’s innovative AI Direct Drive and 6 Motion DD technology provide a gentle yet comprehensive wash, while Steam for Hygiene Wash eliminates germs and allergens. You can download the OneDios app and book your washing machine service for an extended warranty or service in a few seconds. This top-of-the-line washing machine can easily handle large loads with its impressive 9 kg capacity. Enjoy LG’s advanced technology and classic design while effortlessly tackling your laundry.

Samsung 7 kg Fully-Automatic Top Loading Washing Machine

This Samsung Washing Machine (WA70A4002GS/TL) is the ultimate laundry companion and a strong contender for the best washing machine in India. It’s affordable and offers a 3-star energy efficiency rating, making it the right choice for a family of 3-4 members.


  • Higher spin speeds help in faster washing and drying. Its high speed and efficiency make it perfect for busy households and those wanting to do laundry quickly and effectively.
  • Gentle Fabric Care – Protect your clothes from being damaged. The Diamond Drum’s unique “soft curl” design washes clothes effectively while treating them carefully.
  • Eco Tub Clean feature for hassle-free drum cleaning.
  • Digital Inverter Motor for quiet and efficient operation.
  • Versatile wash programs, stainless steel drum and rat protection.
  • A Magic Filter effectively gathers the particles from your clothes, so your laundry stays cleaner.
  • Warranty – 2 years


  • Affordable pricing.
  • User-friendly interface.
  • Effective cleaning performance.
  • Reliable and durable.


  • Needs to be careful with plastic body.
  • Limited wash programs.

With its child lock feature, this Samsung masterpiece guarantees safety, while its rust-proof body and tempered glass window add to its durability and appeal. It is a perfect solution to simplify your laundry routine. OneDios’ customer service professionals can provide expert assistance for any concerns or queries about the Samsung Top Load washing machine, ensuring a seamless experience.

Bosch 7 kg 5 Star Fully Automatic Front Load Washing Machine

Looking for a washing machine that combines technology and style? The Bosch 5-Star Fully Automatic Front-Loading Washing Machine might be the perfect choice for you. Its 5-star energy rating makes it an excellent option for those prioritising eco-friendly laundry.


  • Easy to use
  • Suitable for 3-4 members.
  • Energy Rating: 5 Star – Best in class efficiency, ensuring reduced electricity consumption
  • German engineering ensures excellent quality with special features like Anti-Rodent and Anti-Wrinkle.
  • Warranty: 2 Years warranty on Product, 12 Years warranty on Motor
  • 1200 RPM: Higher spin speed helps in better water extraction from the clothes during the spin cycle, resulting in faster drying
  • 15 wash programs with Touch Panel
  • Stainless steel drum with VarioDrum technology for gentle yet thorough cleaning.
  • ActiveWater Plus for efficient water usage.
  • EcoSilence Drive for quiet operation.
  • Special programs for Indian fabrics and stains.
  • Self-cleaning detergent tray


  • Outstanding build quality.
  • Energy-efficient operation.
  • Great cleaning results.
  • Advanced inverter technology
  • Suitable for Indian laundry needs.


  • Smaller drum size compared to some competitors.
  • Limited smart features.
  • Front-load design requires bending.

Effortlessly operate the touch control panel and get rid of tough stains with the built-in heater. Designed for small to medium-sized households, it offers a 7 kg capacity. Bosch’s innovation and quality can elevate your laundry experience. OneDios offers extended warranty plans for the Bosch Front Load washing machine, providing coverage against unexpected breakdowns and repairs.

Whirlpool 7 Kg 5 Star Royal Fully-Automatic Top Loading Washing Machine

The WHITEMAGIC ROYAL 7.0 GENX fully automatic washing machine from Whirlpool is the epitome of convenience. Combining a 5-star energy rating with advanced features, this top-of-the-line washing machine is designed to make laundry effortless. It features Hard Water Wash and ZPF (Zero Pressure Fill) Technology, effectively dealing with even the most challenging laundry. problems.


  • Affordable 
  • Suitable for small to medium-sized family
  • 5-star energy efficiency rating – best in class
  • Warranty – 2 years on product and 5 years on motor.
  • 740 RPM motor; Higher spin speed helps in faster drying
  • 12 Wash Programs with the express wash, delay wash, and spiro wash technology
  • Zero Pressure Fill technology ensures 50% faster water filling in low-pressure situations. 
  • Low noise level, dry tap sensing, and Auto tub cleaning are some special features
  • Smart sensors in the machine automatically sense and indicate low voltage and water conditions.
  • 360° Tumble motion for uniform washing.
  • Hard Water Wash technology for Indian conditions.
  • Power Dry feature for quicker drying.


