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The Importance of Timely Repairs: Avoiding Costly Appliance Breakdowns

Our homes are equipped with various appliances that enhance our comfort and convenience. These appliances, ranging from air conditioners that provide relief during hot summers to refrigerators that preserve our food, are vital to our daily routines. However, like all mechanical devices, appliances are vulnerable to wear and tear over time. At OneDios, we recognise that your home appliances are not just luxuries but necessities integral to your daily life. It’s important to address minor appliance issues quickly to avoid significant breakdowns that could cause stress or property damage, especially during critical times like summer and monsoon.

This blog will delve into the importance of timely repairs and their benefits to our appliances and wallets.

1. Avoiding Catastrophic Breakdowns

Imagine your air conditioner suddenly breaking down in the peak of summer or your refrigerator failing during the rainy season, leaving your perishable food at risk. It can be very troublesome and costly to deal with these situations. However, you can avoid these major breakdowns by handling minor problems as soon as they arise.

Most major appliance malfunctions start as minor, subtle problems that, if left unattended, can escalate into more significant issues. Download the OneDios app or call an experienced technician from OneDios when your appliances are not operating correctly or for regular maintenance. Regularly inspecting and servicing your appliances can help identify and fix these minor problems before they become costly breakdowns. Timely repairs save you money and spare you from the hassle of dealing with unexpected appliance failures when you need them the most.

2. Prolonging Appliance Lifespan

Appliances are significant investments, and we expect them to serve us for many years. However, neglecting minor repairs can lead to premature wear and tear, drastically reducing the lifespan of your appliances. It’s important to address minor appliance issues to prevent further damage and potential failure. For example, a dishwasher or washing machine that is blocked or clogged will work harder and at higher temperatures than intended, leading to premature failure. Professional technicians from OneDios are well-trained and quick to point out any underlying issues and fix them before they can cause any damage. 

On the other hand, timely repairs and regular maintenance can extend the life of your appliances. By addressing problems early on, you ensure that your appliances continue to operate efficiently and effectively for their intended lifespan.

3. Saving Money on Costly Repairs

One of the most compelling reasons to prioritise timely repairs is the potential cost savings. Minor issues are generally easier and cheaper to fix compared to significant breakdowns. If you notice any signs of malfunctioning, such as strange noises, leaks, or inadequate performance, it is crucial to seek professional help. At OneDios, we help you take care of all your home appliances. You can submit a service request in a few clicks without calling various people or searching for phone numbers.

When you address problems early, you can avoid the need for extensive repairs or even complete appliance replacements. Think of it as a proactive approach to appliance care. Taking a proactive approach to maintenance and repairs can save you money in the long run. Instead of waiting for something to break, investing in regular maintenance and immediate repairs is better to prevent the situation from becoming more expensive. Doing so can avoid costly repairs and ensure that your appliance runs smoothly.

4. Energy Efficiency and Lower Utility Bills

Appliances needing repair often consume more energy than their properly functioning counterparts. For instance, a refrigerator with a faulty door seal will struggle to maintain its internal temperature, leading to higher energy consumption. An air conditioner with a clogged filter will work harder and draw more power to provide adequate cooling. Common culprits are blocked ducts or tubes, clogged filters, and faulty sensors. You can book the service on OneDios here for routine maintenance and repair of home appliances of any brand. 

Timely repairs restore the efficiency of your appliances and help you save on utility bills. Energy-efficient appliances reduce your environmental footprint and contribute to significant long-term cost savings.

5. Safety First

Regular maintenance of appliances is crucial in preventing safety hazards. Appliances that run on gas or electricity have the potential to cause fires, and malfunctioning appliances are responsible for thousands of house fires every year. It is essential to prioritise routine appliance maintenance to avoid damage or injury caused by these fires. Scheduled maintenance allows technicians to inspect and rectify these issues, ensuring the safe operation of your appliances. For extended warranty or appliance service, you can download the OneDios app and book your home appliance service in a few seconds.

