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Why is Vaccination important??

Corona Pandemic has once again brought to the forefront the importance of vaccines and vaccinations in society. Vaccines are arguably one of the most important and effective tools to prevent disease and support the health of the community.  The pandemic has made governments realize the fact that public health is a public good. Different countries run various immunization programs targeting newborn and small children to boost their immunity and to prevent them from various diseases in the coming years of childhood. Ever since the implementation of immunizations programs, there has been a dramatic decline in the prevalence of diseases such as smallpox, tetanus, diphtheria, and measles across the world. And this all happened as a result of great vaccination policies.



Why is vaccination important?


  1. Lives saving

Most Vaccines are recommended at very early ages because the immune systems are not developed fully and so vulnerabilities to many diseases are always high. Simply put, it can save your life. They are effective for a lifetime.


  1. Prevent serious diseases

Many serious diseases like Polio can lead to deformities in the child. These deformities can easily be prevented if they get vaccinated at the right age at the right time.


  1. Protection of others and future generation

Vaccinations have social and generational value. It protects you, others, and future generations. There is a possibility of eradication of several diseases of today in the future.


  1. Boost Immune System

Vaccines contain an antigen that is a weakened or dead part of the virus or organism or pathogen responsible for the disease, to make our immune system learn about the nature of the pathogen and to build immunity and avoid disease. This exposure to our body makes them able to create a strong immunity against the attack of the virus without surrendering to the disease.


You can search for vaccine slot availability on the ‘Vaccine Slot Finder’ on the OneDios app. It allows you to have a streamlined and uncomplicated experience while searching for your vaccine slot. You have to simply enter your Pincode to get the relevant information about slot availability. OneDios COVID 19 Vaccine Slot Finder empowers you to efficiently check available vaccine slots in your area by making the process easygoing, painless, and reliable.

You can also track vaccine-related statistics on the “Vaccination Dashboard” available on the OneDios app. The data for the dashboard is sourced from official Co-Win Statistics. Through this dashboard, you can stay informed about the number of sites conducting vaccination and total vaccination doses in real-time. Relevant data and trends are present in user-friendly graphs, categories, and visual formats for greater access. You can also check updated data by selecting your state or district to know about specific statistics



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