  • Robust build quality.
  • Effective stain removal.
  • ZPF technology
  • Excellent water and energy efficiency.
  • Suitable for hard water areas.


  • Relatively higher upfront cost.
  • May not be as silent as some other models.

Hard water can be a problem in certain areas, but Whirlpool’s advanced technology ensures that doing laundry is a breeze. OneDios’ extended warranty plans provide additional coverage for the Whirlpool washing machine, safeguarding your investment and providing peace of mind for years. Download the OneDios app or book an appointment online.

IFB 10 Kg 5 Star AI Eco Inverter Fully Automatic Front Load Washing Machines with Wi-Fi

When it comes to washing machines, the IFB 10 kg 5-Star Front Load Washing Machine is the perfect choice. It is a stylish and innovative washing machine with efficient and silent operation thanks to its AI Eco Inverter technology. Additionally, the Oxyjet 9 Swirl Wash ensures your clothes are always spotless. 


  • Fully automatic powered by AI
  • 9 Swirl Wash Powered by AI: A neural network-based algorithm detects fabric type and weight
  • TriShield protection: 4 years comprehensive warranty, 10 years Motor warranty and 10 years spare support.
  • Steam Refresh: steams your specials instead of washing
  • 1400 RPM: higher spin speeds help in faster drying
  • AI Technology Eco Inverter Power Dual Steam Cycle for Power Cleaning
  • Cradle Wash for Delicates
  • Inbuilt Heater Temperature Range: Hot, Warm, Cold, Self-Diagnosis, Program Memory Back up 
  • Child Lock, High-Low Voltage Protection, Auto Imbalance Control, Protective Rat Mesh, Foam Detection, Auto Restart, Auto Tub Clean, Anti Rust proof body, Silent Operation
  • Oxyjet Technology: Premixes detergent with water and jet sprays it on the clothes.
  • Aqua Energie feature for water softening, enhanced detergent dissolution and superior colour protection.
  • Crescent Moon Drum for gentle fabric care.
  • Ball Valve Technology to prevent wastage.
  • 12 wash programs, best wash quality and energy and water efficient.


  • Energy-efficient and eco-friendly
  • Innovative Oxyjet technology
  • Effective cleaning performance.
  • Suitable for Indian water conditions.
  • Great value for money.
  • Durable construction.


  • Some users may find the interface less intuitive.
  • Longer wash cycles for certain programs.
  • High initial investment

Its 4-year comprehensive warranty ensures you are not too concerned about any damage. Experience laundry perfection with IFB if you face any issue with your IFB washing machine regarding installation, service requests, and maintenance and need professional help. You can raise a request for washing machine repair and maintenance with OneDios.

As winter arrives in India, having a suitable washing machine becomes essential to keep your winter clothing fresh and cosy. Choosing a washing machine that suits your preferences and needs is essential for your winter laundry. The top 5 washing machines available cater to different requirements so that you can make an informed decision. When selecting a washing machine for your home, consider factors such as your budget, available space for installation, brand reputation, customer reviews, and warranty and after-sales support. If you still have questions about purchasing India’s best washing machine brand, contact our experts at OneDios for guidance.

At OneDios, we provide the best-experienced professionals and services to assist you in getting good quality customer service for your appliances. OneDios also keeps track of your previous washing machine service and if any part was replaced. At OneDios, you can also schedule the next washing machine service in advance. You can also buy an extended warranty and AMCs for all washing machine brands like LG, Samsung, Haier, IFB, Bosch, Whirlpool etc.

Investing in a quality washing machine ensures that your winter clothes remain pristine throughout the season. Whether you prioritise energy efficiency, effective stain removal, or durability, a machine on this list might be suitable. Embrace the comfort of clean, warm clothing this winter, and let your washing machine do the hard work for you. Prepare for a cosy season with the perfect washing machine companion! OneDios now covers over 1350+ cities in India.

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How to Make Your Home Diwali Safe from Electrical Hazards

Diwali, the festival of lights, is a joyous occasion celebrated with enthusiasm and splendour. Lighting up your home with diyas, candles, and colourful electric lights is integral to the festivities. However, with the increased use of electrical decorations during Diwali, there’s also a heightened risk of electrical hazards. Fire accidents resulting from electrical faults and short circuits are common. To ensure that your Diwali celebrations remain safe and accident-free, it’s crucial to take precautionary measures. Are your devices overdue for some service or maintenance? Schedule an appliance customer care service with OneDios before the Diwali celebrations begin.

In this blog, we’ll discuss some essential tips on how to make your home Diwali safe from electrical hazards.

