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Top 5 Reasons Why Branded Extended Warranty is the Best Choice

In a world where our lives are increasingly intertwined with technology, household appliances have become unsung heroes, simplifying our daily routines and enhancing our quality of life. Whether it’s the refrigerator keeping our groceries fresh or the washing machine handling our laundry, these appliances are vital to our homes. But what happens when they malfunction or break down? That’s where extended warranties come into play. 

This blog explores the top 5 reasons why choosing a branded extended warranty, mainly through trusted partners like OneDios, is the best choice for safeguarding your appliances.

  • Comprehensive Coverage

One of the standout advantages of opting for a branded extended warranty is its depth of coverage. Unlike generic third-party warranties, branded warranties are meticulously designed to offer comprehensive protection. They address many potential issues, protecting your appliances from unexpected challenges. With this level of coverage, you can enjoy peace of mind, knowing that your valuable investments are well-protected. OneDios, in collaboration with brands like Voltas, Blue Star, Godrej, Daikin, etc., offers extended warranty services.

  • Quality Repairs with Genuine Parts

Brands prioritise quality above all else, and this commitment extends to repairs covered by extended warranties. When you choose a branded warranty, you can trust that any necessary service will be performed by brand-authorised technicians using genuine manufacturer-approved parts. This dedication to quality ensures that your appliances will continue to perform at their best after any required repairs. OneDios, in partnership with renowned brands like Voltas, Blue Star, Godrej and Daikin, guarantees quality repairs and the use of genuine parts.

  • Simplified Warranty Management

Managing warranties can be daunting, especially when you have multiple appliances from various brands. However, OneDios simplifies the process with its user-friendly platform. Dealers and customers alike can effortlessly register, track, and access warranty details for all their appliances in one convenient location. Say goodbye to the headache of managing piles of paperwork and embrace the ease of streamlined warranty management.

  • Hassle-Free Claims Process

Dealing with warranty claims can often be a cumbersome and frustrating experience. Third-party providers may subject you to lengthy procedures and bureaucratic red tape. However, branded warranties, mainly when accessed through a reliable partner like OneDios, offer a hassle-free claims process. Your issues are addressed promptly, minimising downtime and inconvenience.

  • Manufacturer-Backed Assurance

The most significant advantage of branded extended warranties is the assurance that they are manufacturer-backed. OneDios, in particular, has established authorised partnerships with leading brands, guaranteeing that the manufacturers themselves support your warranties. This level of trust and reliability is unparalleled in the world of warranty protection.

When it comes to appliances, extended warranties are crucial. Choosing the right one is vital to ensure they keep working as expected. Branded extended warranties, particularly when obtained through a reliable associate such as OneDios, provide a game-changing method for safeguarding your appliances.

With comprehensive coverage, quality repairs, simplified warranty management, and a hassle-free claims process, branded warranties provide superior service. The manufacturer-backed assurance further enhances the experience, ensuring that your appliances continue to serve your household excellently.

In the ever-evolving landscape of appliance care, the choice is clear—opt for branded extended warranties through OneDios and experience a new era of peace of mind and appliance protection. Your appliances will thank you, your home will thrive, and most importantly, your peace of mind will soar to new heights as you embrace the future of appliance care.

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Say No to Third-Party Warranties: Why Branded is Best

With rapid technological advancements, electronic devices have become an integral part of our everyday lives. These gadgets have simplified our daily tasks to a great extent. Be it handheld devices like smartphones or large appliances like washing machines, we rely on these devices for our daily chores. However, our routine gets disrupted when these devices fail to function properly due to technical glitches or breakdowns. That’s where branded extended warranties come into play.

Warranties offer us peace of mind, ensuring that our investments are protected. Most people are familiar with extended warranties, which promise to cover repair or replacement costs beyond the manufacturer’s standard warranty period. However, a crucial distinction must be made when choosing the proper warranty: brand-authorised warranties versus third-party alternatives. In this blog, we’ll explore the advantages of opting for branded warranties, focusing on the benefits of choosing OneDios as your trusted partner in warranty management.

