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How to Select the Ideal Microwave

Microwaves have become an indispensable appliance in modern kitchens, offering convenience and efficiency for cooking and reheating meals. You must choose the best microwave for your home, family, and budget, whether upgrading from an older model, moving, or remodelling your kitchen. With a wide range of options, choosing the ideal microwave for your home can be daunting. How you use and care for your microwave can significantly affect its longevity. The average microwave oven lasts 5-10 years with regular use and even less with extensive use and poor maintenance. If you feel your microwave service is due, download the “OneDios” app and generate a service request in a few clicks. You can also buy the extended warranty and AMCs for all microwave brands like Bosch, LG, Voltas, etc.

This blog will provide a comprehensive guide to help you make an informed decision in choosing the ideal microwave for your home. 

  • Consider Your Cooking Needs
  1. a) Cooking Capacity: Assess the size of your family and the typical amount of food you need to cook or heat. Microwaves come in various sizes, from compact models suitable for individuals or small families to larger ones for larger households or those who entertain frequently.
  2. b) Cooking Functions: Determine the cooking functions you require. Basic microwaves offer standard features like defrosting and reheating, while advanced models offer convection, grilling, and combination cooking options.
  • Understanding Power Levels and Wattage  
  1. a) Power Levels: Microwaves typically have multiple power levels to adjust the cooking intensity. Consider whether you need precise control over power levels or if standard settings are sufficient for your cooking requirements.
  2. b) Wattage indicates cooking power, with most models ranging from 500-1200 watts. The higher the wattage, the more quickly it cooks food. Higher-wattage microwaves generally offer faster and more efficient cooking. However, they may consume more electricity. Assess your cooking needs and balance wattage with energy efficiency to find the ideal microwave for your home.
  • Evaluating Size and Design  
  1. a) External Dimensions: Measure the available space in your kitchen to ensure the microwave fits comfortably. Consider factors like depth, width, and height, accounting for clearance requirements and ventilation needs.
  2. b) Internal Capacity: Assess the internal capacity of the microwave, considering the types and sizes of dishes you commonly use. Look for features like turntables or racks that can maximise the usable space.
  3. c) Design and Aesthetics: Choose a design that complements your kitchen decor. Microwaves come in various finishes, such as stainless steel, black, or white.

Consider features like touch controls, LED displays, and child lock options based on your preferences and requirements.

OneDios app is a one-stop shop for all your microwave service, complaints, repair, and extended warranty requests. Contact us today to learn how we can help!

  • Type of Microwave

The next step in purchasing a microwave is determining which kind is best for the family after choosing the size. Consider how significantly microwave installation options and styles have changed over time.

  1. a) Countertop microwaves: These microwaves are easy to move and install –place them on your counter and plug them into a regular power outlet. Countertop microwaves can be economical, and they come in various sizes.
  2. b) Over-the-range microwaves: These microwaves are a terrific alternative for saving counter space because they replace the range hood on your stove by combining two appliances.
  3. c) Built-in microwaves: Like wall ovens, built-in microwaves are typically mounted against a wall or between cabinets. Built-in microwaves are a great way to free up room on your countertop, and come in various shapes, sizes, and power levels. However, they need professional installation, which you should keep in mind when purchasing a microwave.

If you think your microwave isn’t working correctly or want to schedule a routine check-up or cleaning, download the OneDios app and book your microwave service in 6 clicks. 

  • Features and Technology  

Consider the features you require, such as pre-programmed settings, convection choices, or smart technologies, after choosing a microwave style that complements your kitchen. 

  1. a) Sensor Cooking: Microwaves with sensor cooking technology can detect food’s moisture and temperature levels, automatically adjusting cooking times and power levels for optimal results.
  2. b) Pre-programmed Settings: Look for microwaves with pre-programmed settings for popular dishes, allowing you to cook or reheat specific foods with a button.
  3. c) Defrosting Options: Consider microwaves with specific defrosting functions, ensuring even thawing of frozen food without cooking it.
  4. d) Child lock menu: Ensure the safety of children at home. Buy a microwave that gives a child lock option. 
  5. e) Auto-cook menu: Select the type of dish and automatically set the cooking time.
  6. f) Smart technology: Microwaves with smart technology let you monitor cooking from your smartphone or other connected devices, helping you keep an eye on dinner from anywhere in the house.
  7. g) Extended Warranty: Many extended warranty plans for microwaves providing coverage against unexpected breakdowns and repairs are available. Their comprehensive support ensures you can enjoy your microwave without worrying about technical issues. You can also download theOneDios appfor microwave service or an extended warranty or find out about AMC with just one click.
  • Cost and Warranty

A microwave is a long-term investment, so choose a dependable and durable brand suiting your budget. Many microwaves do their jobs efficiently and add to the kitchen look. New microwaves are very stylish and offer various designs. 

