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OneDios has a wide network of service provider partners to now provide service in 1350+ cities and almost all pincodes in India for AC service.

AC / Air Conditioner

Aircondition has been voted as one of the greatest inventions of the 20th century. Fundamentally an AC helps to maintain a set temperature in a closed space. Additionally, an AC helps to change the humidity, or general nature of the air and also improves the air quality inside your home. Having proper air conditioning set up helps reduce warmth and humidity by drawing heat energy out of the house, thus increasing our capacity to perform and finish work better. The lower temperatures can also help in reducing the risk of dehydration as unnecessary sweating goes down. Most modern-day ACs also eliminate pollutants and mold from the air in the room. This is particularly significant for individuals who suffer from asthma because it limits the irritants that trigger an attack.

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AC Service

AC Service-Routine

Regular service of your AC enhances its ability to provide better air conditioning.

AC Repair

AC Repair

Continuous non-removal of impurities from filters leads to the damaging of air conditioning filters and cooling efficiency of your AC.



Regular AC service without an AMC can get expensive. Buy an AMC to keep costs low.

AC Installation

Installation & Uninstallation

Installation of AC needs an expert hand.

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AC / Air Conditioner Service

To keep your Air Conditioner in top working condition, regular Air Conditioner service is important. AC service experts suggest that the machine requires servicing at least once a year. Ideally, this service should happen before you start putting your AC to use before the onset of warmer temperatures. However, most customers skip the need for service and maintenance at the beginning of the season. If not done, the performance of an AC unit would suffer. This degradation of performance can either be felt in terms of a decrease of cooling capacity or noise from moving parts or some sort of smell emanating from the AC. It is important to put in place a maintenance routine to enhance the functionality and performance of the AC. The customer needs to understand that the regular service of their AC is mandatory. It reduces the chances of the gas leak, makes it more efficient with a reduction in power consumption

Ever tried AC AMC?

Annual Maintenances Contract (AMC) typically extends for one year and includes two to four routine service visits. There are two types of AC AMC contracts

  • Comprehensive AMC – Such a contract covers all parts and routine service.
  • Service only AMC- Such a contract overs only routine service.

Most AC manufacturers and OEMs include a minimum period of warranty for some basic parts of an AC. Such parts are AC compressor, fan etc.

The rest of the parts are then covered in the comprehensive plan. Before buying an AMC, the end customer should ideally be aware of what parts are covered under the manufacturer's warranty and for what period.

OneDios help an end consumer get in touch with the OEM or third-party service provider for your AC service and AMC needs. No matter where are you located, OneDios tries to provide service through its well spread out business partner network. You AC service is also available in Srikakulam

So is booking AC service and buying AC AMC in Srikakulam hassle-free?

Many apps and websites are there in the market which announce the availability of AMC or service for AC in Srikakulam but OneDios is the only app that helps you buy AC AMC instantaneously in a paperless manner.

Moreover, AMC options directly from the OEM are also available on OneDios.

An end consumer can choose to register their AC on the platform right at the time of purchase or anytime later. He or she can also register their existing AC. They can upload the warranty card or invoice of the AC for safekeeping. Whenever there is a need for AC service or AMC, a service request can be generated immediately. So the end consumer can easily circumvent the pain if hunting down the brands or service provider’s website or call center number. The need of calling the call center and waiting in the IVR queue or receive patchy replies also goes away. On top of that, the status of the service request is available on demand. OneDios will also help you keep track of all your previous services for your AC and you can also schedule the next maintenance of your AC in advance

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