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Ac : Things you didn’t know about your Air Conditioner.

Rising summer temperatures have increased the demand for AC units in India. Humidity and heat in the summer months can become unbearable and even reduce our productivity at work. Air Conditioner units are essential not only for cooling but also for maintaining ventilation and air purification. 

Here are a few things you probably did not know about your AC

1. Who invented Air Conditioner?

Willis Carrier invented the technology of Air conditioning in 1902. He was at the time working as an engineer at a publishing company in New York. His invention was called “ Apparatus for treating air”. What was invented as a way to control humidity and help in drying the ink faster has now become a lifesaver for millions today.

2. How does Air Conditioner work?

The basic functioning of our AC is not too different than a refrigerator. Refrigerant is inside your AC unit that controls the temperature and cools the warm air and pushes it inside. This is how the cycle continues.

3. Air Conditioner can help you with allergies

Many people suffer from allergies to pollens, dust, and pet hair. Besides keeping the room temperatures down to your comfort levels, AC also removes these allergens from the air. 

4. AC has helped the advancement of medicine

High tech research labs involved in the discovery of medicines and vaccines need high-powered air conditioning to control the environment and atmosphere. Air conditioning has also contributed towards reducing mortality due to malaria and other vector-borne diseases.

5. You should regularly get the filters replaced

Repeated and rigorous usage of AC can clog its filters. Filters are an essential component of your AC which helps in keeping the inside temperatures cool and sucking out the warm air. Clogged filters reduce the efficiency of your AC and it can even lead to the malfunctioning of other parts. Ideally, depending on your consumption and local atmosphere, filters should be replaced every few months.

6. How can you extend the life of your Air Conditioner.

Besides the routine maintenance done by a servicing technician, you can also do your bit to extend the life of the AC. Cleaning the filters is crucial to boost your AC performance. It is recommended that you clean AC filters every month and get them replaced at regular intervals. This will ensure required airflow and remove any debris or dust particles accumulated inside the filters. You can also buy extended AC warranty plans to ensure your AC is covered against any unforeseen repair and servicing needs.

7. Regular Maintenance is the key 

Getting your AC serviced only when you face any issue is probably a bad idea. For optimal utilization and efficient functioning, you should get your AC serviced regularly. This will not only manage its cooling system but also keep your electricity bills low.


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