It is crucial to select microwaves from brands that offer a warranty allowing you to repair or replace the microwave or its parts in case of any fault or breakdown. More extended periods of warranty showcase the brand’s trust in its product. Warranty coverage for most microwaves is 1-2 years. Choose a microwave with the most extended warranty. By uploading a picture, you can now use the OneDios app to register your product and digitally keep all your documents, like invoices and warranty cards.

To ensure a hassle-free ownership experience, you can buy the extended warranty and AMCs for your microwave from OneDios to provide your product with 360 degrees of protection. OneDios sells brand-authorized service packages at best-in-market prices. Download the OneDios app to learn about AMC of all leading microwave brands like Bosch, LG, Voltas, etc.

  • Customer Service 

With a microwave, service quality is of the utmost significance. To learn more about the microwave brand, enquire with your friends and family and check reviews online. Ensure availability of customer service centres and cost of parts that must be replaced yearly. AMCs make the task of maintaining microwaves relatively easy and convenient. So, check the price of the microwave’s AMC plan and what is covered. If you feel your microwave service is due, download the “OneDios” app and generate a service request in a few clicks. You can also buy the extended warranty and AMCs for all microwave brands like LG, Voltas, Panasonic, IFB, Samsung etc.

OneDios customer service professionals can guide microwave installation, usage, troubleshooting, and maintenance. Their expert advice ensures that you get the most out of your microwave. OneDios can offer tips and reminders for proper maintenance and care of your microwave. Regular cleaning and maintenance are crucial for optimal performance and longevity. If there are technical issues or concerns with your microwave, OneDios’ customer service team is readily available to address and resolve them efficiently.

This information will help you decide to buy a suitable microwave. Choosing the ideal microwave for your home requires careful consideration of your cooking needs, size, and desired features. You can make an informed decision by assessing wattage, capacity, design, and technological advancements. With OneDios extended warranty plans and customer service, you can enjoy peace of mind, knowing your microwave is protected and supported. Invest in the perfect microwave for your home, and let OneDios enhance your ownership experience with their comprehensive support. 

Designed to create the ultimate user convenience, OneDios is pioneering the edge of customer service in every possible way. At OneDios, we help you take care of all your home appliances. OneDios has a dedicated service centre, one of the most vital points that make it stand out in the industry. At OneDios, you can also schedule the next microwave service in advance. OneDios now covers over 1350+ cities in India.

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Most Common Water Purifier Problems and Their Solutions

In today’s world, everyone understands the need to stay hydrated. What is equally important is the quality of water that you consume. The availability of clean, safe drinking water is shrinking due to the rapid pace of urbanisation everywhere. An RO water purifier hence becomes the need of the hour to provide you with safe and clean drinking water constantly. The maintenance and proper servicing of RO water purifiers are necessary for your health and the long life of your RO purifier. If your water purifier service is due, download the “OneDios” app and generate an RO service request in a few clicks.  You can also buy the extended warranty and AMCs for all water purifier brands like Kent, Blue Star, Havells, AO SMITH RO, LIVPURE RO, AQUA FRESH RO, EUREKA FORBES RO, etc. 

However, several common problems do appear in RO water purifiers. These issues can disrupt the purification process and compromise water quality, whether it’s a clogged filter, leaking pipes, or malfunctioning parts. Fortunately, solutions are available to address these problems and ensure the smooth functioning of your water purifier.

Here are a few of the most common water purifier problems and their solutions for quick and easy maintenance.


  • Clogged Filters 


Clogged filters are one of the most common problems encountered in water purifiers. Over time, sediments, dirt, and impurities accumulate in the filters, reducing water flow and compromising purification. Regular maintenance and cleaning of the filters are necessary to prevent clogging. OneDios provides a convenient solution by offering scheduled maintenance services for water purifiers. With their network of authorised service providers, they ensure that trained professionals clean and replace filters as required, ensuring optimal performance and water quality.


  • Leaking Pipes 


Leakage is another prevalent problem in water purifiers, often caused by loose connections, worn-out seals, or faulty valves. The faulty connection must be refitted appropriately or occasionally replaced to fix this. The O ring may need to be replaced if the leak is in the membrane. Getting professional assistance is a good idea if you discover any water leakage in your RO water purifier. If left unattended, leaking pipes can lead to water wastage and potential damage to the surrounding area. OneDios can be instrumental in addressing this issue through its regular service plans. By scheduling periodic visits from authorised technicians, they can promptly identify and rectify any leaks, ensuring that your water purifier functions efficiently and prevents unnecessary water loss.


  • Foul Odour or Bad Taste of Water


A bad taste or odour is not present in the RO water purifier. However, when consuming RO water, you can still detect a change in taste or smell. Chlorine is the most frequent cause of poor taste and smell. If the filters are not adequately filtering the water, this may happen. To prevent this, filters need to be changed every 12 months. To get the filters replaced on time, download the OneDios app now. OneDios also helps you track your previous RO service details, next RO service due date and parts replaced. 