It is vital to maintain your appliances to ensure the safety of your home and property. For instance, a dishwasher not draining properly can cause flooding in your kitchen, while a refrigerator running too warm can make your entire family sick. A dryer with a blocked vent can also pose a serious fire hazard, potentially burning your house down. Therefore, call for appliance service at regular intervals. OneDios app is a one-stop shop for all your home appliance service or AMC-related issues and queries.


Timely repairs for your appliances are not just a matter of convenience; they are crucial for avoiding costly breakdowns, ensuring their longevity, and saving money. If you require appliance repair services, contact OneDios’ reliable technicians who specialise in repairing appliances of all brands like Samsung, LG, Daikin, Voltas, etc. By addressing minor issues promptly, you can maintain the efficiency of your appliances, keep your home comfortable during critical times like summer and monsoon, and prevent unnecessary expenses.

Don’t wait for an appliance to completely malfunction before taking action. Consider partnering with a reputable service provider like OneDios to schedule regular maintenance and promptly address minor repairs. At OneDios, we provide prompt, efficient and reliable repair services. We offer multiple services, including installation, repair, maintenance, extended warranty, and more. Our team of skilled technicians has the knowledge and experience to handle various appliance repairs, from refrigerators and dishwashers to ovens and washing machines. 

Remember, a little investment in timely repairs can go a long way in preserving the functionality and longevity of your valuable appliances. OneDios has a vast network of authorised service centres nationwide, covering a wide range of appliance brands and types. OneDios provides proactive maintenance reminders to help you stay on top of your appliance servicing schedules. Our user-friendly website and mobile app make it easy for customers to book services online. We also provide transparent pricing and service warranty, ensuring customer satisfaction.

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Eco-Friendly Appliance Use During Spring and Summer

As the seasons change and we welcome the warmth of spring and summer, our focus often shifts to enjoying the outdoors and keeping our homes cool and comfortable. However, this increased comfort can often come at an environmental cost due to higher energy consumption. During the warmer months, it’s crucial to use eco-friendly appliances to reduce your carbon footprint. However, it’s essential not to forget the extra care your electronic devices need during this season. Excessive heat can severely affect the functionality and lifespan of various gadgets, including smartphones, laptops, gaming consoles, and household appliances. So, while you’re enjoying the sun, make sure to take necessary precautions to protect your electronics from heat damage. It’s never ideal to have a malfunctioning air conditioner, refrigerator, or phone, especially when you need them the most. Schedule an appliance customer care service with OneDios before it’s too late.

The Rise of Eco-Friendly Appliances

In recent years, there has been a significant increase in the availability of eco-friendly options for essential household appliances. Companies like Beko and Bosch are designing appliances such as refrigerators, washing machines, dishwashers, and air conditioners to be energy-efficient, use less water, and emit fewer pollutants than their traditional counterparts. These appliances also incorporate sustainable materials and manufacturing processes. With more and more consumers looking to reduce their environmental impact, the market for eco-friendly appliances has grown substantially. Manufacturers are responding to this demand by offering a more comprehensive range of options. 

Energy Star and Water Sense : Markers of Efficiency

The ENERGY STAR and WaterSense labels indicate that an appliance has been certified for energy and water efficiency. The ENERGY STAR label is given to appliances that meet or exceed specific energy efficiency standards set by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). Meanwhile, the WaterSense label is awarded to appliances that use less water without sacrificing performance. These certifications are necessary because they can help you save money on your utility bills over time. By choosing appliances with the ENERGY STAR and WaterSense labels, you can reduce your energy and water usage, which translates to lower monthly bills. They’re a smart choice for consumers looking to save money, reduce their environmental impact, and invest in high-quality, efficient appliances.


