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Tips to Increase the Lifespan of your Water Heater

Winter can be tough to survive without warm water. Hot water baths have multiple health benefits like a good night’s sleep, clean & healthy skin, relieving symptoms of cold and fever, and more. Hence, a water heater becomes a bare necessity. The water heater system is essential and needs regular maintenance if you want to get the most years out of it. For routine maintenance, it is best that expert technicians service or repair your Geyser so that it lasts longer. OneDios is a one-stop solution for all your geyser service and repair needs.

The average lifespan of a properly maintained water heater is 8 to 12 years. Unfortunately, water heaters do not last forever. The elements will eventually burn, and the tank will rust. What can you do to extend its lifespan to protect the environment and your wallet? You can buy the extended warranty and AMCs for all Geyser brands, like RacoldAltonAO SmithHavells, etc., from the OneDios app.

  • Turn OFF the geyser when not in use

Turn the geyser off when you are done using it. It will help decrease power consumption, extend lifespan, and save money on water heater repair. The water does not turn cold, even after switching the geyser off, as the storage tank holds the temperature of the water for 4-5 hours.

  • Proper Installation

Proper space should be left around the water heater. It should not feel crowded, and giving room to breathe increases airflow and reduces the risk of fires. This gives you optimal space for completing routine system maintenance checks without difficulty. Nothing should be kept near or under the geyser. The geyser should be installed away from wet areas, like the bathtub, shower, or toilet.

The water heater should be installed at a sufficient height. This will ensure adequate water pressure and you’ll get an excellent hot water flow in your tap rather than trickling down hot water. Download the OneDios app, and our Geyser service partner will handle all your water heater-related issues. 

  • Insulate your Water Heater

Insulation should be installed around the pipes and the water heater to make it more energy efficient and to increase the water temperature by 2-4 degrees.  During the summertime, this keeps the pipes from sweating or forming condensation. It can also protect your cold water pipes from freezing and potentially bursting during cooler months. Insulation may cut heat loss by as much as 45% and your expenditures for overheating the water. Download the OneDios app and call for a geyser service expert to add insulation to your water heater. 

  • Replace the Sacrificial Anode

Water heaters are equipped with a sacrificial anode to prevent corrosion by hard water. The anode rod protects the tank from rusting on the inside and should be checked yearly. Without a rod or a properly functioning anode rod, the hot water quickly corrodes inside the tank. It can last anywhere from five to ten years. However, the amount of water you use and the hardness of your water determines its need for replacement.

The rod must be replaced if it becomes coated with whitish calcium sediments; its thickness has reduced nearly to half an inch or eventually degraded with time. Therefore, fix an appointment with a Geyser service expert if you need to get the anode checked or replaced. You can use the OneDios app to do the same.

  • Install a Water Softener

If you live in an area where the mineral content is high in the water systems, then installing a water softener might help expand the lifespan of your water heater. When an area has high mineral content (calcium and magnesium) in the water, it’s known as hard water. Hard water leaves deposits to form at the bottom of the water heater, which causes them to have problems much sooner than expected. To prevent this from happening, install a water softener that filters out the minerals that make the water hard, allowing only soft water to flow through the pipes. You can also download the OneDios app and raise a geyser service request to drain the sediments from your tank. 

  • Check the TPR (Temperature Pressure Relief) Valve

A water heater can blow up if an unsafe internal pressure is allowed to build up in the system. Because of this, manufacturers equip water heaters with a safety valve often known as temperature pressure relief (TPR). This valve releases pressure from the tank if it detects that it has reached an unsafe level. Test the TPR valve regularly to ensure it is operating as required. You can Download the OneDios app and register your water heater service request today. 

  • Lower the Temperature

Lowering the temperature of your geyser will help you save electricity, increase its life, and the geyser will have to work less. Maintaining a temperature of 120 degrees Fahrenheit to eradicate the vast majority of pathogens is a good thumb rule. The hotter your hot water supply is, the more energy it will consume. If you keep the temperature low enough to be manageable, you won’t have to consult the Bajaj electricals customer care for geyser repair.

  • Flushing the Tank

Flushing the tank should be done at least once a year, but it can also be one once every six months. To do this, drain a couple of gallons of water from your water heater and thoroughly examine the water. If the water appears to be filled with debris, dirt, or mineral deposits, then the water heater should be thoroughly cleaned. Sediment build-up can settle at the bottom of your tank and cause internal corrosion and affect its performance. Keep your water heater performing at its best by flushing it yearly. You can also get your water heater repaired or serviced by experts at OneDios

  • Replace Damaged Elements in your Water Heater

Ensure there is no limestone formation in the tank. It is your water heater’s biggest enemy. It ruins the valve and other heating elements of the geyser. Timely maintenance of the heating elements is essential to prevent the geyser from becoming useless from limescale formation.

  • Regular Maintenance

Regular geyser service is crucial to prevent corrosion and to increase lifespan. Getting your water heater serviced every six months leads to efficient heating, significant savings, and improved durability. Annual checks should be done to inspect any signs of leaking, damage, or trouble. Professionals guarantee quality and safety for owners but also help extend the water heater’s life. If you are facing water heater leakage issues at your home or looking forward to buying an AMC plan for your Geyser, you can download the OneDios app and raise a request today.

OneDios is a one-stop shop for all your Geyser-related issues and queries. We aim to offer the best facility for repair, fitting, and Geyser service work. OneDios makes it simple for the consumer to avail of the post-sales services without difficulties. You can now use the OneDios app to register your product and digitally keep all your documents, like invoices and warranty cards, by uploading a picture. OneDios also keeps track of your recent Geyser service and replacement of any part. You can buy an extended warranty and AMCs for all Geyser brands like RacoldV-GuardAO SmithKenstarHavells, etc.