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Never Forget a Service Date Again: Set Reminders with OneDios

Our busy lifestyles and hectic work-life schedules make our lives disorganised as we fail to do things like return a call or miss a service appointment. Keeping track of service dates for your appliances and devices can be a challenging task. With multiple service requirements, it’s easy to forget important maintenance and warranty renewal dates. A practical solution to this problem would be setting timers or alarms or noting them in the calendar. But how often will you look at the calendar, or how many alarms will you keep? It seems unreasonable and impractical.

However, OneDios comes to the rescue with its convenient reminder feature. This blog will explore how OneDios allows you to set reminders for service dates, ensuring you never miss a necessary appointment again.

  1. A Comprehensive Reminder Solution: OneDios offers a comprehensive reminder solution that helps you stay on top of your appliance service dates. Whether filter replacements, annual maintenance contract renewals, or warranty expirations, OneDios ensures you receive timely reminders for all your appliances and devices. OneDios app means you have peace of mind knowing you will never forget a service date again. This feature saves you the hassle of manually tracking multiple service dates and allows you to focus on other essential tasks.
  2. Tailored to Your Needs: OneDios understands that every appliance has specific service requirements. That’s why its reminder feature is highly customisable. You can set reminders based on your appliances’ unique service intervals and warranty periods. For example, if your air conditioner requires filter replacements every three months, you can set a reminder accordingly. If your refrigerator has an annual maintenance contract that needs to be renewed, you can also set a reminder. OneDios allows you to personalise the reminders to match the service needs of each appliance, ensuring that you receive the right notifications at the right time.
  3. Timely Notifications: OneDios sends notifications directly to your preferred communication channels, ensuring you receive timely reminders for your service dates. You can receive reminders via email, SMS, or the OneDios app. These notifications prompt you to schedule service appointments, renew warranties, or take necessary maintenance actions. You can proactively manage your appliance services by receiving gentle but firm timely notifications, avoiding last-minute rushes and preventing any potential issues due to missed service dates.
  4. Collaboration with Leading Brands: OneDios collaborates with a wide range of leading appliance brands like Samsung, Voltas, Daikin, LG, Hitachi, Bluestar, etc., further enhancing the reliability and convenience of their services. These collaborations ensure you receive authorised service and genuine appliance spare parts. By leveraging the expertise and quality of these trusted brands, OneDios offers a seamless service experience, providing you with peace of mind and the assurance that your appliances are in safe hands.
  5. Additional Services and Benefits: Apart from the reminder feature, OneDios offers many services and benefits that complement its service management platform. These include warranty tracking, maintenance scheduling, repair assistance, and extended warranties. You can streamline the entire process of managing your appliance services and ensure their optimal performance by utilising these services within one minute. OneDios simplifies the journey, from tracking warranty periods to scheduling service appointments and providing access to authorised technicians for repairs or replacements.
  6. Easy Booking and Cancellation: With the OneDios app, the bookings and cancellations of service appointments have become quicker and more straightforward. You don’t need to call and wait on busy IVR lines. You can open the app and follow the instructions to book or cancel the service appointment within seconds.
  7. Available Anytime, Anywhere: Impatience is growing, and people want instant access to all information in the world. The OneDios app satisfies the need for constant availability. It operates 24*7, and you can access it by phone, laptop, or tablet, or you visit the OneDios website and make an appointment. Online booking and OneDios’s user-friendly interface make scheduling service appointments at their fingertips easy. OneDios keeps it simple for brands and their customers.


With OneDios’s reminder feature, you can say goodbye to the stress of forgetting important appliance service dates. The OneDios app is about improving customers’ appointment experience. Its comprehensive and customisable solution ensures you receive timely notifications for filter replacements, contract renewals, and warranty expirations. The collaboration between OneDios and renowned brands further enhances the reliability and convenience of its services. It’s about delivering the best service possible to appliances in need, giving customers an environment to feel truly comfortable. 

The OneDios app is a one-stop shop for all your service, complaints, repair, and extended warranty requests. You can buy brand-authorized Annual Maintenance Contracts (AMCs), Service plans, and Extended Warranties on OneDios to provide your appliances and products with 360-degree protection. OneDios has multiple options and plans on the platform for OEMs and other service providers for easy comparison. You can buy your next extended warranty on OneDios here. 

OneDios aims to transform the customer service experience for end customers.  This vision cuts across all products and the services they avail of. You can buy your AMC on OneDios here. You can also download the OneDios app or visit the OneDios website to buy a maintenance contract. By leveraging the power of reminders, you can proactively manage your appliance services, ensuring their longevity and optimal performance. Embrace OneDios and set reminders never to miss a service date again. Enjoy the peace of mind that comes with a well-managed appliance service journey.


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