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AC Maintenance : Take care of your AC during monsoon

Air Conditioner(AC) saves you from the scorching summer heat. But it needs better maintenance for the monsoon. Is your AC prepared to bear the high humidity of the monsoons? AC maintenance is a must during the monsoon season as moisture level is increased during these days.

Monsoon season is just around the corner in India. According to IMD forecast and assessment, the Monsoon season this year is likely to be normal and arrive on time. Effective temperatures during the monsoon come down, but it still feels very hot due to humidity in the atmosphere. As the monsoons arrive, it is often seen that the efficiency of the air conditioner decreases. This is caused by increased moisture and dampness in the air. The major reason for the decreased performance of the air conditioner is irregular maintenance. It is advisable to get the AC servicing done through AC AMC. 


There are also a few things that you can do to keep your AC smooth and running through this monsoon season:

     1. Clean the Air Filters for better AC maintenance

The air filter in the outdoor unit is one of the most integral parts of an Air Conditioner. They keep indoor temperatures cool by sucking out warm air. Air filters tend to get smudged due to humidity in the monsoon season. Frequent dust storms can also cause blockage inside these filters. It becomes imperative to either replace them or get them cleaned by a professional service provider.

     2. Mode setting

It is recommended to run your AC on “dry mode” during the monsoon season. It will remove excess humidity from the room and enable optimal utilization of your AC. Dry mode is also more energy-efficient, hence reducing the energy expenses. It will also help you reduce the carbon footprint through efficient energy use.

     3. Clean up the area surrounding Outdoor Unit 

Monsoon season brings heavy winds and storms that can block the condenser coil in the outdoor unit with dust and debris. It reduces the cooling capacity and performance of the AC. Sometimes falling leaves can also get stuck in the coils causing damage. Cleaning the area surrounding the Outdoor unit can prevent damage to the filters and coils.

     4. Ideal Temperature Setting will surely help in better AC maintenance

The recommended ideal temperature to run AC during monsoons is 25-30 degrees. It allows appropriate conditions to keep you comfortable during the rainy season. This temperature range will also help you cut energy costs by saving on electricity bills.

     5. Switch off AC during a storm

There are frequent storm surges during the monsoon season. It can cause damage to fan blades and air filters, as debris and dust strike them with speedy winds. Switching off AC and cleaning the jammed debris before switching it back on can help prevent long-term harm to the AC. It is essential to keep the airflow clear.

     6. Condensate Water for better AC maintenance

Dusty winds can also collect and block inside the drainpipe over time. Make sure to clean the drainpipes at regular intervals during the monsoon or call the service provider for help.

Additional measures to enhance Air Conditioner efficiency and functioning 

  • Avoid installing any heat-generating device like TV or LED near your AC unit. It might impact Air Conditioner’s performance and efficiency.
  • Consider getting anti-corrosion coating or barrier cabinets to protect the outdoor AC unit during the monsoons.
  • If you have not replaced air filters for a long time, then you can consider upgrading them to high-density or micro-particle catching filters.
  • Consider getting a surge protector to safeguard your Air Conditioner against frequent power outages to storms in the rainy season.

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