1. Inspect and Replace Old Wiring

Before you begin decorating your home with lights and other electrical decorations, it’s essential to inspect the wiring in your house. Old or damaged wiring can be a significant fire hazard. Look for any signs of wear and tear, such as frayed insulation or exposed wires. If you find any issues, download the OneDios app and call a licensed electrician to replace or repair the wiring as needed.

2. Use Quality Electrical Products

Invest in high-quality electrical products like extension cords, power strips, and plug points. Cheap or counterfeit electrical items may not meet safety standards and pose significant risks. Ensure your products are certified with ISI marks or bear safety markings from reputable testing agencies. Every ISI-marked product is safe and long-lasting for use. If your electronics encounter any issues, OneDios connects you with authorised service partners specialising in repairing specific brands and products.

3. Avoid Overloading Circuits

Overloading electrical circuits is a common mistake during Diwali. Plugging too many lights or appliances into a single circuit can lead to overheating and electrical fires. Use multiple circuits or extension cords to distribute the load evenly. Overloading can lead to excessive passing of electrical current from various power-rated tools, thereby damaging the appliances. Be cautious and adhere to the wattage limits specified by manufacturers. OneDios can assist you in finding reliable surge protectors and UPS units, connecting you with authorised sellers and ensuring your devices are protected from power fluctuations.

4. Keep Decorations Away from Heat Sources

Many Diwali decorations, such as paper lanterns and curtains, are flammable. Avoid placing them near heat sources like lamps, candles, or electrical lights. Ensure your decorations are safe from open flames or hot surfaces to prevent fires. Light candles firmly on surfaces that are no-flammable. Keep rugs away, curtains tied, and other upholstery away from candles. 

5.Use LED Lights

Traditional incandescent bulbs generate much heat and are less energy-efficient than LED lights. LED lights consume less power and emit less heat, reducing the risk of overheating and fires. Switching to LED lights is not only safer but also more environmentally friendly.

6. Supervise Open Flames

Diyas and candles are an integral part of Diwali celebrations. However, open flames can be dangerous if left unattended. Always watch diyas and candles closely, especially if you have children or pets in the house. Place them on stable surfaces away from flammable materials.

7. Outdoor Lighting Precautions

If you’re decorating your home’s exterior, ensure all outdoor electrical connections and extension cords are designed for outdoor use. Keep them elevated to prevent water damage and avoid creating tripping hazards. Additionally, use weather-resistant covers for outdoor sockets and outlets. If your device gets too hot, disconnect and turn it off immediately. OneDios offers extended warranty options that provide coverage beyond the manufacturer’s warranty period. By opting for an extended warranty, you can protect your electronics against unexpected repair costs and gain access to authorised technicians for repairs or replacements.

8. Turn Off Lights and Unplug Appliances

When you’re not using electrical decorations or appliances, remember to turn them off and unplug them. This not only saves energy but also reduces the risk of electrical hazards. Use timers or smart plugs to automate the process, ensuring everything is switched off at the right time.


Diwali is a time for celebration and joy; safety should be a top priority during the festivities. Following these essential tips can make your home Diwali safe from electrical hazards. Managing and maintaining your home electronics can be made much easier with the help of OneDios. OneDios provides a range of services that allow you to register your electronics and keep track of their warranty periods. Thanks to OneDios, scheduling regular maintenance services for your electronics has become much more straightforward. 

Using our services, you can ensure that your devices receive timely and professional cleaning and servicing, preventing performance issues caused by dust accumulation.

Following the tips above can minimise the risk of electrical and fire hazards during Diwali. Embrace OneDios to streamline electronics management and enjoy a safe and fabulous Diwali with efficiently operating devices. OneDios has a vast network of authorised service centres across the country. OneDios is the one-stop shop for all home appliance service and repair needs.

Remember to be vigilant, inspect your electrical systems, and use quality products to ensure your celebrations are filled with light, happiness, and peace of mind. Wishing you a safe and prosperous Diwali!

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Never Forget a Service Date Again: Set Reminders with OneDios

Our busy lifestyles and hectic work-life schedules make our lives disorganised as we fail to do things like return a call or miss a service appointment. Keeping track of service dates for your appliances and devices can be a challenging task. With multiple service requirements, it’s easy to forget important maintenance and warranty renewal dates. A practical solution to this problem would be setting timers or alarms or noting them in the calendar. But how often will you look at the calendar, or how many alarms will you keep? It seems unreasonable and impractical.

However, OneDios comes to the rescue with its convenient reminder feature. This blog will explore how OneDios allows you to set reminders for service dates, ensuring you never miss a necessary appointment again.