If the purified water is kept in the storage tank for a long time without being used, it may also begin to smell. Ensure that the water is not left unused in the storage tank for more than two days and that the tank is cleaned thoroughly during filter replacement. Download the OneDios app and book your water purifier service in 6 clicks. 


  • Unusual Noises


The most common source of vibrations and noise in any water purifier is the RO pump. The air being pushed out of the system causes a weird noise from your water purifier’s faucet, especially after replacing the filters and membrane. If the noise persists after changing the filter, see a professional to ensure the tubing is appropriately placed. If the water tank’s valve is not correctly closed, noise may occur. If you think your water purifier isn’t working correctly or want to schedule a routine check-up or cleaning, download the OneDios app and book your water purifier service in 6 clicks. 


  • Low Water Flow 


Decreased water flow from the water purifier can be frustrating, as it prolongs the time to fill containers or glasses. It may occur due to several reasons, such as clogged filters, improper installation, or issues with the water pressure. OneDios, with its expertise in appliance servicing, can troubleshoot the root cause of the low water flow and provide appropriate solutions. Our trained technicians can diagnose the problem and take necessary actions, such as filter replacement, pipe cleaning, or adjusting the pressure settings, to restore the water purifier’s flow rate effectively.


  • Malfunctioning Components


Water purifiers have various components, including motors, pumps, valves, and electronic circuitry, which can develop faults over time. These issues can disrupt the purifying process or cause the appliance to stop functioning altogether. If your water purifier is experiencing component-related problems, OneDios’ extended warranty service can be highly beneficial. By extending the manufacturer’s warranty, OneDios provides coverage against unexpected breakdowns and malfunctions, ensuring that repairs or component replacements are carried out promptly and without a significant financial burden on the consumer.

Clean, safe drinking water is one of the most vital requirements to remain healthy. Water purifiers are necessary for maintaining a healthy lifestyle, but they can encounter problems that hinder their performance. To ensure the health & safety of your family and to keep your RO purifier running in good condition for longer, you must take excellent care of your RO purifier. Regular maintenance, timely repairs, and efficient resolution of issues are essential for ensuring the longevity and reliability of these devices. With OneDios, a platform offering regular service and extended warranty, you can effectively address common water purifier problems.

By availing of OneDios services, you can benefit from scheduled maintenance visits, prompt resolution of clogged filters, identification and repair of leaking pipes, troubleshooting low water flow issues, and efficient handling of malfunctioning components. These services ensure your water purifier functions optimally, providing clean and safe drinking water for years. Please remember that if you want to complete your RO service, raise an RO service request with OneDios. You won’t need to call various people or search for phone numbers. OneDios provides an end-to-end solution for all your RO service and repair-related issues. OneDios also helps you track your previous RO service details and replaced parts. Download the OneDios app today. OneDios now covers over 1350 cities in India.

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Best Home Appliances to Host Memorable BBQs

As the summer season arrives, it’s time to dust off the grill and prepare for memorable backyard BBQ gatherings. A cold beverage, the delicious smell of food cooking on the barbecue, and the tranquil bird sounds all add to the summertime magic. Investing in the right home appliances can make a significant difference in elevating your hosting game. There are a wide variety of outdoor kitchen appliances available to help save you valuable time and eat healthier. The maintenance and care of appliances are very straightforward; however, if you feel that your appliance service is due, download the “OneDios” app and generate a service request in a few clicks. 

Let’s look at some of the best appliances you can get to create the ultimate BBQ experience. 

  1. Grills: The Heart of BBQ Parties 

Gas grills offer quick and convenient grilling, allowing you to control the heat precisely. Look for grills with multiple burners, side burners, and a warming rack for versatility and efficiency during BBQ parties. Invest in a premium gas grill built to last, looks nice, requires minimal maintenance and functions more reliably. Stainless steel construction and sturdy components ensure longevity, while removable drip trays and easy-to-clean grates make post-BBQ clean-up a breeze.

OneDios provides extended warranty plans for gas grills, covering unexpected breakdowns and repairs. Our comprehensive coverage ensures you enjoy BBQs without worrying about unforeseen technical issues.

  1. Outdoor Refrigerators: Keep Refreshments Cool 

An outdoor refrigerator is a must-have appliance for any BBQ enthusiast. It provides ample space to keep beverages, condiments, marinated meats, and other perishable items easily accessible during gatherings. Outdoor kitchen refrigerators are specially designed with weatherproof exteriors, electronics, and thicker insulation to ensure longevity and optimal performance. 

OneDios offers exceptional customer service, assisting with any queries or concerns about your outdoor refrigerator. Our knowledgeable professionals can guide you on installation, maintenance, and troubleshooting, ensuring a hassle-free experience.

