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AC services in Delhi: Features to look out for in an AC

Air conditioners are amongst the most common cooling appliances in houses across India. The air conditioners take a large share of your home appliances budget. This makes it compulsory to have certain ideas before buying air conditioners as making the right choice is crucial as your home’s cooling, comfort & energy consumption are directly dependent on it. If you own an AC  and are looking for AC Services in Delhi, it is important to consider a few things in mind. There are several AC Services in Delhi that are available, but not all are authorized or genuine

Although there are many models available in the market, it is important to stick to the basics first. Every air conditioner comes with its own sets of pros and cons. But what is similar for all of them is they need regular AC services in Delhi for proper maintenance. The wrong choice of air conditioner for your house can either result in huge electricity bills or disappointment.

This article explains the factors that you need to look into, to make the right choice to beat the summer heat.


Different types of air conditioners

The most common air conditioners that can be found in houses are window and split air conditioners. In terms of features, they are largely similar to each other but differ in sizes in which they come in. Also, windows air conditioners hold the benefit of easy installation than split ACs but are noisier. As the name suggests, split air conditioners consist of two units, indoor and outdoor, which ends up making them quieter than the window air conditioners. Split air conditioners are not easy to install but the advantage is that they can be installed in a windowless room. They come in beautiful designs though slightly expensive.


Right capacity for your room?

After deciding to buy air conditioners, the second thought is to determine the capacity of these air conditioners that depends on the size of the room. Simply put, air conditioners with larger capacities are best for the larger rooms. Their capacity is measured in tons, which is the unit to measure the cooling capacity of air conditioners. Another way to determine the cooling capacity is by taking into consideration the British Thermal Unit, BTU, higher the BTU, the better the cooling.


AC services for Energy Efficiency

This is the major reason for concern for people who shy away from buying air conditioners. The energy efficiency of air conditioners is measured through EER, Energy Efficient Ratio, in the form of stars ratings. The air conditioner’s energy efficiency depends on these star ratings, the higher the stars rating, the better the energy efficiency.  The Energy efficiency of any AC also depends on regular AC service and maintenance.


Refrigerants quality

This is what makes the essence of the air conditioners. Their quality highly affects the power efficiency, and the environmental friendliness also depends on it. Refrigerant needs to be changed with regular AC services and maintenance plans.


Other features

Apart from these major concerns, there are still other features to consider before buying an air conditioner. One of the most important ones is the air filters. The types and numbers of air filters in your air conditioners impact the functioning and quality of your air conditioners. Similarly, airflow and its functioning should also be understood before buying hr conditioners.

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