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Ac : Things you didn’t know about your Air Conditioner.

Rising summer temperatures have increased the demand for AC units in India. Humidity and heat in the summer months can become unbearable and even reduce our productivity at work. Air Conditioner units are essential not only for cooling but also for maintaining ventilation and air purification. 

Here are a few things you probably did not know about your AC

1. Who invented Air Conditioner?

Willis Carrier invented the technology of Air conditioning in 1902. He was at the time working as an engineer at a publishing company in New York. His invention was called “ Apparatus for treating air”. What was invented as a way to control humidity and help in drying the ink faster has now become a lifesaver for millions today.

2. How does Air Conditioner work?

The basic functioning of our AC is not too different than a refrigerator. Refrigerant is inside your AC unit that controls the temperature and cools the warm air and pushes it inside. This is how the cycle continues.

3. Air Conditioner can help you with allergies

Many people suffer from allergies to pollens, dust, and pet hair. Besides keeping the room temperatures down to your comfort levels, AC also removes these allergens from the air. 

4. AC has helped the advancement of medicine

High tech research labs involved in the discovery of medicines and vaccines need high-powered air conditioning to control the environment and atmosphere. Air conditioning has also contributed towards reducing mortality due to malaria and other vector-borne diseases.

5. You should regularly get the filters replaced

Repeated and rigorous usage of AC can clog its filters. Filters are an essential component of your AC which helps in keeping the inside temperatures cool and sucking out the warm air. Clogged filters reduce the efficiency of your AC and it can even lead to the malfunctioning of other parts. Ideally, depending on your consumption and local atmosphere, filters should be replaced every few months.

6. How can you extend the life of your Air Conditioner.

Besides the routine maintenance done by a servicing technician, you can also do your bit to extend the life of the AC. Cleaning the filters is crucial to boost your AC performance. It is recommended that you clean AC filters every month and get them replaced at regular intervals. This will ensure required airflow and remove any debris or dust particles accumulated inside the filters. You can also buy extended AC warranty plans to ensure your AC is covered against any unforeseen repair and servicing needs.

7. Regular Maintenance is the key 

Getting your AC serviced only when you face any issue is probably a bad idea. For optimal utilization and efficient functioning, you should get your AC serviced regularly. This will not only manage its cooling system but also keep your electricity bills low.


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Covid-19 – Is it safe to use AC During Corona Virus Pandemic.

With summer’s driving up temperatures, a question being asked is whether we should use air-conditioners during this pandemic. Several researchers have predicted that the novel corona virus is unlikely to survive high temperatures. As we know, the second wave of Sars-Cov-2 or the Covid -19 is much harmful than the previous one. This question often comes to our mind that, should we use air conditioners during the covid pandemic, or does the virus becomes more harmful when you use air conditioners? Although it’s not stated that using an air conditioner is dangerous during the pandemic but keeping your body warm during these times will surely keep you safe from the virus. It becomes necessary to use air conditioners during summers as the temperature is too high. But you also have to balance the environmental changes accordingly.


  • Turn off the AC and open the window if someone in your house has COVID-19, or has been exposed to the virus
  • If you have air-conditioning on almost all the time, and a sick person in the house, it’s a good idea to limit the flow through your home
  • Don’t let it get too cold. Having proper ventilation is a crucial part of preventing infection


Here are a few points which you need to take care of while using air conditioners during covid:

Temperature Control:

You should set the temperature of your air conditioner ranging between 24-30 degrees. In which 24 degrees is for humid zones and 30 degrees is for dry zones. Today’s advanced air conditioners can control precise temperature and thus ensuring no under or overcooling.

Ensure Proper Ventilation:

Ensure that proper ventilation takes place in the room where the air conditioner is in place. Make sure to open all the windows after you turn off the air conditioner while leaving the room. Place a bowl of water while you are using the air conditioner.

Cleaning air filters more frequently:

Cleaning your air filter is necessary as it helps to maintain the air quality of your room. A dirty air filter may carry dust particles along with them which may deteriorate the air quality of your room. You need to make sure that you clean your air filter at least once a month.

Increasing the rate of air change:

According to guidelines provided by WHO, we can reduce the spread of covid by increasing the rate of air change in indoor spaces. Avoid recirculation of air as it may be harmful.


Following are the three ways to avoid catching the virus indoors-

For the past year, we’ve been asked to wash our hands and maintain social distancing to fight corona virus. But scientists and engineers say we also need to think about the air we breathe inside our home.

1. If it’s stuffy, just walk away

When you enter a room and the air feels stale or hard, something is suspicious with the ventilation. Not enough fresh air is being introduced, which increases your risk of getting infected by covid-19. Recent research shows that in constricted spaces there can be “airborne transmission” of the corona virus – with tiny virus particles remaining in the air.