The Extended Warranty Dilemma

Extended warranties have become increasingly popular, offered by manufacturers and third-party providers. While third-party warranties might seem attractive due to their affordability, they often come with hidden downsides that can cost you more in the long run.

1.Reliability and Trustworthiness

When you choose a branded warranty, you’re dealing with the same company that designed and manufactured your device. This direct connection ensures that they have a vested interest in maintaining their reputation for quality and reliability. On the other hand, third-party warranty providers may not have the same level of accountability or commitment to customer satisfaction.

2.Compatibility and Expertise

Branded warranties are designed to be compatible with the specific product they cover. This means you can trust that the service and replacement parts will be of the highest quality. Brand-authorised technicians are often more knowledgeable about the product’s intricacies, ensuring that repairs are done correctly the first time. Third-party warranty providers may use generic parts or lack the expertise for seamless repair.

3. Hassle-Free Claims

Dealing with a branded warranty is typically more straightforward and hassle-free. You can often file claims directly through the manufacturer, and they are vested in resolving your issue promptly. Third-party warranty providers may require you to navigate a complex claims process, which can be frustrating and time-consuming.

Why Choose OneDios?

OneDios is your go-to solution for hassle-free warranty management and services. We understand the importance of protecting your investments, and our platform is designed to make your warranty experience as convenient and efficient as possible. Here are a few reasons why you should consider OneDios for branded warranties:

1. Authorised Partnerships

OneDios has established authorised partnerships with leading brands like Voltas, Blue Star, Godrej, Daikin, etc., ensuring you receive genuine, manufacturer-backed warranties. This means you can trust that your device will be repaired or replaced with the same level of quality that you expect from the brand itself.

2. Streamlined Warranty Management

OneDios, our user-friendly platform, allows you to register and manage all your warranties in one place. Say goodbye to the clutter of warranty paperwork and enjoy the convenience of accessing warranty details with a few clicks.

3. Easy Claims Process

We understand your valuable time, so we’ve simplified the claims process. With OneDios, you can file claims effortlessly, and our team is committed to resolving your issues promptly.

4. Regular Reminders

OneDios sends you timely reminders for warranty renewals and service appointments, ensuring that you never miss out on the protection your devices deserve.


While third-party warranties may initially seem budget-friendly, they often come with hidden costs and inconveniences. Opting for branded warranties, especially through trusted partners like OneDios, ensures that your investments are protected with reliability, expertise, and convenience.

Don’t compromise on the quality and peace of mind a branded extended warranty can provide. Say no to third-party warranties and choose the best –OneDios for all your warranty management needs. Your devices and your wallet will thank you in the long run.

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The Unparalleled Benefits of Purchasing Branded Extended Warranty

Making the right decision can often feel like navigating a maze of choices. When protecting your valuable purchases, such as electronics, appliances, or vehicles, the question of whether to invest in an extended warranty can be daunting. However, many consumers may not realise that the source of your extended warranty matters as much as the decision to get one. A manufacturer’s authorized warranties are a testament to their trust in their products, and a guarantee that they will be maintained and serviced for a specific duration.Brand-authorized warranties represent a brand’s confidence in its product and its commitment to maintaining and servicing it for a set period. You can purchase an extended warranty directly from the brand in a seamless and paperless online transaction with OneDios before your standard warranty expires.

In this article, we’ll explore the compelling reasons why purchasing an extended warranty directly from the brand is not just a smart choice but the wisest one you can make.

1. Expertise and Knowledge

When you buy an extended warranty directly from the brand, you tap into a wealth of knowledge and expertise. After all, who knows their product better than the people who designed and manufactured it? Having an in-depth comprehension of the product’s complexities, the brand’s technicians and engineers possess valuable expertise in resolving issues. You can rely on your brand’s extensive knowledge of the product, which guarantees prompt and precise repairs.The brand’s technicians and engineers have an intimate understanding of the product’s intricacies, which can be invaluable when diagnosing and fixing issues. You can trust that your warranty provider knows the product inside and out, ensuring efficient and accurate repairs. You need not worry about anything when the brand backs your extended warranty. You can buy your extended warranty on OneDios here.

