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Best Tips To Prepare Your Car For This Monsoon

Monsoon has arrived. We all love the monsoon with our chai and pakoda, but do our cars love the monsoon as well? Yes, they do if only we take care of our cars. Your car gets parked at numerous places but it is during monsoon that the car finds it difficult to bear the brunt of excessive rains that may damage the exterior and interior of your car. 

The driving experience is bad during rainy seasons.

Initially, it is a great relief that your car is getting naturally washed but with rain stopping, the contaminants remain on the surface of the car, and the corrosive and damaging work starts.

Some of the probable impacts

The natural paint of your car gets highly affected. The shining of the body starts diminishing ugly spots and different scars becomes visible

on the exterior metal body, after driving through mud-filled and water-clogged areas when not immediately addressed, hampers the metal part. thus your exterior needs extra care during monsoon season

Some easy solution


1. Exterior paint protection:

Apply PPF to protect the most vulnerable areas of the vehicle (front bumper for example) and then applying ceramic coating across the entire vehicle for better looks and cleaning. Avoid using car covers when in open as these covers after sticking to the car coating may damage the paint and body. use a soft cloth to remove dirt and dust particles

2. Floormat of the car

Your shoes get filled with mud, thus damaging the floor mat and giving rise to germs and bacteria. You may use newspapers, and constantly removing them on a daily or weekly basis as they absorb water quickly, and also cheap to buy.

During the rainy season, it is better to use a fabric mat than a rubber mat.

3. Car cabin area

This is the most important area as you spend a great amount of time in this area only. During monsoon, your drenched body or clothes makes your interiors exposed to moisture and germs. It is advisable to clean your cabin area once every week with special attention to the seats, steering wheels, etc. Always cover your seats with towels, and keep them changing as much as possible.

4. Car Wiper blades and washer

The workload suddenly increases in the monsoon of your wipers, gets your wipers blades checked regularly for better sight.

5. Tires

Tires provide you with seamless and smooth driving, and the gripping of tires ensures your safety. During rainy seasons, the pressure gets deflated, hence keep tires’ pressure rightly inflated and also spare tires for unforeseen situations.

6. Car Batteries, wires, and fuses.

They have to play the most important roles, and during monsoon may get permanently damaged when coming in touch during deepwater driving. Highly vulnerable when driving through deep waters. Hence, check the health of your batteries, and if needed replace them with new ones. Advance repairment of wires fuses so as to avoid short circuits.

Get your headlights and taillights checked and repaired in advance, underbody washed by expert mechanics. Braking systems are not good friends with slippery roads. The griping of the braking system needed to be checked properly during monsoon season.


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