Maintaining the efficiency of these eco-friendly appliances is equally important. Regular maintenance tasks like cleaning dryer vents, vacuuming fridge coils, and using natural cleaning agents in dishwashers prolong the appliances’ life and ensure they operate efficiently. This means less energy and water wastage and more savings over time. It is essential to service your appliances regularly to ensure comprehensive maintenance. It is recommended to have your fridge serviced at least twice a year by an expert who can check its condition and address any issues. OneDios offers assistance in scheduling servicing appointments with authorised technicians.

Disposing of Old Appliances Responsibly

When it’s time to replace old appliances, responsible disposal is key. Options like donating to organisations or recycling old appliances ensure we do not contribute to the growing e-waste problem. By choosing eco-friendly disposal methods, we can minimise our environmental impact.

Letting the Sun in a Natural Approach

Another simple yet effective way to embrace eco-friendliness is by increasing the amount of natural light in your home. This reduces reliance on artificial lighting, thereby saving energy. Installing skylights or using energy-efficient light bulbs are ways to achieve this.

OneDios: Ensuring Sustainability

As the leading provider of brand-authorised extended warranties, OneDios plays a pivotal role in maintaining the efficiency and longevity of your eco-friendly appliances. Choosing OneDios for brand-authorised services ensures that your appliances are not only in expert hands but also helps sustain their eco-friendly benefits over time. With OneDios, you can rest assured that reliable and efficient service supports your commitment to a greener lifestyle.

At OneDios, we have designed a platform that allows you to access services from all your favourite brands in just a few minutes. We aim to revolutionise customer service by making it simpler, faster, and more efficient. With OneDios, you can quickly contact customer care for any issue and book services within a minute without any hassle. If you are facing any problems with your appliances, download the OneDios app and upload the details of your appliance today. You can also buy the extended warranty and AMCs for all brands like Whirlpool, Samsung, Godrej, LG, etc.

By opting for eco-friendly appliances and maintaining them with the expert services of OneDios, you are saving on costs and contributing to a healthier planet. Remember, every small step towards eco-friendliness can make a big difference. 

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Tracking Your Service Requests Made Easy with OneDios

In the contemporary era, our reliance on appliances has increased as they have become integral to our daily lives, facilitating comfort and convenience. However, they are susceptible to breakdowns and malfunctions. Customers either shape the brands or shake them. Without customers, no business can ever reach its potential. Keeping customers happy and satisfied and giving them excellent customer service is essential. Many customers believe that a prompt response from the service team can significantly enhance their experience. They expect their queries to be addressed efficiently and promptly. Response time plays a crucial role in customer satisfaction and developing loyalty. In such circumstances, prompt and efficient service becomes imperative. 

OneDios is the answer to all your service management needs, providing a hassle-free platform that enables swift tracking of service requests, instilling confidence in customers and guaranteeing transparency and convenience at every step. This blog will explore how OneDios keeps records and makes tracking service requests a breeze.