According to some regulations set up before this pandemic, everybody should get at least 10 liters of fresh air every minute, and that matters more than ever now in this situation.

 2.Look up at the air conditioning

From offices to shops, air conditioning is the most wanted thing on hot days – but check the type of unit. The best is a slender white box mounted on walls which is known as a split air conditioner.

This draws in the air from your house, chills it, and then blows it back out again. In other words, it’s circulating the air again and again.

3. Ask about the ‘fresh air ratio’

In most of the buildings these days, where the windows are sealed, how can one get enough fresh air?

You’re relying on a ventilation system. Right? In which stale or hard air is extracted from the rooms and piped to an air handling unit, often on the roof. There, fresh air can be pulled in from outside and mixed with the already existing inside air, before being sent back into the building.

Given the risk of corona virus infection, professional engineers and scientists have advised maximizing the fresh air supply.

“The more enough fresh air, the less you’re at the risk of recirculating the virus through your building.”







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AC Service – 8 Reasons Why your air conditioner is not cooling?

An air conditioner, which is not cooling, especially during summers is a major issue. Therefore, a regular AC service is important so that it remains dirt-free and works efficiently. There can be many reasons behind why your AC is not cooling such as a dirty filter or thermostat not working or if any part needs replacement. These issues indicate, that your AC service is due for maintenance. You can also download the OneDios app and fix an AC service appointment and get your AC service done.

Here are some common reasons why your AC doesn’t blow cool air:

1. Power issue:

Although, this may sound very basic, before calling for an AC service expert, make sure that the cord and the outlet are absolutely fine. The Air Conditioner unit needs a huge flow of power; it might have blown due to a fuse or tripping. Don’t forget to check it.

2. Dirty Air Filter:

An unclean air filter is one of the most common reasons why your AC is not cooling properly. The air filters get clogged with dirt and dust, which blocks the way of cool air from the outlet. When the air doesn’t flow properly, this also reduces the cooling of the air conditioner. It is advisable to get the filters of your AC checked by downloading the OneDios app. Our experts will fix small faults in advance, to avoid any potential damage in the future.

3. Thermostat setting:

Check the thermostat setting of your AC, high chances it is not set at an appropriate temperature. Make sure it is kept on ‘Auto’ mode so that the fan works only when the air is cool.

4. Dirty coils:

If the AC is not throwing cool air, the condenser coil may be full of debris and dust. The condenser is like a storage heater that dispels heat from the AC. Therefore, the condenser coil shouldn’t be dirty, so that it can oust the heat outside. If the coil has debris and dirt, the AC becomes less effective and stops cooling the room. An AC service expert will fix small faults beforehand with frequent AC service.

5. Low Refrigerant levels:

Another common reason behind AC isn’t cooling is a refrigerant leak. Over a period of time, a slow leak can reduce the refrigerant level in your AC. A refrigerant is a chemical, that is very essential for the cooling process. It moves through the AC’s inside and outside coil, altering from liquid to gas, taking out heat energy and moisture from the air inside and discharging it outside. Therefore, a refrigerant leak doesn’t let the AC blow cold air, this can also damage your compressor. An AC service expert will also check the lines and resolve problem-related to refrigerant levels.

6. Damaged compressor:

A compressor is responsible for cooling your house. A compressor is a motor and is an important part of the AC. It controls the circulation of refrigerants through the evaporator and condenser. If the compressor gets faulty, the cooling process doesn’t start and the air conditioner fails to blow the cold air. For hiring an expert to replace the damaged compressor, download the OneDios app, and raise an AC service request.

7. Damaged motors:

In case the fan motor gets faulty, the outer unit won’t dispel heat, thus hindering the cooling capacity of your AC unit. You can hire an expert by downloading the OneDios app.

8. Faulty parts:

The other reason can be a defective control board, clogged capillary, a faulty thermostat, etc.

A trained AC service expert will provide quality service and better care for your AC unit. Therefore, by downloading the OneDios app, you can raise an AC service request without having to call several people or search for phone numbers. So, download the OneDios app and upload the details of your AC today. OneDios will help keep track of all your previous AC service and you can also schedule the next AC service in advance. You can also buy an extended warranty and AMC’s for all AC brands such as Dalkin, Samsung, Panasonic, Godrej, Hitachi, Toshiba etc.

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When should I replace my existing AC and buy new AC?

An air-conditioning unit is a sizeable investment in the first instance. However, the costs of repairing an old, inefficient AC unit also rack up. Most air conditioners have a useful life of at least 10 years. Simple repairs like condenser clogging or a worn fan belt can be resolved for a nominal amount. However, even with continuous maintenance, there will be a phase when your air conditioning system won’t function effectively.


What is the right time to replace my air conditioner and buy new AC?

