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Ac Maintenance : Use your AC in the most efficient way.

Whenever you plan to buy an air conditioner the first thing that makes you worry about is the electricity bill. It is pretty impossible to keep your ac off for long hours on the hot summer days, and that is why the electricity bills are supposed to be on the higher side in summer than the normal days of the other seasons’ months. This blog will let you know about different AC maintenance tips that will lower your electricity bills.

You can easily restrict the energy demands of your air conditioners by making sure that it’s running efficiently and perfectly.



These are few tips to make you less worry about electricity bills because of your air conditioner’s energy demands:

  1. You can cut the cooling cost by setting your air conditioner temperature slightly more than you would normally like to have. The temperature can vary from 24 to 26,  just one to two degrees more have the capacity to cut down your cooling.
  2. The other way of reducing your energy bill is to combine your air conditioner with the fan. It really helps in keeping the space cool and the fan can compensate for the deficit cooling on the part of the air conditioner.
  3. The regular and proper cleaning of the blowers and replacing the different necessary parts like coils or filters, if necessary, can help you in saving unnecessary electricity consumption. Dirt accumulation exerts needless pressure on the working of the filters, hence consuming more energy than usual.
  4. Shutting the room from every side is the most obvious when it comes to switching on an air-conditioner. Windows must be tightly sealed, and make sure that the cold air never leaves the room. Also block the coming sunlight into your room, which unnecessarily increases the workload of your air conditioners.
  5. Heavy electronic devices like the fridge, TV, and computer generate a lot of heat and make your AC work harder. Switch them off before you start the AC. Let the room cool a bit, and then you can switch them back on.
  6. Professional check-up for AC maintenance before the beginning of the season is crucial if you really want the air conditioner to function well in the coming summer. 


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