  1. A Comprehensive Reminder Solution: OneDios offers a comprehensive reminder solution that helps you stay on top of your appliance service dates. Whether filter replacements, annual maintenance contract renewals, or warranty expirations, OneDios ensures you receive timely reminders for all your appliances and devices. OneDios app means you have peace of mind knowing you will never forget a service date again. This feature saves you the hassle of manually tracking multiple service dates and allows you to focus on other essential tasks.
  2. Tailored to Your Needs: OneDios understands that every appliance has specific service requirements. That’s why its reminder feature is highly customisable. You can set reminders based on your appliances’ unique service intervals and warranty periods. For example, if your air conditioner requires filter replacements every three months, you can set a reminder accordingly. If your refrigerator has an annual maintenance contract that needs to be renewed, you can also set a reminder. OneDios allows you to personalise the reminders to match the service needs of each appliance, ensuring that you receive the right notifications at the right time.
  3. Timely Notifications: OneDios sends notifications directly to your preferred communication channels, ensuring you receive timely reminders for your service dates. You can receive reminders via email, SMS, or the OneDios app. These notifications prompt you to schedule service appointments, renew warranties, or take necessary maintenance actions. You can proactively manage your appliance services by receiving gentle but firm timely notifications, avoiding last-minute rushes and preventing any potential issues due to missed service dates.
  4. Collaboration with Leading Brands: OneDios collaborates with a wide range of leading appliance brands like Samsung, Voltas, Daikin, LG, Hitachi, Bluestar, etc., further enhancing the reliability and convenience of their services. These collaborations ensure you receive authorised service and genuine appliance spare parts. By leveraging the expertise and quality of these trusted brands, OneDios offers a seamless service experience, providing you with peace of mind and the assurance that your appliances are in safe hands.
  5. Additional Services and Benefits: Apart from the reminder feature, OneDios offers many services and benefits that complement its service management platform. These include warranty tracking, maintenance scheduling, repair assistance, and extended warranties. You can streamline the entire process of managing your appliance services and ensure their optimal performance by utilising these services within one minute. OneDios simplifies the journey, from tracking warranty periods to scheduling service appointments and providing access to authorised technicians for repairs or replacements.
  6. Easy Booking and Cancellation: With the OneDios app, the bookings and cancellations of service appointments have become quicker and more straightforward. You don’t need to call and wait on busy IVR lines. You can open the app and follow the instructions to book or cancel the service appointment within seconds.
  7. Available Anytime, Anywhere: Impatience is growing, and people want instant access to all information in the world. The OneDios app satisfies the need for constant availability. It operates 24*7, and you can access it by phone, laptop, or tablet, or you visit the OneDios website and make an appointment. Online booking and OneDios’s user-friendly interface make scheduling service appointments at their fingertips easy. OneDios keeps it simple for brands and their customers.


With OneDios’s reminder feature, you can say goodbye to the stress of forgetting important appliance service dates. The OneDios app is about improving customers’ appointment experience. Its comprehensive and customisable solution ensures you receive timely notifications for filter replacements, contract renewals, and warranty expirations. The collaboration between OneDios and renowned brands further enhances the reliability and convenience of its services. It’s about delivering the best service possible to appliances in need, giving customers an environment to feel truly comfortable. 

The OneDios app is a one-stop shop for all your service, complaints, repair, and extended warranty requests. You can buy brand-authorized Annual Maintenance Contracts (AMCs), Service plans, and Extended Warranties on OneDios to provide your appliances and products with 360-degree protection. OneDios has multiple options and plans on the platform for OEMs and other service providers for easy comparison. You can buy your next extended warranty on OneDios here. 

OneDios aims to transform the customer service experience for end customers.  This vision cuts across all products and the services they avail of. You can buy your AMC on OneDios here. You can also download the OneDios app or visit the OneDios website to buy a maintenance contract. By leveraging the power of reminders, you can proactively manage your appliance services, ensuring their longevity and optimal performance. Embrace OneDios and set reminders never to miss a service date again. Enjoy the peace of mind that comes with a well-managed appliance service journey.

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How to Keep Your Electronic Gadgets Cool This Summer

With the scorching heat of summer upon us, it’s essential to protect our electronic gadgets from overheating. High temperatures can negatively impact the performance and lifespan of devices such as smartphones, laptops, gaming consoles, and home appliances. The last thing you want any day is a non-functional air conditioner, refrigerator, or smartphone. As the weather warms up, you might find your gadgets burning up without realising. This could happen to you if you don’t keep your gadgets and appliances well-maintained, serviced, and cool during summer. Are your appliances overdue for some service or maintenance? Schedule an appliance customer care service with OneDios, before the summer heat gets too scorching.

This blog will explore practical tips to keep your electronic gadgets cool and functioning optimally during the summer. 

