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OneDios is an aggregator for customer requests.

Launched in Delhi in 2019 OneDios is India’s first platform that helps brands, original equipment manufacturers ("OEMs") and their channel partners understand their end customers better and empowers them to create better sales and ownership experiences.

We simplify the product life cycle journey for end consumers.

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Constant Evolution
Constant Evolution

Keeping it Simple
Keeping it Simple

Being One Team
Being One Team

Making a Difference
Making a Difference

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Our Story

In our daily lives, we recognized the challenges faced by customers in exercising service options during the product lifecycle such as gaining timely access to service providers, incomplete service solutions being available and lack of record / consistency of service.

We understand that great customer support drives an amazing customer experience. When support agents are empowered to go above-and-beyond with customers (by our state-of-the-art application that helps make the service journey seamless and efficient!), they can create winning experiences for the end customers.

Our aim is to reduce the complexity faced in gaining access to customer service by providing comprehensive service solutions.

Our application provides a simple, transparent platform for both the customers and the support agents. We make the service experience easy and timely for the customers and efficient for the support agents.

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Our Team

Nitin Chawla - Co-Founder

OneDios is Nitin’s brainchild. His vast experience in the Indian Electronics and Retail Industry is a great asset to OneDios. Nitin leads the company from front with unrivalled passion. When not busy fighting fires and motivating his team, he loves hitting the gym.



Amit - Co-founder

Before embarking on the OneDios journey, Amit headed the Microsoft service business at IBM in New Delhi. He has in-depth experience in sales and delivery management. He keeps his ears close to the ground and believes that honesty and sincerity can win everybody over.



Avinav Sapra - CFO

Avi is a Chartered Accountant and an alumni of PwC, United Kingdom. He combines his global experience in finance with his personal passion for marketing to ensure OneDios gets the best value and content!



Ravi - Architect

Ravi is the guru to our developer team who flock around him constantly for bug fixes and guidance. Turning coffee into code since 2010, in love with Laravel.



Amit Kumar Khare - Chief Technology Officer

Amit Kumar Khare is an alumnus of IIM Lucknow-2011 Batch and has an experience of a decade in Indian Air Force (IAF). He loves technology and keeps exploring new frameworks and projects to work on. An avid coder, Amit’s enthusiasm for perfection inspires and motivates the team.

Amit Kumar Khare

Chief Technology Officer

Ankit - Customer Support Manager

Ankit leads the Customer Support function at OneDios. He and his team spend all their time making life easier for our customers. Apart from work, he has the gift of the gab and you can usually see people around him holding their stomach laughing and cheering.


Customer Support Manager

Shubham - iOS Team Lead

Shubham manages OneDios iOS application. He loves effective time management, motivating his team, encouraging them to work and maximizing their potential Contributions. Having experience of more than 5 years with iOS native platform, he is passionate about coding and loves to work with logical workflow. Apart from drawing satisfaction from coding, he finds peace in exploring and capturing moments with his photography skills.


iOS Team Lead

Nityanand - Android Team Lead

Nityanand is the Team lead of OneDios Android Application team. He has been coding since he learnt to manage his life on his own. Having an experience of more than 7 years, he is perfectly dealing with the deadlines, motivating his team and helping them putting their best for the development. Along with his passion for new designs in development, he has a love for cricket.


Android Team Lead