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Refrigerator Service – 10 Reasons Why the Fridge is not Cooling

The refrigerator is the most vital machine for a perfectly working kitchen and a regular refrigerator service will ensure the same. So, when your fridge stops to cool, it can lead to endless irritation. If the fridge isn’t cooling properly or is not set at a proper temperature, this can cause bacteria in the food. Here are 10 reasons why the fridge is not cooling properly:

1. Check the power:

Sometimes an unplug power cord can be one of the reasons why your fridge stops to cool. You can check the same by opening the door and see if the light comes up. Always make sure that the fridge is plugged properly.

2. Dirty condenser coil:

If the condenser coils are dirty and full of debris, the heat doesn’t circulate out of the coils properly. A dirty coil also reduces the cooling of the refrigerator and impacts the performance. In order to continue working smoothly, get refrigerator service by downloading the OneDios app.

3. Faulty start relay:

If the start relay is defective, it can create issues with the refrigerator’s compressor. The compressor also flows the refrigerant through evaporating coils and condenser. A faulty start relay won’t let the compressor start. It’s better to get the refrigerator service before it’s too late.

4. Defective thermostat:

The thermostat is a device, that controls the air temperature inside the fridge. It also regulates the start and stop in the cooling process. So, if the thermostat fails, then either it won’t cool or will freeze the food. To resolve this issue, you need to call for a refrigerator service expert by downloading the OneDios app.

5. Faulty condenser fan:

The condenser fan is a very important part, as it pushes the hot air out of the fridge. So, if it gets faulty the air remains trapped inside the refrigerator and doesn’t release. Due to this, the temperature inside the fridge rises up. Therefore, check the condenser fan blade for any blocks. It’s important to immediately get refrigerator service as soon as possible to avoid any disrupting consequences.

6. Inadequate refrigerant level:

A refrigerant is another essential part of the cooling cycle just like a condenser. A leak or lower level of refrigerant also impacts the cooling in the fridge. To resolve this issue, you need to call a refrigerator service expert by downloading the OneDios app.

7. Non-functional defrost system:

A defrost system, which consists of a defrost timer and a defrost heater regulates the cooling within the refrigerator. So, when it stops working the extra frost gathers on the coil, which decreases the circulation of cool air. It eventually degrades the life of your fridge. It is advised to get refrigerator service by downloading the OneDios app.

8. Incorrect temperature control:

Always make sure that the temperature inside the fridge is set appropriately. This also retains the necessary level of cooling within the fridge. The uncontrolled temperature usually creates chaos and would spoil the stored items as well. It is advised to get refrigerator service by downloading the OneDios app.

9. Faulty start capacitor:

The start capacitor boosts the compressor to initiate. So when it fails, the compressor might not take off and the cooling process won’t start. Better get it right by getting refrigerator service from professionals by downloading the OneDios app.

10. Over bulk up:

If you overstuff the fridge, this restricts the airflow and the cooling gets affected. So, make sure there is sufficient food and not overfilled.

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