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How to protect electrical appliances during monsoon?

Electrical appliances are a key part of our daily life. In modern times, their numbers and varieties have increased exponentially as they provide huge relief and comfort to human life. However, during the monsoon season, there is a greater need to keep your electrical appliances safe and secure to prevent any kind of dangerous events. We all know that electricity and water are a deadly combination, and their unsafe interaction can lead to huge damage, and in some cases even the loss of human life. Hence, electrical appliances during extreme and frequent rainy days require special care and attention. In the previous article, we discussed the extra care that your cars need during the monsoon, in this one, we will talk about some extra measures and steps that, if followed, save your electrical devices from getting damaged.

1. Moisture control

During the monsoon season. the amount of moisture in the air increases rapidly, and the excessive moisture present in the house severely affects the functioning of the electrical appliances. To counter this heavy moisture, one way is to clean your electrical devices with dry cloths on regular basis. This also prevents the fungal growth inside the electrical devices, Secondly, better to use every electronic appliance regularly, and if not possible, once in a while to ensure that every appliance working smoothly and perfectly.

2. Extra caution with irregular power cutting

Commonly, the power cut happens frequently during the heavy showers in the monsoon season. Sudden power cuts, for example, are quite normal, and potential damage to your electrical appliances is very high and thus it is recommended that you unplug the electrical devices during heavy showers.

3. No Wetty hands when it comes to switching on/off

One of the simplest rules is to avoid touching your devices with wet hands. Touching electrical devices with wet hands may cause damage to your precious appliances either temporarily or permanently. Hence, dry yourself before touching any gadgets like phones, laptops, etc. Use waterproof cases for these gadgets for better prevention during the monsoon.

4. Authentic and hallmarked electrical appliances

Every single electrical item, from electrical wires to refrigerators, must be hallmarked and from authentic shops.

5. Check water leakages in the house

Ensure that your electrical devices, meters, and wiring are in dry surroundings. If there is any indication of water leakages around them immediately fix it to avoid short circuits and fire.

6. Electrical outlets in balcony areas

In most houses, there are electrical outlets in the balcony areas also. They are more prone to come in the contact with water. Hence, use outlet guards for proper functioning.


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