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Mixer Grinder Problems and their Solutions

Mixer Grinders are probably the most helpful kitchen appliance. They not only save your time in the kitchen chores but also provide much-needed comfort in fast-paced work life. As the summer temperatures rise, mixer grinder or juicer finds even more utility in our daily routine. Be it a chutney or your favorite mango shake, the mixer grinder does everything for you in a matter of a few minutes. However, rigorous use might cause wear and tear in your mixer grinder.



Following are the most common mixer grinder problems and their solutions. 


1. Leakage from the Jar


This is the most common issue faced by mixer grinder owners. Leakage from the jar can be messy and causes food wastage spoiling your entire recipe. Leakage can be because of several reasons. The most common reason is a worn-out rubber ring inside the jar or loos blades. You can try and fix it by tightening the blades with a screwdriver and replacing the rubber ring. But if this doesn’t solve the problem you will have to call the experts and let them handle it.

2.The Reset Button Keeps Tripping

The reset button below the jar unit trips due to intensive use or hot food inside the jar. This causes overheating inside the grinder unit and the reset button keeps tripping. To prevent the problem, you should avoid grinding the food that is too hot by letting it cool down first. You can also try unplugging the appliance and reset the unit by clicking on the red switch at the bottom. 

 3. Faulty Coupler in a Mixer Grinder

Blender couplers usually wear out after years of rigorous usage. They connect the blender blades to the bottom of the unit which enables it to rotate at the desired speed. Any damage or fault in the coupler can unfortunately not be repaired. They can only be replaced by an expert. So for this problem, you will have to call the service expert to solve the problem for you.

 4. Blades of a mixer grinder are Blunt

You might experience that sometimes your food does not come out as finely ground as you desire. This is because of worn-out blender blades which are not as sharp as they should be. For instant use, you can try grinding one teaspoon of rock salt and repeat it a few rotations. This will provide a finer edge to the blunt blades. But, for the long term, you will have to book a servicing expert and get them replaced.


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