Understanding the Impact of Heat on Electronic Gadgets

  1. Performance Degradation: Excessive heat can cause your devices to slow down, freeze, or crash. The increased temperature affects the processor, battery, and other components, reducing performance and responsiveness.
  2. Battery Life Reduction: Heat is one of the primary factors contributing to battery degradation. Prolonged exposure to high temperatures can shorten your device’s battery life and affect its longevity.
  3. Component Damage: Overheating can cause damage to internal components, including the motherboard, graphics card, and memory modules. This can result in costly repairs or even permanent damage to the device.

Tips to Keep Your Electronic Gadgets Cool

    1. Avoid Direct Sunlight: Keep your devices away from direct sunlight, as the heat can quickly accumulate, cause them to overheat, and even melt some internal wires. If you’re using a laptop or mobile device outdoors, find a shaded area or use a sunshade to protect it from direct exposure.
    2. Maintain Adequate Ventilation: Ensure your devices have sufficient airflow to dissipate heat. Keep your gadgets outside your pockets or bags as much as possible. Avoid placing them on surfaces that obstruct airflow, such as pillows or blankets. Use a laptop cooling pad or elevate your laptop to allow air to circulate underneath. Stacking them on top of each other produces and conducts even higher temperatures. Keep your devices spread out and use shelves whenever possible.
    3. Clean Dust and Debris: Dust and debris can accumulate on the vents and fans of electronic devices, hindering proper airflow. Regularly clean these areas using compressed air or a soft brush to remove obstructions. If uncomfortable cleaning your appliances, download the OneDios app and call a service expert.
  • Optimise Power Settings: Adjust the power settings on your devices to minimise heat generation. Lower the screen brightness, reduce the processor speed, and configure the device to enter power-saving modes when idle. This will help keep temperatures under control. For any query regarding temperature levels, please call experts at OneDios.
  1. Use Cooling Accessories: Consider cooling accessories such as laptop cooling pads, fans, or laptop vacuum coolers. These accessories help dissipate heat more efficiently and prevent your device from overheating.
  2. Don’t charge gadgets outdoors: Any gadget being charged becomes warmer during the charging process. The ambient heat may cause the gadget to overheat if this is done outside.
  3. Take Breaks During Intensive Tasks: Give your device regular breaks to cool down when engaging in resource-intensive gaming or video editing tasks. Extended periods of heavy usage can significantly increase temperatures and strain the device’s components.
  4. Keep Software Updated: Manufacturers often release updates that optimise device performance and address heating-related issues. Regularly update your device’s operating system and firmware to ensure it’s running the latest software versions.

The OneDios Advantage

OneDios is a renowned customer service provider for electronic appliances and offers additional assistance to ensure a worry-free experience during the summer months. It provides expert guidance and support for various electronic devices. Our dedicated customer service team is available to address your concerns, troubleshoot issues, and provide timely assistance for any heat-related problems your devices may encounter. 

OneDios offers extended warranty plans that provide coverage beyond the manufacturer’s standard warranty period. By opting for an extended warranty, you can protect your devices from potential heat-related damages and enjoy peace of mind. OneDios simplifies service booking by providing a user-friendly platform to register your devices and book service requests. This eliminates the hassle of dealing with multiple service centres and ensures a seamless experience. 

OneDios keeps you informed about the progress of your service requests through real-time updates. Their transparent approach ensures that you know the status of your device’s repair or maintenance, promoting accountability and customer satisfaction. OneDios has a vast network of authorised service centres across the country. This extensive reach ensures convenient access to reliable service centres, regardless of location. OneDios is the one-stop shop for all home appliance service and repair needs.


Protecting your electronic gadgets from overheating during summer is crucial to ensure optimal performance and longevity. By implementing the tips above, you can minimise the risk of heat-related damage and enjoy a worry-free experience. Additionally, OneDios offers expert customer service, extended warranty options, convenient service booking, and a nationwide service network to assist you in maintaining the health and functionality of your devices. Embrace the OneDios app advantage and keep your electronic gadgets cool this summer for uninterrupted enjoyment and productivity.

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How to Extend the Lifespan of Your Appliances with Regular Servicing

Appliances keep our homes running, making our lives easier and more efficient. However, like any machinery, they require regular maintenance to ensure optimal performance and longevity. Regular servicing helps reduce energy costs, extends your appliances’ lifespan, and enables you to save money by avoiding costly repairs or premature replacements. If you face difficulties booking home appliance service appointments with brands, you can raise a request on OneDios within 60 seconds. And request the appointment at your convenience.  

This blog will discuss the importance of regular servicing and its benefits and provide practical tips on maintaining your appliances effectively.

