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7 Things to consider before buying a Washing Machine.

In the fast-paced world, everyone is busy in either their jobs or studies. It is a very competitive environment. Wouldn’t you like to have an electric appliance to take care of your dirty clothes? Washing machines are time savers and offer you much need leisure after a long day’s hard work. Washing clothes might sound very trivial, but it is an important part of daily routine. And who has got the time and energy to do it the traditional way? You might need a washing machine to do it for you, so you can have a respite of relief. With the technological advances, every updated model of washing machine tries to reduce the effort on pars of human as much as possible. You just need to throw the dirty clothes and receive them clean and dry in the quickest time possible.



You need to keep in mind a few things before you decide to buy a Washing Machine.

     1. Automation

A washing machine can be either semi-automatic or fully automatic. A semi-automatic washing machine, as the name suggests, requires some manual effort on your end. Because it has two tubs in the top load feature. The best advantage of a semi-automatic machine is that it saves a lot of water and is low maintenance. A fully- automatic machine on the other hand has only one tub used for both washing and drying purposes. It requires no manual effort and is considered best for their convenience. You just need to throw in the dirty clothes and wait for the alarm to beep.


     2. Washing Machine settings

There are several wash settings available in the machines. You can choose the wash setting according to the nature of the fabric in your clothes. Various features available are a delicate wash, wool wash, or silk wash settings. Some fully automatic washing machines also have an option of customized wash settings.


     3. Spin cycle

The spin cycle of a washing machine refers to revolutions per minute(rpm). You can choose the spin cycle as per the fabric of the item. Ideally, delicate clothes are spun on a 300-500 rpm cycle. More resistant items can be washed with higher rpm cycles for better results.


     4. Capacity of load

The load capacity of a machine depends on family size and the frequency of washing the clothes. The capacity of load in the washing machines available in the market typically ranges between 6-12 kg. You can pick your appropriate preference according to your needs.

     5. Type of load in the washing machine

There are two options available: top load and front load. Your choice depends entirely on personal preference and comfortability. Because both of the features have similar functionality at the endpoint. Some users find a top load more comfortable, but an automatic front load Washing machine takes less space.


     6. Drum or the Tub

The durability of the washing machines builds upon the material used in the drum or tub. There are a lot of varieties available. The drum of the machine can be plastic, porcelain enamel, or stainless steel. Washing machines with stainless steel drums are usually more expensive. You can decide on your choice based on your budget and needs.


     7. Dryer

There are two kinds of versions available in the market. The first one has a separate dryer and requires you to dry the washed clothes separately. The second one is called the washer dryer. The washer-dryer automatically washes and dries your clothes in one go. But, these are more expensive and have a smaller load size. So, you need to select the type which suits you the best, according to your requirements.


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