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Extended Warranty – 7 Important Reasons To Install Antivirus

Do you know, that your phone’s data isn’t safe without an Antivirus?  Although the android devices do not get infected with the old viruses which imitate themselves and have all the important safety features. Still, they may get other malware. This malware retrieves or controls your Android device without your consent. The security also completely depends on how you use your smartphone. Many things have come together to increase the cybersecurity threat levels. Nowadays, malware is a huge business.



The smartphone is a potent computing device – which contains most of your sensitive personal information. The expert criminals are keen to steal data from your smartphones. As per the data over 3,45,000 new malware is created on a daily basis and smartphones are an easy target. All these things raise a question in your mind, that whether you should install an antivirus on your smartphone or not?

Here are a few reasons, why antivirus is important:

1. Android OS is very prevalent

These smartphone devices are the center of attention for computer crime or cyber threats because they are popular.

2. In case your smartphone has got stolen or misplaced

If you have lost your smartphone or it has got stolen, you can protect your important information with Android Antivirus. It will protect your device and as well as will help you in locating your phone or distantly remove any important data if required. This will protect your phone from strangers and they won’t be able to access your information, even if they put in a new SIM card.

3. Our phone contains important information that hackers require

We use all important things on our smartphones such as bank transfers, important emails, storing photos, using maps, etc. A hacker can use your information for his personal motive and bad intent. In this case, Android antivirus can protect you.

4. Downloading several applications

Installing an android antivirus will give an added layer of security while downloading apps either from an official or unknown source. With an antivirus installed, malicious files can be easily located and cleaned instantly.

4. An increase in virus and cyber threat

The Android OS is the biggest source of new viruses. Over a period of one year, over 8,90,000 threats have happened and zillions of smartphones have been infected.

5. Rooting Your Smartphone

Rooting means unlocking the OS, to install unapproved apps, many people like to use a rooted device due to various reasons. But, this increases the chance of cyber threat attacks and reduces security. In this condition, the Android virus scan could be helpful.

6. Increases the battery life

An antivirus will let you check, the real-time, how much battery your applications are depleting from your smartphone. It even tells you how much space they are occupying and allows you to stop the application process to enhance the performance as well as the battery life of your device.

7. Protect your downloaded apps

The apps you have downloaded have all the important information about you. Therefore, you need to control that and the permission level. Evaluate the access rights of all the downloaded applications (bank details, photos, contact details, etc.)

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