The Benefits of Regular Servicing 

Regular servicing plays a crucial role in maintaining the health and longevity of your appliances. Regular maintenance keeps your appliances performing at their best and ultimately saves you money by preventing the need for costly repairs and replacements. Here are some reasons why regular servicing is essential:

    1. Optimal Performance: Regular maintenance ensures that your appliances operate at peak performance levels, delivering the best results. You can book the service on OneDios here for routine maintenance and repair of home appliances of any brand. 
    2. Energy Efficiency: Well-maintained appliances consume less energy, helping you save on utility bills and reduce your environmental footprint.
    3. Cost Savings: Timely identification and resolution of minor issues during servicing can prevent significant breakdowns, saving you from expensive repairs or replacements. At OneDios, we help you take care of all your home appliances. You can submit a service request in a few clicks without calling various people or searching for phone numbers.
    4. Enhanced Safety: Regular servicing helps identify potential safety hazards such as gas leaks, electrical problems, or faulty parts and ensures the safe operation of your appliances, protecting you and your family.
  • Warranty Protection: Many appliances come with warranties that require regular servicing to remain valid. You can maintain warranty coverage and enjoy additional benefits by servicing your appliances regularly. For extended warranty or appliance service, you can download the OneDios app and book your home appliance service in a few seconds.

Tips for Effective Appliance Maintenance 

As we all know, a well-oiled machine runs smoothly, meaning a well-maintained appliance will work longer and more efficiently. To extend the lifespan of your appliances, OneDios suggests you follow these practical tips for effective maintenance:

  1. Read the Manual: Start by thoroughly reading the user manual of each appliance. The manual provides valuable information about maintenance requirements specific to your appliance. If you need assistance, the OneDios customer service helpline is dedicated to promptly addressing your queries, concerns, and feedback.
  2. Cleaning: Regularly clean your appliances, both internally and externally, to remove dust, debris, and grease buildup. Use appropriate cleaning agents recommended by the manufacturer. For regular servicing and cleaning of your appliances, download the OneDios app now. If a complex issue arises during servicing, OneDios connects you with skilled technicians who can provide expert guidance and solutions.
  3. Air Filters: Clean or replace air filters in appliances such as air conditioners, refrigerators, and range hoods per the manufacturer’s instructions. This ensures proper airflow and efficiency. If you wish to replace the filters, OneDios customer service representatives are well-equipped to provide troubleshooting assistance, helping you resolve minor issues quickly and effectively.
  4. Check Seals and Gaskets: Inspect and clean the seals and gaskets on refrigerators, dishwashers, and washing machines. Damaged or worn-out seals can lead to energy wastage and reduced performance. If you have any queries or concerns, the OneDios app lets you quickly access their responsive customer service, ensuring prompt assistance.
  5. Ventilation: Ensure that the ventilation openings of your appliances, such as refrigerators and dryers, are clear and unobstructed. Proper airflow prevents overheating and improves efficiency. Therefore, call for appliance service at regular intervals. OneDios app is a one-stop shop for all your home appliance service or AMC-related issues and queries.
  6. Regular Defrosting: If you have appliances like freezers or refrigerators that require defrosting, follow the recommended defrosting schedule to maintain optimal performance.
  7. Proper Loading: Avoid overloading your appliances, such as washing machines and dishwashers. Overloading can strain the appliance’s components and reduce efficiency or breakdowns.
  8. Careful Handling: Handle your appliances carefully, avoiding excessive force or rough treatment. This helps prevent internal damage and ensures longevity.
  9. Maintenance Checks: Conduct periodic maintenance checks, inspecting hoses, electrical connections, and other components for signs of wear or damage. Address any issues promptly. OneDios sends timely reminders for upcoming servicing appointments, helping you stay on top of your appliance maintenance schedule.
  10. Professional Servicing: Engage the services of skilled technicians for regular servicing. They have the expertise to identify and address potential problems before they escalate. With the OneDios app, you can conveniently schedule appliance servicing at your preferred time and date. The platform connects you with authorised service centres, ensuring reliable and professional assistance.
  11. Extended Warranty for Added Protection: With an extended warranty, you can know that your appliances are covered against unexpected breakdowns and repairs. The extended warranty protects you from the financial burden of repairing or replacing expensive components, as the warranty provider covers the costs. OneDios offers extended warranties that cover a wide range of appliances, ensuring holistic protection for your valuable assets.


Regular servicing is a vital appliance maintenance aspect that should not be overlooked. With the convenience of the OneDios app, you can easily schedule and track servicing appointments, manage warranties, and access reliable customer service, all from the palm of your hand. The app records all appliance servicing details and invoices, providing easy access to service history and documentation. This information can be valuable for warranty claims or potential resale.