  1. Portable Ice Makers: Never Run Out of Ice 

Portable ice makers are perfect for keeping your guests’ drinks cool without the hassle of constantly refilling ice trays. These compact appliances can produce ice in minutes, ensuring a steady supply throughout your BBQ event. Look for ice makers that are lightweight and easy to transport. This allows you to set up a refreshment station anywhere on the patio, near the grill, or by the poolside. 

With OneDios extended warranty plans, you can protect your portable ice maker against unexpected malfunctions or defects. Our coverage ensures peace of mind while enjoying ice-cold beverages at your BBQ parties.

  1. Outdoor Kitchen Oven: To Bake, Broil or Roast

The outdoor oven has lots of uses. You can make pizzas, bread, meat, vegetables and desserts. Outdoor ovens can cook at higher temperatures than indoor ovens. They probably run on propane, gas or electricity and are typically made with stainless steel. Outdoor ovens let you cook fresh homemade pizza in just a few minutes. OneDios app is a one-stop shop for all kitchen oven service or AMC-related issues and queries without calling various people or seeking phone numbers.

  1. Warming Drawers: To keep food hot

Pull-out warming drawers are perfect for keeping food cooked at the right temperature until it’s ready to be served. Warming drawers are also ideal for keeping food nice and warm for friends or family arriving after your BBQ has started. For repairs, maintenance requests and warranty extensions of any of your brand’s appliances, you can log on to OneDios here.

  1. Outdoor Speakers: Set the Mood with Music 

When choosing outdoor speakers, prioritise weather resistance. Look for models with durable construction, corrosion-resistant materials, and an IPX rating to withstand rain, sun exposure, and other outdoor elements. Opt for speakers with wireless connectivity options like Bluetooth or Wi-Fi. This lets you stream music wirelessly from your smartphone or other devices, providing a seamless audio experience during BBQ gatherings. 

OneDios dedicated customer service team can assist you with any concerns or technical issues regarding your outdoor speakers. Our support ensures that your music system remains in optimal condition, adding a touch of ambience to your BBQ parties.

  1. Dishwasher and Sink

An outdoor dishwasher not only does most of the work, but it’s also a great time-saver. Dirty pots, bowls, grilling tools, dining plates and utensils, and glasses can be washed there. Most outdoor appliances, like a dishwasher, can be left covered outside during the winter after completing a few easy maintenance tasks. You can request dishwasher repair and maintenance with OneDios to promptly and efficiently resolve your dishwasher issue.

Having a faucet and sink in your outdoor kitchen allows you to keep up with washing dirty pots, pans, dishes, utensils, and glasses while waiting for things to finish cooking.


Outdoor kitchen appliances maximise functionality and save you time when meals are prepared. Hosting memorable BBQs is made easier with the right home appliances. These appliances enhance the overall experience for you and your guests. OneDios, with its extended warranty plans and customer service, provides the necessary support to ensure that your appliances perform flawlessly during these gatherings. By investing in high-quality appliances and availing yourself of the services offered by OneDios, you can create unforgettable BBQ parties while enjoying peace of mind and a stress-free entertaining experience.

OneDios has become the number one trusted brand for home appliances, providing excellent quality and satisfaction to its customers. Whether you own a water purifier, refrigerator, or more, you can buy extended warranties on numerous electronic appliances exclusively at OneDios. If you want to book the service of any brand appliance, then download the OneDios app, choose the type of service, and you will receive a call from the customer service executive. It’s hard to believe but true that OneDios initiates a connection with the customer service of electronic brands such as Panasonic, Daikin, LG, Godrej, Samsung, Sony, Bajaj, Voltas and so on within a minute.

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Why Choose Authorised Service Centres for Car Servicing?

We all want the best possible service when it comes to maintaining our vehicles. After all, our cars are not just modes of transportation; they are an essential part of our daily lives. One of the most important aspects of owning a vehicle is scheduling routine maintenance. A car operates efficiently with the help of regular maintenance and servicing. For many people, maintaining a car is a costly affair. However, one may keep their car operating well by servicing it regularly at an authorised service station and workshop. Regular auto maintenance and service can prevent costly future breakdowns. That’s why choosing the right service provider is essential to ensure our cars are maintained in the best possible condition. Where to get your car serviced? At a local mechanic or authorised service centre is a dilemma faced by almost all car owners. One of the best ways to ensure this is by opting for authorised service of automobiles. OneDios allows customers to book car service in 60 seconds or raise a complaint. It eliminates the need to contact customers of different brands, such as Honda customer care, Mahindra customer care, Toyota customer care, Maruti customer care, etc., in case of a breakdown.

What is the authorised service of automobiles? Authorised service of cars is provided by the manufacturer’s service centre or authorised dealer. These centres are equipped with state-of-the-art equipment, tools and trained technicians who have a deep understanding of the specific make and model of the car. They use genuine parts, lubricants and accessories per the manufacturer’s specifications, ensuring the vehicle is serviced according to the manufacturer’s standards.