  1. Centralised Service Management: OneDios is a centralised platform for managing all your service requests. Whether it’s for your refrigerator, washing machine, television, or any other appliance, you can conveniently track and monitor the progress of your service requests through a single interface. This eliminates the need to contact multiple service centres or remember multiple brand service request numbers, making the process more streamlined and efficient.
  2. Registration of Appliances: To utilise the tracking feature of OneDios, you need to register your appliances on the platform. Registration involves providing necessary details such as the appliance’s brand, model, and purchase date. Once registered, you can access the appliance’s information and service history whenever needed. By having all your appliance information in one place, you can effortlessly keep track of their maintenance schedules, warranty periods, and service requests.
  3. Raising Service Requests: When an appliance requires service, you can raise a service request on OneDios directly from the platform. To ensure a swift and efficient resolution to your appliance issue, please provide us with specific details, such as a description of the problem and any error codes displayed. OneDios ensures that your service request reaches the authorised service centre for your appliance brand, eliminating the hassle of finding the correct contact information for each brand individually. 
  4. Transparent Service Updates: OneDios provides real-time updates on the status of your service request. You can easily track the progress of your request from the moment it is raised until the service is completed. The platform keeps you informed about key milestones such as the appointment scheduled with the service technician, the arrival of the technician at your location, and the completion of the service. This transparency helps you stay informed and manage your time effectively.
  5. In-App Communication: No one likes to wait, and why should they?  When the customers are put on hold for hours or days, it reflects poorly on your business and doesn’t build the customer’s trust in your services. OneDios facilitates seamless communication between customers and service technicians through its in-app messaging feature. You can directly communicate with the assigned service technician, providing additional details or clarifications about the issue. This direct line of communication helps resolve queries quickly and ensures the technician has all the necessary information to address the problem effectively.
  6. Service History and Documentation: OneDios maintains a comprehensive service history and documentation for each registered appliance. This includes details of past service requests, repairs performed, and any warranty claims made. Access to this information is invaluable, as it allows you to keep track of the maintenance history of your appliances, identify recurring issues, and make informed decisions about repairs or replacements.
  7. Extended Warranty Management: OneDios also simplifies the management of extended warranty plans. If you have purchased an extended warranty for your appliance, you can easily register and manage it on the platform. The extended warranty details, including coverage period and terms, are readily available for reference. OneDios ensures that you receive the benefits entitled under the extended warranty, such as scheduled maintenance, timely repairs, and replacements.
  8. Notifications and Reminders: To ensure you get all essential updates and maintenance schedules, OneDios sends notifications and reminders directly to your registered email or mobile number. These notifications include appointment confirmations, service completion notifications, warranty expiry reminders, and upcoming maintenance reminders. These proactive notifications keep you well-informed and help you stay on top of your appliance maintenance.

In conclusion, OneDios simplifies tracking service requests by offering a centralised platform for managing all your appliances’ service needs. Registering your appliances on the platform lets you quickly raise service requests, track their progress, and communicate with service technicians. The transparency OneDios provides keeps you informed at every step of the service journey. Customer loyalty is one of the hardest things to earn. Additionally, the platform maintains a comprehensive service history and documentation, facilitating better decision-making and ensuring a hassle-free experience. 

With OneDios, tracking your service requests becomes effortless, allowing you to focus on your daily routines while ensuring that your appliances receive the necessary attention and care. You can book the service on OneDios here for regular maintenance and repair of home appliances of any brand. With OneDios, getting customer service for any issue is straightforward, quicker, and more efficient.

If you have queries about the extended warranty and AMC of brands such as LG, Samsung, Whirlpool, etc., download the  OneDios app today. At OneDios, we help you take care of all your home appliances. You can raise a service request in a few clicks without calling various people or searching for phone numbers. OneDios app is a one-stop shop for all your service, complaints, repair, and extended warranty requests. OneDios digitally logs your product’s service history and warranty period and sends reminders. OneDios now also covers over 1350 postcodes in India.

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The Importance of Water Filter Replacement in Your Appliances

As a responsible homeowner, it is crucial to maintain the quality of water in your home. One of the primary ways to ensure that your water is clean and safe to drink is by regularly replacing the water filters in your appliances. Whether it’s your refrigerator or water purifier, water filters play a vital role in removing impurities and enhancing water quality. Over time, these filters can get clogged with contaminants, making them less effective. This can lead to an unpleasant taste and odour in your water, which is not only unappetising but can also harm your health. Therefore, replacing your water filters every six months or per the manufacturer’s instructions is highly recommended. If your water purifier or refrigerator service is due, download the OneDios app and generate a service request in a few clicks. 

By doing so, you can be assured of the purity of your drinking water, protect your family’s health, and extend the life of your appliances.