By implementing the tips mentioned above and investing in regular servicing, you can extend the lifespan of your appliances, optimise their performance, and avoid costly repairs. Remember, proactive maintenance is critical to saving money, ensuring safety, and maximising the efficiency of your appliances. OneDios, with its user-friendly app, extended warranty options, and exceptional customer service, simplifies and enhances the maintenance process. By leveraging the services provided by OneDios, you can enjoy the convenience, peace of mind, and cost savings associated with regular appliance servicing. So, make it a habit to prioritise regular servicing and enjoy the benefits of well-maintained appliances that have served you for years. OneDios now also covers over 1350 postcodes in India.

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Why is OneDios the Ultimate App for managing all your home appliances?

The modern home has appliances that make our lives easier and more comfortable. From refrigerators to air conditioners, washing machines to geysers, these appliances have become an integral part of our daily lives. However, managing these appliances can be a daunting task, especially regarding servicing and repairs. OneDios is an app that promises to simplify managing home appliances. In this blog, we will discuss why OneDios is the ultimate app for managing all your home appliances.

What is OneDios?

OneDios is a comprehensive app that allows you to manage all your home appliances in one place. The app is designed to simplify managing your appliances, from registering them to tracking their maintenance schedules and requesting repairs or services whenever needed. OneDios provides a range of services that cater to all your appliance management needs, making it the ultimate app for managing all your home appliances.
Why is OneDios the ultimate app for managing all your home appliances?

Easy Registration

OneDios allows you to register all your home appliances with just a few taps on your smartphone. You can add all your appliances, including air conditioners, refrigerators, washing machines, geysers, and more, to the app and keep track of their maintenance schedules. This feature makes it easier for you to manage all your appliances in one place.

Maintenance Schedule Tracker

OneDios allows you to keep track of all your appliance maintenance schedules. You can set reminders for when your appliances need servicing, and the app will notify you when it’s time to get them serviced. This feature helps you avoid breakdowns and ensures your appliances are always in good working condition.

Service and Repair Requests

OneDios allows you to request services and repairs for all your appliances. You can request any service or repair that your appliances may need, and the app will connect you with authorized service providers in your area. This feature saves you the hassle of searching for service providers and ensures you get quality service every time.

Maintenance Tips

OneDios provides maintenance tips for all your appliances. The app provides expert advice on how to take care of your appliances and extend their lifespan. This feature helps you avoid costly repairs and replacements and ensures that your appliances remain in good working condition for a long time.

Annual Maintenance Contracts

OneDios offers annual maintenance contracts for all your appliances. You can sign up for an annual maintenance contract for each appliance, and the app will take care of all their servicing needs for the entire year. This feature saves you the hassle of scheduling individual service requests and ensures that your appliances are always in good working condition.

Multi-Brand Support

OneDios supports multiple brands of appliances, making it easier for you to manage all your appliances in one place. You can add appliances from different brands to the app, and it will provide you with customized service and repair options for each brand. This feature ensures you get the best service and support for all your appliances.

Multi-Brand Support

OneDios offers secure payment options for all its services. You can pay for all the services and repairs you request through the app, and it ensures that all your transactions are secure and safe. This feature gives you peace of mind and ensures your financial information is always protected.

24×7 Support

OneDios offers 24×7 support for all its services. You can request any service or repair at any time, and the app will connect you with authorized service providers in your area. This feature ensures that you get prompt and efficient service whenever you need it.


OneDios is the ultimate app for managing all your home appliances.


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How to Clean an Oven?

Cleaning an oven can be a daunting task, but it is necessary to maintain its functionality and efficiency. Microwave ovens accumulate grease, grime, and food particles over time, affecting their performance and posing a fire hazard. Many people frequently use their microwaves without thinking about the maintenance they ought to carry out or the potential damage they may be causing. How you use and maintain your microwave can significantly affect its longevity. Regular oven cleaning can improve the quality of your cooking and increase the lifespan of your oven. If you feel your microwave oven service is due, download the “OneDios” app and generate a service request in a few clicks. You can also buy the extended warranty and AMCs for all microwave oven brands like Bosch, LG, Voltas, etc.

Need help with how to clean an oven or where to begin? This blog will guide you through cleaning a microwave oven using simple steps. It is recommended that you should regularly clean your oven every 3-6 months. And cleaning it regularly after use is always wise. The meal is tastier and has fewer germs when the oven stays clean. We will also discuss how to avail of microwave oven service and how OneDios can assist you in maintaining your appliances while providing excellent customer service.

Use the Self-Cleaning mode.