  • Customer Service: One of the primary reasons why authorised service of automobiles is essential is the quality of customer service. These service centres employ trained technicians who are well-versed in the specific make and model of the car. They are equipped with the latest tools and technology to diagnose and fix any issues with the vehicle. In addition, authorised service centres provide timely and efficient service to their customers, ensuring that the car is back on the road in no time. While looking for quick and efficient ways to contact customer service, you can book the service on OneDios here.  


In contrast, non-authorised service centres often lack the technical expertise and equipment to service cars to the manufacturer’s standards. They may use sub-standard parts, which can cause further damage to the vehicle. In addition, they may not have the necessary skills to diagnose and fix complex issues with the car. As a result, the vehicle may spend more time in the workshop, and the customer may spend more on repairs.

  • Original Spare Parts: Another critical aspect of authorised service of automobiles is the use of original spare parts. Genuine parts are manufactured by the same company that made the car, ensuring that they are of the highest quality and are compatible with the specific make and model of the vehicle. These parts are designed to meet the manufacturer’s specifications, ensuring the car operates optimally.

Non-authorised service centres often use counterfeit or sub-standard parts that are incompatible with the car’s specific make and model. These parts can cause damage to the vehicle and may even compromise the safety of the passengers. In addition, non-genuine parts may void the manufacturer’s warranty, resulting in costly repairs.


  • Warranty Issue: If your car is under warranty, you must go to an authorised service centre without having a second thought. Taking your appliance to an authorised service centre is the best option if it is still under warranty. The manufacturer will cover the cost of repairs, and you will not have to pay anything out of pocket. If anything goes wrong, the specialist technicians will fix it. The service is provided by professional technicians using genuine spare parts. 



  • Extended Warranty: Opting for authorised service of automobiles can also have significant benefits in terms of extended warranty. Many manufacturers offer extended car warranty, which covers repairs and maintenance beyond the standard warranty period. However, the car must be serviced at an authorised service centre to avail of the extended warranty. Failure to do so may void the extended warranty, resulting in the customer paying for repairs out of their pocket. You can buy an extended warranty instantly in a seamless and paperless online transaction before your standard warranty expiration with OneDios.  

In conclusion, opting for authorised service of automobiles is essential for maintaining the optimal condition of the car. It ensures the vehicle is serviced according to the manufacturer’s standards, using genuine parts and lubricants. Regular car servicing ensures fewer car troubles, increased efficiency, good resale value, and road safety with lesser odds of causing road accidents, lesser chances of breakdown and peace of mind as you are assured that the car and all parts are in good condition.

OneDios – The Best Solution for Authorised Service of Automobiles OneDios is a platform that connects customers with authorised service centres of various automobile manufacturers nationwide. It provides a seamless experience for customers to book and manage their service requirements. OneDios offers services for different automobile brands, including Maruti Suzuki, Hyundai, Honda, Tata Motors, Toyota, Mahindra, etc. With OneDios, customers can book a service, track their vehicle’s service status, get reminders for upcoming services, and access other value-added services. 

OneDios has a team of trained professionals who are always ready to help you with any issues. They also offer a hassle-free service, where they take care of everything from pickup to delivery. Another advantage of OneDios is that they only work with authorised service centres. This ensures that your automobile will be repaired by trained technicians using genuine parts. You can raise a service request in a few clicks without calling various people or searching for phone numbers. OneDios app is a one-stop shop for all your service, complaints, repair, and extended warranty requests. OneDios provides the solution of uploading invoices, warranty cards, receipts, and appliance documents on the app. One Dios will also help keep track of your previous services, and you can fix your home appliances and automobile’s next service in advance. OneDios now also covers over 1350 postcodes in India.

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The Power of Extended Warranties: Why They’re Good for You and Your Appliances

When purchasing new appliances, we often consider their features, performance, and price. Since buying appliances is expensive, we prefer to gain the most value possible from our deals. We want to avoid paying for costly repairs or replacements if an unexpected breakdown or malfunction occurs. Most new appliances are guaranteed, but if you want to maintain the appliance for longer, consider extending the warranty. An extended warranty for appliances might be helpful in this case. While standard warranties offer a limited coverage period, extended warranties provide additional protection and peace of mind. You can buy an extended warranty instantly in a seamless and paperless online transaction before your standard warranty expiration with OneDios.  

In this blog post, we will explore the benefits of extended warranties and how they can benefit you and your appliances. 

  1. Extended Coverage and Peace of Mind 

One of the primary advantages of extended warranties is their extended coverage beyond the manufacturer’s warranty period. Standard warranties usually last for a limited time, leaving you vulnerable to unexpected breakdowns and repair costs after the warranty expires. Extended warranties provide additional protection, covering repairs or replacements for extended periods. This extended coverage ensures that you can continue to use your appliances without worrying about unexpected expenses in case of malfunctions or breakdowns.

