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How to Take Care of Water Heater

A water heater, on average, lasts a decade, depending on usage, model, etc. Proper geyser maintenance will ensure your water heater’s safety and longevity. You can buy the extended warranty and AMCs for all Geyser brands, like RacoldAltonAO SmithHavells, etc., from the OneDios app.

Geysers are one of the most common electrical appliances used in homes. Water heaters involve high temperature, water and electricity, a deadly trio. There’s always a chance of accidents waiting to happen, and if necessary, precautions for safety should be taken on time.

Regular geyser maintenance is the best way to guarantee that your water heater can do its job correctly throughout its lifespan. Routine service and maintenance can prevent unnecessary repair/replacement of the parts or geyser. For regular maintenance, it is best that expert technicians service or repair your Geyser so that it lasts longer. OneDios is a one-stop solution for all your geyser service and repair needs.

Some things to be kept in mind when performing water heater maintenance at home are as follows:

1. Turn off the water heater before performing any checks for safety purposes. Also, when not in use, keep the geyser switched off.

2. Inspect the water heater for leaks at the tank’s top or bottom and from the pipe. Water leaks in the geyser could be due to a faulty TPR valve, overheating, loose plumbing connections, a leaking water tank or a bad gasket. If you are facing water heater leakage issues at your home or looking forward to buying an AMC plan for your Geyser, you can download the OneDios app and raise a service request today.

3. Check the TPR valve. It senses dangerous pressure build-up or excessively high temperatures inside the water heater tank and automatically opens to relieve the pressure. Without an operational TPR valve, a water heater is at risk of explosion. The valve must be replaced if the TPR valve does not open and releases water or leaks after the test. Test the TPR valve regularly to ensure it is operating as required. You can Download the OneDios app and register your water heater service request today. 

4. Drain the water heater to prevent rust and corrosion by removing sediments from the bottom of the tank. It also increases the efficiency of the geyser. You can also download the OneDios app and raise a geyser service request to drain the sediments from your tank.

5. Lowering the temperature of your geyser will help you save electricity, increase its life, and the geyser will have to work less. The hotter your hot water supply is, the more energy it will consume. 

6. Timely maintenance of the heating elements is essential to prevent the geyser from becoming useless from limescale formation.

7. Check the anode rod. Without a rod or a properly functioning anode rod, the hot water quickly corrodes inside the tank. Replacing the anode rod once every two years or so could significantly lengthen the life of your water heater. Therefore, fix an appointment with a Geyser service expert if you need to get the anode checked or replaced. You can use the OneDios app to do the same.

8. Do not keep flammable objects like petrol, a matchbox, a lighter, etc., close to the water heater as it can lead to danger. 

9. Ensure the water heater is placed in a well-ventilated area. It should have enough clear space around it.

10. Timely maintenance and service of water heaters are necessary to increase their lifespan, efficiency and savings. Annual checks should be done to inspect any signs of leaking, damage, or trouble. Our professionals at OneDios will inspect your water heater, inform you if there are issues found, and determine if a water heater needs repair or replacement is required. 

If you follow all safety instructions in the manual, water geysers are perfectly safe for your family. Proper care will keep the heater in good form. Ensure that all the pipes and other parts are in good shape; otherwise, it might affect the heater’s overall performance. OneDios is a one-stop shop for all your Geyser-related issues and queries. We aim to offer the best facility for repair, fitting, and Geyser service work. OneDios makes it simple for the consumer to avail of the post-sales services without difficulties. By uploading a picture, you can now use the OneDios app to register your product and digitally keep all your documents, like invoices and warranty cards. OneDios also keeps track of your recent Geyser service and replacement of any part. You can buy an extended warranty and AMCs for all Geyser brands like RacoldV-GuardAO SmithKenstarHavells, etc.


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