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Best Home Appliances to Host Memorable BBQs

As the summer season arrives, it’s time to dust off the grill and prepare for memorable backyard BBQ gatherings. A cold beverage, the delicious smell of food cooking on the barbecue, and the tranquil bird sounds all add to the summertime magic. Investing in the right home appliances can make a significant difference in elevating your hosting game. There are a wide variety of outdoor kitchen appliances available to help save you valuable time and eat healthier. The maintenance and care of appliances are very straightforward; however, if you feel that your appliance service is due, download the “OneDios” app and generate a service request in a few clicks. 

Let’s look at some of the best appliances you can get to create the ultimate BBQ experience. 

  1. Grills: The Heart of BBQ Parties 

Gas grills offer quick and convenient grilling, allowing you to control the heat precisely. Look for grills with multiple burners, side burners, and a warming rack for versatility and efficiency during BBQ parties. Invest in a premium gas grill built to last, looks nice, requires minimal maintenance and functions more reliably. Stainless steel construction and sturdy components ensure longevity, while removable drip trays and easy-to-clean grates make post-BBQ clean-up a breeze.

OneDios provides extended warranty plans for gas grills, covering unexpected breakdowns and repairs. Our comprehensive coverage ensures you enjoy BBQs without worrying about unforeseen technical issues.

  1. Outdoor Refrigerators: Keep Refreshments Cool 

An outdoor refrigerator is a must-have appliance for any BBQ enthusiast. It provides ample space to keep beverages, condiments, marinated meats, and other perishable items easily accessible during gatherings. Outdoor kitchen refrigerators are specially designed with weatherproof exteriors, electronics, and thicker insulation to ensure longevity and optimal performance. 

OneDios offers exceptional customer service, assisting with any queries or concerns about your outdoor refrigerator. Our knowledgeable professionals can guide you on installation, maintenance, and troubleshooting, ensuring a hassle-free experience.

  1. Portable Ice Makers: Never Run Out of Ice 

Portable ice makers are perfect for keeping your guests’ drinks cool without the hassle of constantly refilling ice trays. These compact appliances can produce ice in minutes, ensuring a steady supply throughout your BBQ event. Look for ice makers that are lightweight and easy to transport. This allows you to set up a refreshment station anywhere on the patio, near the grill, or by the poolside. 

With OneDios extended warranty plans, you can protect your portable ice maker against unexpected malfunctions or defects. Our coverage ensures peace of mind while enjoying ice-cold beverages at your BBQ parties.

  1. Outdoor Kitchen Oven: To Bake, Broil or Roast

The outdoor oven has lots of uses. You can make pizzas, bread, meat, vegetables and desserts. Outdoor ovens can cook at higher temperatures than indoor ovens. They probably run on propane, gas or electricity and are typically made with stainless steel. Outdoor ovens let you cook fresh homemade pizza in just a few minutes. OneDios app is a one-stop shop for all kitchen oven service or AMC-related issues and queries without calling various people or seeking phone numbers.

  1. Warming Drawers: To keep food hot

Pull-out warming drawers are perfect for keeping food cooked at the right temperature until it’s ready to be served. Warming drawers are also ideal for keeping food nice and warm for friends or family arriving after your BBQ has started. For repairs, maintenance requests and warranty extensions of any of your brand’s appliances, you can log on to OneDios here.

  1. Outdoor Speakers: Set the Mood with Music 

When choosing outdoor speakers, prioritise weather resistance. Look for models with durable construction, corrosion-resistant materials, and an IPX rating to withstand rain, sun exposure, and other outdoor elements. Opt for speakers with wireless connectivity options like Bluetooth or Wi-Fi. This lets you stream music wirelessly from your smartphone or other devices, providing a seamless audio experience during BBQ gatherings. 

OneDios dedicated customer service team can assist you with any concerns or technical issues regarding your outdoor speakers. Our support ensures that your music system remains in optimal condition, adding a touch of ambience to your BBQ parties.

  1. Dishwasher and Sink

An outdoor dishwasher not only does most of the work, but it’s also a great time-saver. Dirty pots, bowls, grilling tools, dining plates and utensils, and glasses can be washed there. Most outdoor appliances, like a dishwasher, can be left covered outside during the winter after completing a few easy maintenance tasks. You can request dishwasher repair and maintenance with OneDios to promptly and efficiently resolve your dishwasher issue.

Having a faucet and sink in your outdoor kitchen allows you to keep up with washing dirty pots, pans, dishes, utensils, and glasses while waiting for things to finish cooking.


Outdoor kitchen appliances maximise functionality and save you time when meals are prepared. Hosting memorable BBQs is made easier with the right home appliances. These appliances enhance the overall experience for you and your guests. OneDios, with its extended warranty plans and customer service, provides the necessary support to ensure that your appliances perform flawlessly during these gatherings. By investing in high-quality appliances and availing yourself of the services offered by OneDios, you can create unforgettable BBQ parties while enjoying peace of mind and a stress-free entertaining experience.

OneDios has become the number one trusted brand for home appliances, providing excellent quality and satisfaction to its customers. Whether you own a water purifier, refrigerator, or more, you can buy extended warranties on numerous electronic appliances exclusively at OneDios. If you want to book the service of any brand appliance, then download the OneDios app, choose the type of service, and you will receive a call from the customer service executive. It’s hard to believe but true that OneDios initiates a connection with the customer service of electronic brands such as Panasonic, Daikin, LG, Godrej, Samsung, Sony, Bajaj, Voltas and so on within a minute.


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