  1. Health and Safety: Water filters are essential for removing potential contaminants from your water supply. Over time, they can become less effective as they get saturated with harmful substances, compromising water quality. To ensure your water is safe, you must regularly replace your water filters. Download the OneDios app and book your water purifier service for regular cleaning and service of your water purifier. Harmful bacteria and chemicals can be present in unfiltered water, posing health risks. Regular filter replacements can ensure safe, clean, and odourless drinking water. By doing so, you can protect your health and well-being and enjoy the many benefits of clean water.
  2. Taste and Odour Improvement: Over time, the filters in your water filtration system can become ineffective in removing chemicals like chlorine from your water supply, resulting in unpleasant taste or odour. To ensure that your water tastes and smells fresh, it’s essential to replace your filters regularly. So, it’s recommended to check the condition of your water filters and replace them as needed to keep your water fresh and safe to drink. If you think your water purifier isn’t working correctly or want to schedule a routine check-up or cleaning, download the OneDios app and book your water purifier service in 6 clicks.
  3. Appliance Longevity: Water filters can become clogged or worn out over time, causing your appliances to work harder than necessary. This extra strain can lead to decreased efficiency and a shorter appliance lifespan. When appliances have to work harder to filter water, they consume more energy, which can lead to higher energy bills. Moreover, the extra wear and tear can lead to more frequent repairs or replacements, which can be expensive and inconvenient. Download the OneDios app to learn about AMC of all leading RO brands like KentBlue StarHavells AO SMITH RO, LIVPURE RO, AQUA FRESH RO, EUREKA FORBES RO, etc.

To avoid these issues, changing your water filters regularly is essential. By doing so, you can help maintain the efficiency and extend the life of your appliances while also avoiding the extra costs associated with repairs and replacements. 

  1. Cost-Effective: When it comes to maintaining appliances that use filters, such as water filters, it’s essential to remember that while there is an upfront cost associated with replacing the filters, it is more economical in the long run. This is because regular replacement of filters can significantly reduce the risk of appliance breakdowns, leading to costly repairs. To ensure a hassle-free ownership experience, you can buy an extended warranty for your water purifier or refrigerator from OneDios to provide your product with 360 degrees of protection.

When you invest in a high-quality filter system, you can ensure that you always have access to clean, safe drinking water right from your tap. So, while an initial cost may be associated with filter replacement, the long-term benefits far outweigh the short-term expense.

  1. Environmental Impact: One of the easiest ways to promote a more sustainable lifestyle and contribute to environmental conservation is by regularly maintaining and replacing your water filters. This simple act can help reduce the amount of plastic waste in landfills and oceans by decreasing the need for bottled water. Additionally, water filters can help ensure that your water is free from harmful contaminants and chemicals, which is not always true with bottled water. By consciously maintaining and replacing your water filters, you can help protect the environment and safeguard your health. OneDios is a one-stop shop for appliance-related services, complaints, repairs, and extended warranty requests.

Regularly replacing water filters is a small but crucial step in maintaining your home’s water quality and the efficiency of your appliances. It’s an investment in your health, finances, and the environment. Replacing water filters is a simple yet essential task for maintaining water quality in your home. It’s a small step that significantly impacts your health, the taste of your water, the longevity of your appliances, your finances, and the environment. Regular replacement schedules vary depending on the appliance and usage, so check the manufacturer’s recommendations and consider setting reminders for timely replacements.

OneDios is a platform that aims to provide you with the utmost convenience by revolutionising customer service. We assist you in taking care of all your household appliances. Our dedicated service centre is one of our standout features. It streamlines the process of requesting an appliance service with just a few clicks, eliminating the need to contact multiple people or search for phone numbers.

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Things to Keep in Mind While Selecting Appliance Repair Services

In today’s fast-paced world, household appliances have become an indispensable part of our lives. These appliances, from refrigerators and washing machines to ovens and air conditioners, make our daily chores more manageable and convenient. However, like all mechanical devices, they are bound to experience wear and tear over time, and when they do, it’s crucial to choose the right appliance repair service. Selecting the right service provider can save you time, money, and unnecessary stress. Scheduling a repair visit with OneDios can quickly restore order to your household and give you much-needed peace of mind.

This blog will explore key factors to remember when selecting appliance repair services to ensure your appliances are in the right hands.

