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Car Insurance- 6 Reasons Why Road Side Coverage Plan is Essential

We are very particular about taking our life insurance, term policy, and health insurance, etc. But, when it comes to car insurance, an add-on cover against unexpected situation on the road is tend to be neglected. Have you ever thought you were out on a family trip and your car breaks down? With your basic understanding of cars, it’s a huge mission to repair your car on your own. Therefore, an emergency roadside coverage plan is very important for you to rescue your car or bike in case of a malfunction.  It is an add-on-cover, with several benefits.

What is a Roadside Coverage?

Roadside coverage is an additional plan to your car insurance policy, which gives assistance at the time of a car breakdown or a mishap. It is very important to take roadside support, just like car insurance. Roadside coverage is very convenient in case of mechanical failure or a flat tire or if you run out of fuel. You can also download the Onedios app and raise a service request for roadside coverage assistance. In case you are stuck on the road, our car repair expert will help you in getting back on the road safe and sound.

Why you should not overlook it?

Uncertainties can happen anywhere; it can be in the night or on a highway or while heading out for an important meeting. Roadside coverage offers 24 by 7 aid on the spot. Many people overlook it and realize its importance only after an unexpected breakdown on the highway. This can be risky and unsafe.

What does roadside coverage include?

1.Towing service:

If the car mechanic, is unable to fix the car on the spot could be due to the battery has run down or an electrical or mechanical problem. In this case, the technician will tow away the car to the nearby garage for repair.

2. Batter failure:

If your car battery has become dead and you are stranded. The technician will jump-start your vehicle. Raise a service request on the OneDios App in a few clicks, without having to call multiple people or search for phone numbers.

3. Delivery of fuel:

Another common issue is running out of gas. The roadside service providers will help you by delivering enough fuel so that you can reach the nearby petrol pump easily.

4. Flat tire:

A flat tire is the most common issue and can happen anywhere anytime. If you don’t have a spare tire or don’t know how to replace it, then a car repair expert will come and fix the issue. Onedios is a one-stop-shop for all your car repair, car insurance, roadside coverage-related queries.

5. Left your keys in the car:

If you have left your car keys in the car or they have got lost or stolen or the key doesn’t work. Then, assistance is provided to help you with the new set of keys. But, for the new key, you will have to pay the cost.

6. Minor issues:

There are minor issues, which can be taken care of over the phone. Our technicians will guide the driver over the phone, how to take care of these issues.

If your car is overdue for servicing, avoid the irritation and discomfort of car breakdowns and malfunctions raise a service request on the OneDios App in a few clicks. It even logs when you last got your car serviced and parts replaced. Download the OneDios app and upload the details of your car today. OneDios will help keep track of all your previous services. You can also schedule the next maintenance of your car in advance. You can also buy, car insurance extended warranty, and AMC’s for all car brands such as Maruti Suzuki, Hyundai, Honda, Toyota, and Nissan, etc.



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