OneDios, in collaboration with brands like Voltas, Blue Star, and Daikin, offers extended warranty services. By availing OneDios’ comprehensive plans, you can extend the warranty coverage for your appliances, providing you with peace of mind and protection against unforeseen repair costs.

  1. Cost Savings and Value 

Appliance repairs can often be expensive, especially when they involve significant parts or complex issues. Extended warranties help you reduce these costs by covering the expenses of repairs or replacements. Investing in an extended warranty ensures that the associated charges will be handled if your appliance malfunctions or encounters any issues within the warranty period. This saves you from potentially hefty repair bills and allows you to maximise the value of your investment.

OneDios, as a trusted service provider, offers extended warranties with coverage for various brands. By opting for their extended warranty services, you can safeguard your appliances against unexpected breakdowns, repairs, and associated costs, thus ensuring cost savings and value for your investment. By providing timely and unlimited maintenance, the warranty protects the appliances and gives them a long service life, making them live the expected duration and beyond.

  1. Convenience and Timely Service 

Dealing with appliance breakdowns or malfunctions can be inconvenient and disruptive to your daily routine. Extended warranties often come with additional services, such as prompt service requests and quick resolution of issues. This ensures you receive timely assistance and minimise any inconveniences caused by appliance failures.

OneDios understands the importance of convenience and timely service. Our platform offers a hassle-free service experience, allowing you to schedule service requests and track the progress online. Our network of authorised service providers ensures that your appliances receive prompt attention and expert care whenever issues arise. By availing OneDios’ extended warranty services, you can experience the convenience of efficient service and timely resolution of problems.

  1. Quality Repairs and Genuine Parts 

When repairing appliances, the quality of repairs and the use of genuine parts are vital considerations. Extended warranties often ensure that authorised service centres perform repairs using genuine parts, preserving the integrity and performance of your appliances. This helps maintain the reliability and efficiency of your appliances, ensuring their longevity and optimal functionality.

OneDios, in partnership with renowned brands like Voltas, Blue Star, and Daikin, guarantee quality repairs and the use of genuine parts. Their network of authorised service centres and technicians is trained to handle repairs for specific brands, ensuring that your appliances receive the best possible care. By availing OneDios’ extended warranty services, you can have peace of mind knowing that your appliances are in the hands of qualified professionals using authentic parts.

Extended warranties offer numerous benefits, including extended coverage, cost savings, convenience, and the assurance of quality repairs. Major home appliances with extended warranties can help cover unforeseen repairs, breakdowns, and malfunctions. Buying an extended warranty is wise if you have expensive, long-lasting older appliances or know you can’t afford extensive repairs or replacement charges. With OneDios’ comprehensive services, you can take full advantage of extended warranties and protect your appliances from unexpected breakdowns and repair costs. Brands like Voltas, Blue Star, and Daikin, in collaboration with OneDios, allow customers to extend warranty coverage for their appliances, ensuring peace of mind and optimal performance.

With OneDios, you can rest assured that your appliances are in good hands, receiving the best care and support to keep them running smoothly for years. There is a one-stop solution for all your queries, damage protection plans, purchasing an extended warranty, AC extended warranty, Refrigerator extended warranty, and many more extended warranty services, and that is OneDios. We help people buy extended warranties online. It gives multiple plans and options to all and with competitive prices. Since this happens online, it is more convenient and hassle-free. Paperless online transactions make this process seamless. The process is also quicker than the offline process.

We aim to transform the customer service experience for end customers. This vision cuts across all products and the services they avail of. You can buy your AMC on OneDios here. You can also download the OneDios app or visit to purchase an annual appliance maintenance contract.

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How to Select the Ideal Television for Your Home?

In today’s technology-driven world, television has become a central part of our homes, providing entertainment, information, and connectivity. With myriad options in the market, selecting the ideal TV for your home can be daunting. The average lifespan of a TV is 10 years, even if you always leave it on. When you spend a hefty amount for a Smart TV, it is natural that you want it to last long and perform well during its lifespan. LED TVs provide the brightest and most beautiful pictures and are a high-cost investment that no one wants to replace in a few years. In the unfortunate case of a TV breakdown, you can use the OneDios TV repair service team to get it repaired.

The following factors, such as size, display type, smart features, price, screen resolution and audio capabilities, must be considered when choosing the ideal TV for your home.