1. Reputation and Reliability

The first and foremost consideration when selecting an appliance repair service is its reputation and reliability. A reliable service provider will have a good record of satisfying customers with prompt and effective repairs. You can check online reviews, ask for recommendations from friends and family, or even inquire about the company’s experience and certifications. OneDios takes pride in offering transparent, affordable, and flexible policies that cater to the diverse needs of its customers.

2. Expertise and Specialisation

Not all appliance repair services are created equal. Some may specialise in specific brands or types of appliances, while others offer a broader range of services. Choosing a repair service that specialises in the kind of appliance you need to be fixed is essential. Specialisation often equates to expertise, ensuring that your device is in capable hands. If you are looking for quick and efficient ways to contact customer service, you can book the service on OneDios here.

3. Licensing and Certification

Ensure that your chosen appliance repair service is licensed and certified to protect your interests. Licensing ensures that the service provider complies with local regulations and standards, while certifications demonstrate their commitment to professional development and quality workmanship. Always ask for proof of these credentials before proceeding.

4. Warranty and Guarantees

Reputable appliance repair services stand behind their work with warranties and guarantees. Inquire about their policy regarding warranties on both parts and labour. A service provider that offers a warranty provides you with peace of mind, knowing that they are committed to resolving any issues that may arise after the repair. OneDios, in partnership with renowned brands like Voltas, Blue Star, Godrej and Daikin, guarantees quality repairs and the use of genuine parts.

5. Pricing Transparency

Transparent pricing is a crucial factor to consider when selecting an appliance repair service. Avoid service providers that give vague estimates or charge hidden fees. A trustworthy company will provide a detailed breakdown of the costs, allowing you to make an informed decision. OneDios offers extended warranties that provide comprehensive coverage for various electronic devices.

6. Response Time

When your appliance breaks down, you want it fixed as soon as possible to minimise disruptions in your daily routine. Inquire about the service’s response time and availability. A company that offers same-day or emergency services can be a lifesaver during critical situations. OneDios enables you to book your service request at a convenient date and time.

7. Availability of Parts

Before choosing an appliance repair service, check if they have easy access to genuine replacement parts for your appliance. A reputable service provider will have a well-stocked inventory of parts or reliable suppliers, ensuring a quicker and more efficient repair process.

8. Environmental Responsibility

In today’s environmentally conscious world, it’s essential to consider the service provider’s commitment to sustainability. Ask about their disposal practices for old parts and environmentally friendly repair techniques. A service that prioritises eco-friendliness demonstrates a broader sense of responsibility.

Selecting the right appliance repair service is a decision that should not be taken lightly. By considering factors such as reputation, expertise, licensing, warranties, pricing transparency, response time, parts availability, and environmental responsibility, you can ensure that your appliances are in the hands of professionals who will restore them to their optimal condition. The OneDios app simplifies the process with a user-friendly interface for iOS and Android devices. Users can easily register appliances, track warranty status, schedule service requests, and access repair history. The app also sends timely reminders for maintenance and warranty renewals, ensuring that you never miss a deadline.

OneDios has become the number one trusted brand for home appliances, providing excellent quality and satisfaction to its customers. Customers can book a service in 60 seconds with OneDios of any major brand, which solves customers’ problems immediately without contacting the customer care service of multiple brands. You can buy brand-authorised Annual Maintenance Contracts (AMCs), Service plans, and Extended Warranties on OneDios to provide your appliances and products with 360-degree protection. 

Don’t let appliance malfunctions disrupt your life; choose a trustworthy service provider to get the job done efficiently and effectively. Your appliances and peace of mind will thank you for it.

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Tips to Increase the Lifespan of your RO

Safe and clean water to drink and cook is one of the essential things in life. Drinking clean and pure water is only possible if you have a water purifying system at home. Purification is best done through RO (Reverse Osmosis). A good quality RO purifier can easily last more than ten years. Unbelievable. With proper maintenance and care, water purifiers can last longer and also provide clean and safe drinking water.