2. Genuine Parts and Quality Service

One of the significant advantages of purchasing an extended warranty from the brand is the assurance of original branded spare parts and quality service. Brands are committed to maintaining the integrity of their products, which means they will use authentic replacement parts and ensure that repairs are carried out to the highest standards. This extends the lifespan of your purchase and maintains its performance and resale value. OneDios’ helps book services directly with the brand-network of authorised service centres and technicians, are trained to handle repairs for specific brands, ensuring that your appliances receive the best possible care. 

3. Streamlined Claims Process

Dealing directly with the brand eliminates the middleman, streamlining the claims process. You won’t have to navigate bureaucracy or deal with third-party service providers who may not prioritise your interests. With the brand, you’re more likely to experience a smoother, hassle-free claims process, reducing downtime and inconvenience. OneDios provides Voltas, Blue Star, and Daikin Brand-Authorized extended warranties for any product., and you can get on-demand status updates on your warranty claims.

Customised Coverage

Extended warranties that are authorized by the brand provide additional protection that goes beyond the manufacturer’s warranty period, safeguarding against unexpected repair expenses and breakdowns. The extended warranty choices offered by the brand are frequently customized to meet the unique requirements of their products.Brand-authorised extended warranties provide coverage beyond the manufacturer’s warranty period, protecting against unexpected breakdowns and repair costs. Extended warranty options offered by the brand are often tailored to the specific needs of their products. This means you can enjoy finely tuned coverage to protect against your purchase’s most common issues or vulnerabilities. It’s a personalised approach that third-party warranty providers may not offer. You can buy an extended warranty instantly in a seamless and paperless online transaction before your standard warranty expiration with OneDios.  

4. Brand Reputation

Maintaining a good reputation is crucial for businesses. Brands are committed to preserving their image and supporting their merchandise. By opting for a brand’s extended warranty, you associate yourself with a corporation that prioritizes its clients and takes satisfaction in providing superior goods and services.Reputation matters. Brands are invested in upholding their image and standing behind their products. When you purchase an extended warranty from the brand, you align yourself with a company that values its customers and takes pride in delivering top-notch products and services. As the brand offers a warranty, it becomes the brand’s responsibility to provide authentic and genuine spare parts for replacement and trained technicians to service at the minimum cost. This commitment to excellence can give you peace of mind throughout the warranty period.

5. Trained TechniciansTransferable Warranties

Many brands offer transferable warranties, which can significantly enhance the resale value of your product. When you buy an extended warranty directly from the brand, you often can transfer the coverage to a new owner if you decide to sell the appliance. This can be a strong selling point and make your product more attractive to potential buyers.

Buying Extended Warranty directly from the brand ensures that any intervention/service or repair required for your appliance is done by company trained technicians and not by untrained operators.
In conclusion, while investing in an extended warranty is essential, where you purchase that warranty is equally crucial. Buying directly from the brand ensures a level of expertise, quality, and trustworthiness that third-party providers may not match. It’s an investment in the longevity and performance of your purchase, offering you peace of mind and a reliable safety net should anything go wrong. OneDios is the one-stop solution for all your warranty needs, including damage protection plans and AC and refrigerator extended warranties.

Having extended warranties on major home appliances can help cover unexpected repairs, breakdowns, and malfunctions. It is advisable to go directly to the brand when considering an extended warranty. With OneDios’ offeringscomprehensive services, you can maximize your extended warranties and keep your appliances safe from unexpected repairs and costs.Owning major home appliances with extended warranties can provide coverage for unexpected repairs, breakdowns, and malfunctions that may occur. So, the next time you consider an extended warranty, remember that going straight to the brand may be your wisest choice. With OneDios’ comprehensive services, you can take full advantage of extended warranties and protect your appliances from unexpected breakdowns and repair costs. Brands like Voltas, Blue Star, Godrej and Daikin, in collaboration with OneDios OneDios, allow customers to extend warranty coverage for their appliances, ensuring peace of mind and optimal performance.