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Can we use AC as a heater during winters?

For a long time, AC has been put to use as a cooling appliance that keeps us comfortable during summers. But should we buy an AC to use as a heater in winters as well? If we have doled out thousands on the air conditioner to keep us cool during summers, it surely doubles the value if it can work as a heater and keep us warm and cozy during the winter months. Many regions in India experience extreme temperatures with hot summers and chilly winters. To deal with such extremes, people spend money to buy both an AC and a heater for a room. It not just adds to the count of appliances in your home but also increases the electricity bill. AC’s have a thermostat that does not consume a lot of electricity as compared to heaters. So, using AC as a heater can be a smart choice. 


Not all ACs can be used as heaters. Only those ACs which come fitted with a Heat Pump are appropriate for use as a heater. Such Air conditioning units cool as well as produce heat as desired. When the heat mode is turned on, the Air Conditioner unit produces warm air to fight the cool breeze outside. They also come with a thermostat feature which allows setting the room temperature at the desired level and the AC then uses the cooling or heating capability for the same.  Some of the brands that sell ACs with heating capability in India are Daikin, LG, etc.  If you still have confusion regarding the same, you can download the Onedios app and call for an AC service expert, who will help you in all your AC related queries.

Ac as a heater

What is Heat Mode in an AC?

In this, the air conditioner runs in heating mode. The indoor Air conditioner unit will blow warm air inside the room until it reaches the set temperature. After the temperature reaches the desired temperature, the inverter compressor in the outdoor unit drops off and stops eventually. The indoor fan stops when the indoor unit cools down to avoid a breeze. When the temperature in the room drops, heating starts again. This implies, that the inside evaporator of the Air Conditioner unit gets hot instead of getting cold and the outside condenser becomes cold instead of getting hot. The best temperature setting is 28°C to save energy. Here are the top reasons, why you should use AC in the winter season:

1.Makes the House Warm

An air conditioning unit produces heat, which makes your house comfortable and warm during the cold season. It is advisable to get your AC service done before the start of the winters. You can use the OneDios app or book a service here

2. AC used as a heater can take care of humidity

During winters, a lot of humidity gathers on your doors and windows. Running the air conditioner will help in dehumidifying the air in the house, this will also keep doors and windows clear. Thus Ac as a heater is a great choice.

3. Using an AC as a heater saves space:

Modern-day living in cities has made real estate costly. Space comes at a premium. When we use AC as a heater in winter, it also saves the extra space, which would have been taken by any heating equipment.

4. Increased Safety

An AC is usually fitted at a height where a child can’t reach. However general heating equipment and oil heaters are at a very low height. If we use an AC which doubles up as a heater, they become out of reach of a child or accidental touch, as a child can touch and hence provide better safety.

5. Keeps the AC in Good Condition:

When you run your air conditioner during winters, it ensures that it remains in good working condition. This also makes sure that; the AC fan is not back-up by ice, dust, snow, etc.

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