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Save Your Invoices Permanently In Just A Few Clicks. Know-How?

Invoicing will be handled via e-invoicing in the future. There are multiple reasons why e-invoicing is better than emailing PDFs or traditional paper invoices. We have listed some most compelling reasons why you should be switching to OneDios e-invoicing right now. But first, here is a quick read on what distinguishes an e-invoice from other invoices.

Creating invoices, the right way

Ensure seamless integration.

The way the invoice looks should let customers immediately know that it is a bill from your company. Your invoices can be customized with invoice software like QuickBooks or Xero.

In order for the invoice to be as easy to read as possible, make sure there is adequate white space on the invoice. Your invoices must be well organized for customers to read and understand, to receive payment promptly.

It isn’t possible to please every customer, but you should still treat them respectfully. Be calm and problem-solving when faced with a customer who refuses to pay. You can mediate the payment process by starting a conversation. Litigation is rarely necessary.

Watch your cash flow closely.

You should map out your cash flow if you send an invoice right after completing the order or work. You can stay on top of your invoicing and get paid more quickly by invoicing daily. Having extra cash on hand can ensure you are prepared for any unplanned expenses that can come up while also sticking to your monthly budget.

Document everything you do.

Well-written, professional invoices and follow-ups can be used to establish a paper trail if a customer doesn’t pay. Your invoice must include payment totals, dates, the payment method(s) accepted, cancellations, warranties, and interest rates/late fees to ensure your customer treats your invoice seriously.

Electronic invoices are best here rather than sending a paper invoice in the mail, since it’s easier to prove to a customer that the invoice was received by text or email.

Benefits of Saving your invoice with Onedios:

 1. Time-saving

The invoicing process is simplified by e-invoicing by eliminating many unnecessary steps. By using online e-invoicing software, you and your customers can save time.

2. Cost reduction

Paperless invoicing eliminates the need for postage and paper. Moreover, e-invoicing saves time vs. Safe storage for documents and using templates. Invest your time in more productive activities. The more time you have, the more money you’ll make!

 3. Reducing errors

To minimize mistakes and typos, we increase automation and reduce manual input. Your invoices will never get lost in the mail with us as we have the Documents Organizer, as we take extreme care not to lose them.

4. Provide better customer service

An e-invoice can be sent directly to your customer’s preferred platform in the Documents Organizer for Android, which is more convenient for them.

When an e-invoice is received instead of a paper invoice, Onedios estimates that processing costs are reduced by up to 90%. Furthermore, customers will take advantage of early payment discounts when delivery times are shorter.

5. Faster payments

A customer can receive an e-invoice as soon as it has been created. As a result, your customers are going to be more likely to pay you faster. Additionally, using the Documents Organizer for IOS requires less time and effort.

6. Tracking invoices is more accessible

If you use Document store management, know when you have sent an invoice, viewed it, and paid it. If you know when the invoice has been sent and received, you can make sure it has been received. If your service provider allows you to track when the customer viewed the Document Archive, you will be able to see when they viewed it.

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