  • Screen Size – The size of your TV plays a crucial role in your viewing experience. The essential factor in choosing a primary or high-performance TV is screen size. Consider where you plan to place your new set and how many family members typically watch at once. Then, based on your budget, choose the largest screen size that will fit in that space comfortably. Screen size also depends on how close you sit to the TV. Use the viewing distance and TV size guidelines to determine the appropriate screen size that provides an immersive experience without causing eye strain.
  • Display Technologies – Various display technologies are available, each offering distinct features and advantages. LCD/LED TVs are the most widely used TV screen technology. It makes the TV slimmer and provides vibrant colours, a brighter viewing experience, and energy efficiency. If you are looking forward to buying an Extended Warranty plan for your LED TV or LCD TV, download the OneDios app and put in a request today.

OLED is the most expensive type of television, using individual organic pixels that emit light when an electric current passes through it. OLED TVs offer deeper blacks and wider viewing angles. 

QLED TVs combine quantum dot technology with LED backlighting for enhanced colour accuracy. These are said to be better than LED-LCD screens and comes close to OLED screen in terms of performance. Understanding these technologies will help you make an informed decision based on your preferences and budget.

  • Smart Features – Smart TVs are made smart by internet connectivity and app access. They have built-in apps that allow the TV to use its internet and fetch content. Smart TVs have become increasingly popular, offering a range of features such as streaming apps, voice control, and screen mirroring. Consider the availability of your preferred streaming services and the user interface when selecting a smart TV. OneDios can guide you on choosing smart TVs and assists with troubleshooting and software updates to ensure a seamless user experience.
  • Audio – Audio quality is often overlooked but is vital for an immersive viewing experience. Always remember that the higher the wattage, the louder the sound output. Assess the built-in speakers and audio enhancements offered by the TV. If audio is a priority, consider investing in a soundbar or a home theatre system. OneDios assists in setting up and optimising audio systems for your TV.
  • Connectivity and Ports – Ensure the TV has good connectivity options to connect external devices like HDMI, USB, and audio outputs. This lets you connect gaming consoles, sound systems, streaming devices, and other peripherals to enhance your entertainment options. Ensure your TV has a minimum of 4 HDMI ports. OneDios can help you troubleshoot connectivity issues and provide guidance on optimal setups.
  • Screen Resolution: Resolution describes the number of pixels that make up the picture on display. More pixels mean sharper images and finer details, so a higher resolution is always better. The 1920 x 1080 resolution, also called full HD, has been the standard for many years. However, there’s been a rapid shift towards Ultra HD, also called 4K, with four times the pixels of HDTV. Hence, small objects have more detail, images appear richer and more life-like, and text is sharper on screen. Ultra HD video looks great, and there is more and more content to enjoy. For any query regarding brightness levels or screen resolution, please call experts at OneDios.
  • Regular Servicing and Maintenance – Regular servicing is essential for maintaining the performance and longevity of your TV. Always choose a brand with top-notch customer service. The installation and after-sale service should always be excellent. as it builds the company’s name and builds trust.  Read customer reviews because they can help in brand differentiation. Television maintenance is comparatively simple and convenient, thanks to AMCs. Check the cost of the AMC plan for the television as well as the plan’s coverage details. Therefore, buy a reliable brand. OneDios app makes it simple for the consumer to avail of the post-sales services without difficulties. 

OneDios offers professional TV servicing and maintenance, including cleaning, software updates, and calibration. These services optimise picture quality, prevent potential issues, and extend the lifespan of your TV.

  • Budget and Extended Warranty Coverage – Different brands charge different prices for their television models based on screen size, resolution, display technologies and smart features. Television is a long-term investment, so choose a reliable brand suiting your budget and needs. If you are on a tight budget, choose a basic television with enough features to suit your needs.

An extended warranty is crucial for protecting your investment in a TV. It covers repair and replacement costs beyond the manufacturer’s warranty period, safeguarding against unexpected breakdowns. OneDios provides extended warranty plans tailored to your needs, ensuring that you are covered in case of any malfunctions or defects. Choose a television with the most extended warranty. You can now use the OneDios app to register your product and digitally keep all your documents, like invoices and warranty cards, by uploading a picture.

Selecting the ideal TV for your home requires careful consideration of size, display technology, smart features, and audio capabilities. OneDios offers comprehensive services, including professional TV servicing and extended warranty plans, to enhance your TV ownership experience. By leveraging our expertise, you can make an informed decision while ensuring optimal performance and protection for your TV.

Remember, investing in regular servicing and an extended warranty ensures your TV functions at its best. It provides peace of mind and cost-effective solutions for any issues. Choose the perfect TV for your home with the assistance of OneDios’s reliable services, and enjoy a superior entertainment experience for years to come. OneDios also keeps track of your previous TV service and if any part was replaced. At OneDios, you can also schedule the next TV service in advance. You can also buy an extended warranty and AMCs for all TV brands like LG, Philips, Sony, Samsung, Haier, etc.

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Why is OneDios the Ultimate App for managing all your home appliances?