If you want to assess the condition/ remaining useful life of your existing unit, for repair or replacement or for annual servicing, why not raise a service request on the OneDios App? We provide an application to raise a service request for all top brands such as Panasonic, LG, Hitachi, Daikin, Samsung, Carrier, Voltas, etc.

Signs that indicate your air conditioner needs replacement:

1. Air conditioning unit has reached the end of its lifespan

Appliances have an operational lifespan or useful life. The average useful life of an AC is 15 years as per consumer reports. If your AC unit is 10 years or older, you may want to consider replacing it instead of fixing it. This is particularly true when you consider the evolution of inefficiency in the making of air conditioner units in the past decade. The AC units which are more than 10 years old, most likely use R-22 refrigerant. This kind of freon is obsolete and dangerous to the environment. Therefore, upgrading to a newer system will decrease your carbon footprint and potentially reduce your monthly electricity expenditure.

2. Air Conditioning unit requires recurrent and expensive repairs

Would you drive an old car that needs continuous repair? Then why do we accept repairing our ACs on regular basis? Why not go for new AC?
If you are frequently facing expensive repair costs for your AC unit, it is high time to consider buying a newer and more efficient model. If your AC is continuously breaking down with issues like warm air, nonfunctional thermostat, leakage around the unit, loud noises, strange odor when the AC is switched on, etc. or if your AC requires repair three to four times in a couple of months, it is advisable to purchase a new AC, rather than repairing it.
Next time your air conditioner gives a problem, download the OneDios app. With OneDios get service from professional assistance directly from the brand.

3. Air conditioner runs inefficiently:

If your home feels humid or too hot, it indicates that your AC unit is struggling to push enough air and is not able to maintain a consistent temperature. If your AC has a low SEER (Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio) rating, i.e. below 13, it will cost you a lot of money to run it, therefore it is worthwhile to replace it with a more efficient unit. SEER is the amount of energy required to provide a definite cooling output.
If your monthly utility bill increases over a period of time, that’s another sign that you need to buy a new AC.


If you are seeking to get your AC serviced, you can raise a service request with Onedios. OneDios is a one-stop-shop for all your service, complaints, and repair requests. It keeps the track of the history of your machine service and part replacement. You can schedule the next maintenance of your AC in advance and also buy an extended warranty and AMC’s for all brands.

You can extend your AC warranty by OneDios


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Things to check before getting your air conditioner serviced

Have you ever noticed something wrong with your air conditioner and were unable to figure out the issue?
During the scorching summer, you want your AC unit to run without an issue. However, even the most expensive air conditioners run into problems with time.
Don’t worry, you can easily check for these basic things before lodging a complaint.

Check for electrical power in the house

If your AC unit is not receiving power, it won’t function. So, before you call your air conditioning repair expert, it is better to check your circuit breaker. Although, it sounds absurd but there are chances that the circuit breaker may have tripped. There may be a disconnect switch for the external unit which may get turned off during maintenance, which may need to be switched on.

Check the vents

Check for the vents in every room to note if they are blocked. Sometimes vents can get obstructed due to dust or a box of tissues, etc. The vents should be in the open position.

Check the thermostat

The thermostat could be inappropriately set – check its batteries, it may need replacement or could be covered with grime or dust. If the battery needs replacing, change them in the thermostat gently. Let the air conditioner adjust to the new settings before changing the temperature again. You can also amend the settings, check the thermostat to ensure the setting is on cool & auto mode.

Check the air filters

Clogged or dirty filters can cause the air-conditioner to breakdown, as it instantly damages the blower motor and will also put a dent in your electricity bill, by increasing cooling expenses by 15%. Ideally, air filters need to be replaced often or they can cause the air conditioner to glitch prematurely. If your AC unit is turning on and off frequently, check for a blocked filter.

Check the condenser unit

The condenser is the unit of an air conditioner that makes the humming sound when on. It is covered with vents to protect its sensitive coil. But those vents can get clogged which can cause a lack of airflow, leading to the poor operation or shut down of your air conditioner. Clear any debris and check if there is a plant/ weed growing in the condenser unit. Also, check the drain tubes for pooling water. If the drain is blocked and the condenser pan gets filled with water, the AC unit has an inbuilt safety feature i.e. a float switch, which shuts down the air conditioner.
Once, you have performed the above checks and your AC unit is still not functioning, then it is time to bring in the experts.

Why not raise a service request on the OneDios App if you are looking to get your AC serviced? You can raise a service request in a few clicks without having to call multiple people or search for phone numbers. OneDios is a one-stop shop for all your service, complaints, and repair requests. It even logs when you last got your AC serviced and parts replaced. Download the OneDios app and upload the details of your AC today.

OneDios will help keep track of all your previous services and you can schedule the next maintenance of your AC in advance. You can also buy extended warranty and AMC’s for all AC brands such as Daikin, Samsung, Panasonic, Godrej, Hitachi, Toshiba, etc.

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