If your RO service is due, download the “OneDios” app and generate an RO service request in a few clicks.  You can also buy the extended warranty and AMCs for all RO brands like KentBlue StarHavells AO SMITH RO, LIVPURE RO, AQUA FRESH RO, EUREKA FORBES RO, etc. 

The reverse osmosis (RO) system uses a multi-stage filtration process to remove different types of contaminants from water. It requires periodic maintenance to ensure the RO system continues to remove dissolved solids and that water quality remains high. Well, here are some ways by which you can improve the lifespan of your RO purifier.

  • Replace the filters regularly.

RO systems have a carbon pre-filter, a RO membrane, and a post-filter. Changing these filters on time is very important as impurities from water clog the filters after a while. Unclean filters affect the quality of water you use to drink and cook.

  • The carbon filter needs to be changed yearly as it filters chlorine and other dangerous contaminants and affects the water’s taste and odor.
  • The RO membrane is the heart of the RO system. The RO membrane must be changed every 3-4 months to prevent clogging of pores. It separates the contaminants from the water molecules. The filters protect the RO membrane.  A TDS meter can help you check if your RO membrane is functioning correctly. 
  • The sediment filter needs to be changed at least once a year. Maintaining your sediment filter helps keep out sediment, dirt, and slit. It protects dirt from getting to the RO membranes.
  • The postfilter polishes the water as it leaves the storage tank to the tap. It can be changed annually. It receives good RO water from the storage tank.

To get the filters replaced on time, download the OneDios app now. OneDios also helps you to keep track of your previous RO service details, the next RO service due date, and parts replaced. 

  • Keep a check on drips and leakages.

Drips and leakages by your RO purifier are not to be neglected. Leakages can lead to significant problems if left unattended. Please get the help of a professional to know the cause of the leakage and have it repaired. You can also download the Onedios app for RO service or an extended warranty or find out about AMC with just one click.

  • Drain the RO water tank

RO storage tank should be drained monthly. Draining allows the RO system to renew the water in the tank completely. When you only use a little water, the system only refills the top portion of the tank. Draining the tank periodically is essential to maintain water quality, freshness and taste.

  • Sanitize the RO water tank

Sanitizing is not required as often as draining, but it is recommended to do so yearly. Preferably, the tank’s sanitization and pipe cleaning should be done along with replacing RO membranes. It is required as all tanks grow slime after a while. If you think your RO water purifier isn’t working correctly or want to schedule a routine check-up or cleaning, download the OneDios app and book your RO service in 6 clicks. 

  • Regular cleaning should be done.

Generally, you should clean your RO purifier system at least every two months to prevent the accumulation of minerals, dirt, and other contaminants. It’s best to follow the recommendations for cleaning in your RO users’ manual. Avoid using harsh cleaning products on your RO system and gently wipe it. Keep its outer also free from dirt and dust.

For regular cleaning and service of your RO purifier, download the OneDios app and book your RO service in a few seconds.

  • Annual Maintenance Contract (AMC)

AMCs make the task of maintaining RO water purifiers relatively easy and convenient. The quality of the water in your home plays an integral role in ensuring the safety of you and your loved ones. Download the OneDios app to find out about AMC of all leading RO brands like KentBlue StarHavells AO SMITH RO, LIVPURE RO, AQUA FRESH RO, EUREKA FORBES RO, etc.

We often forget or avoid doing essential things like cleaning the RO regularly or leaving the drips and leakages as it is. Following these simple tips to maintain your RO purifier system will keep it in great shape and extend its lifespan. Please remember that if you want to get your RO service done, raise an RO service request with Onedios. You won’t need to call various people or search for phone numbers. OneDios provides an end-to-end solution for all your RO service and repair-related issues. OneDios also helps you to keep track of your previous RO service details and parts replaced. Download the OneDios app today. OneDios now covers over 1350 cities in India.