The modern home has appliances that make our lives easier and more comfortable. From refrigerators to air conditioners, washing machines to geysers, these appliances have become an integral part of our daily lives. However, managing these appliances can be a daunting task, especially regarding servicing and repairs. OneDios is an app that promises to simplify managing home appliances. In this blog, we will discuss why OneDios is the ultimate app for managing all your home appliances.

What is OneDios?

OneDios is a comprehensive app that allows you to manage all your home appliances in one place. The app is designed to simplify managing your appliances, from registering them to tracking their maintenance schedules and requesting repairs or services whenever needed. OneDios provides a range of services that cater to all your appliance management needs, making it the ultimate app for managing all your home appliances.
Why is OneDios the ultimate app for managing all your home appliances?

Easy Registration

OneDios allows you to register all your home appliances with just a few taps on your smartphone. You can add all your appliances, including air conditioners, refrigerators, washing machines, geysers, and more, to the app and keep track of their maintenance schedules. This feature makes it easier for you to manage all your appliances in one place.

Maintenance Schedule Tracker

OneDios allows you to keep track of all your appliance maintenance schedules. You can set reminders for when your appliances need servicing, and the app will notify you when it’s time to get them serviced. This feature helps you avoid breakdowns and ensures your appliances are always in good working condition.

Service and Repair Requests

OneDios allows you to request services and repairs for all your appliances. You can request any service or repair that your appliances may need, and the app will connect you with authorized service providers in your area. This feature saves you the hassle of searching for service providers and ensures you get quality service every time.

Maintenance Tips

OneDios provides maintenance tips for all your appliances. The app provides expert advice on how to take care of your appliances and extend their lifespan. This feature helps you avoid costly repairs and replacements and ensures that your appliances remain in good working condition for a long time.

Annual Maintenance Contracts

OneDios offers annual maintenance contracts for all your appliances. You can sign up for an annual maintenance contract for each appliance, and the app will take care of all their servicing needs for the entire year. This feature saves you the hassle of scheduling individual service requests and ensures that your appliances are always in good working condition.

Multi-Brand Support

OneDios supports multiple brands of appliances, making it easier for you to manage all your appliances in one place. You can add appliances from different brands to the app, and it will provide you with customized service and repair options for each brand. This feature ensures you get the best service and support for all your appliances.

Multi-Brand Support

OneDios offers secure payment options for all its services. You can pay for all the services and repairs you request through the app, and it ensures that all your transactions are secure and safe. This feature gives you peace of mind and ensures your financial information is always protected.

24×7 Support

OneDios offers 24×7 support for all its services. You can request any service or repair at any time, and the app will connect you with authorized service providers in your area. This feature ensures that you get prompt and efficient service whenever you need it.


OneDios is the ultimate app for managing all your home appliances.


OneDios Tech

The most innovative appliance trends of the year

    • Technology’s evolution is growing daily, with new features, new technology, and designs being introduced yearly. In 2023, the appliance trends are focused on making lives more manageable
Here are some of the most exciting trends to watch out for this year.
  • Smart Appliances:- Smart appliances have been around for a while, but they continue to evolve and become more integrated into our daily lives. From smart refrigerators that can order groceries for you to smart ovens-controlled through your phone, these appliances are designed to make life easier and more convenient. OneDios can help you register your appliances in just 60 seconds to take advantage of these cutting-edge devices’ benefits.
  • Eco-Friendly Appliances:- Sustainability is a hot topic in 2023, reflected in the latest appliance trends. Many manufacturers are now producing more energy-efficient and eco-friendly appliances than ever before. For example, you can now find washing machines that use less water and electricity and refrigerators with eco-friendly insulation. These appliances not only help you save money on your energy bills but also help to reduce your carbon consumption.
  • Voice-Activated Appliances:- Voice-activated appliances are another exciting trend in 2023. With the rise of smart assistants like Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant, many manufacturers are now integrating voice control into their appliances. For example, you can now control your oven or dishwasher simply by speaking commands to your smart speaker. This makes it easier to multitask in the kitchen and get things done more efficiently.
  • Customisable Appliances:- One trend gaining popularity in 2023 is customisable appliances. Many manufacturers now offer appliances that can be personalised to fit your unique needs and preferences. For example, you can now choose your refrigerator’s colour, finish, and handle design or customise the cooking settings on your range. This allows you to create a space that reflects your style and tastes.
  • Multi-Functional Appliances:- Finally, multi-functional appliances are another trend to watch out for in 2023. These appliances are designed to perform multiple functions, which help to save space and reduce clutter in your home. For example, you can now find refrigerators that also function as wine coolers or range hoods that double as Bluetooth speakers. These appliances are perfect for smaller homes or apartments where space is at a premium.
  • In conclusion, 2023 is shaping to be an exciting year for appliance trends. There are plenty of innovative new products, from smart appliances to eco-friendly designs, customisable options, voice-activated features, and multi-functional devices. And with OneDios, you can quickly register your appliances and take advantage of all the benefits of these cutting-edge devices