Many latest ovens come with a self-cleaning feature. The self-clean cycle is a time-saving convenience feature. During this cleaning cycle, the oven heats up to 880 degrees Fahrenheit which help melt and burn away grease and grime. After around two hours, the oven’s bottom becomes covered in white ash, which you must clean once it unlocks and cools. Self-cleaning is the most straightforward way to clean an oven. The self-cleaning feature won’t function properly if your oven is dirty with baked-on food. Grease and food particles build up and can cause smoke and even a fire. You should never leave your house with the self-cleaning feature running. If you have questions regarding the self-clean feature or microwave oven service, raise a service request with OneDios, in just 60 seconds.

But, if you don’t have an oven with a self-clean feature. Nothing to worry about; we will guide you on cleaning your oven at home. An oven cleaner is the most appropriate option if your oven is dirty. If it isn’t filthy, you can use ingredients like baking soda and vinegar to clean it. In a few simple steps, you can clean your oven.

Step 1: Disconnect the Power Source

Before cleaning your microwave oven, turning off the power source is essential. If you have an electric oven, unplug it, and if you have a gas oven, turn off the gas supply. Ensure the inside of the oven is cool and not hot before you begin cleaning. Whether using the self-clean or cleaning the oven manually, always ensure that the unit has cooled to room temperature before attempting to wipe out the oven interior.

Step 2: Remove the Racks and Trays

Remove the racks and trays from your oven and soak them in warm, soapy water. Let them soak while you clean the rest of the oven.

Step 3: Apply the Oven Cleaner

Apply the oven cleaner or homemade baking soda and vinegar paste to the microwave oven’s interior, including the walls, ceiling, and floor. Ensure to follow the instructions provided on the cleaner and wear gloves to protect your skin from harsh chemicals.

Step 4: Let the Cleaner Sit

Once you have applied the oven cleaner or the baking soda-vinegar paste, let it sit for the recommended time. This will allow the cleaner to break down the grease and grime, making it easier to wipe away and keep the scrubbing minimal.

Step 5: Scrub the Interior of the Oven

After the cleaner has sat for the recommended time, scrub the microwave oven’s interior with a sponge. For stubborn stains, use a plastic scraper to loosen them up. Make sure to wipe away all the cleaners with a damp cloth. While wiping, ensure you do not scratch the protective mesh inside the door, as it protects you from harmful microwaves by keeping them inside. For microwave oven service or repair of all brands such as LG, Panasonic, Samsung, IFB, etc., download the OneDios app today. 

Step 6: Clean the Racks and Trays

Remove the racks and trays from the soak and scrub them with a sponge. Rinse them with water and dry them with a clean cloth.

Step 7: Reassemble the Oven

After you have cleaned the interior of the microwave oven and the racks and trays, it’s time to reassemble the oven. Ensure everything is in its place before using it. You can also book an appointment for an extended warranty and microwave oven service with the OneDios app. 

Microwave Oven Service and OneDios

Cleaning your oven regularly can ensure its optimal performance and longevity. But sometimes, appliances need professional attention to repair or maintain their functionality. Replacing parts such as light bulbs, door latches, turntables, motors, and charcoal filters is safe and affordable. Most of these problems are relatively easy to diagnose, too. This is where OneDios can be your saviour. If you feel your microwave oven service is due, download the “OneDios” app and generate a service request in a few clicks. You can also buy the extended warranty and AMCs for all microwave oven brands like LG, Voltas, Panasonic, IFB, Samsung etc.

OneDios is an online platform that provides services for the maintenance and repair of home appliances. OneDios offers various services, including AC, refrigerator, and microwave oven. OneDios partners with authorised service providers to ensure their customers receive high-quality service.

OneDios has a user-friendly website and mobile app, making booking services convenient and easy. You can book services online or through their app, and we will send a certified technician to your doorstep to fix your appliance. OneDios also provides excellent customer service. Our team is available 24/7 to answer your queries and assist you with your service booking. OneDios also offers a warranty on its services, ensuring customer satisfaction.

In Conclusion

Cleaning your microwave oven regularly is essential to maintain its optimal performance and increase lifespan. Following the steps mentioned in this blog can help you clean your oven efficiently. Additionally, OneDios is an excellent platform for providing oven and other home appliance services and excellent customer service. Regular maintenance and service can ensure that your appliances function optimally. Remember that if you want your microwave oven service or installation done, OneDios provides all kinds of services. OneDios gives you services in just 60 seconds. No need to call customer service of any brand; download the OneDios app and raise a microwave oven service request in a few clicks. If purchased and used smartly, the oven’s monthly cost is way less than the savings you will make in the long term. At OneDios, you can also schedule the next microwave oven service. OneDios now covers over 1350+ cities in India.