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Ac Service in Noida : Keeping your Ac Healthy

Is your air conditioner (AC) not functioning properly? No worries. Here we are with some simple tips to maintain your air conditioner. Summer without ACs is a bad experience, and there is no doubt that air conditioners form an indispensable part of our summer life. Being an electronic appliance, air conditioners demand some extra care. If not given the necessary maintenance, they start working ineffectively, consuming extra energy, hence causing unnecessary inconveniences. Ac service in Noida can be booked from the OneDios app.



Before you call for AC Services, here are some simple maintenance tips to improve and maintain the efficiency of your air conditioners:

1. Clean the Air Filters

Air conditioner filters prevent dust particles from entering the house. Their accumulation affects the functioning of the air conditioner, and also the quality of air. Replacing or regular cleaning and washing the clogged dirty air filters is the most critical maintenance work to make the air conditioner function smoothly. This is an ultimate AC service tip to keep your AC running smoothly.

2. Get your coils washed

The collection of dirt on the evaporator coil and condenser coil after the months of service reduces the power of the evaporator coil to absorb heat, reducing airflow. Similarly, debris around the condenser coil affects the flow of air. Hence, remove dirt and debris around the coils.

Seals between the air conditioner and window

Before the start of every cooling season, check the seal that connects AC to the window frame. Moisture can damage the seal, making cool air escape from your rooms. Cleaning of coils forms an integral part of AC services. You can book your AC service on OneDios to get your functioning as new.

3. Professional maintenance

No doubt that air conditioners are complicated machines. Hiring professionals before the start of the summer season to check the health of your air conditioners is better than performing the maintenance task yourself. Authorized professional AC services are very important not just to improve cooling, but also to ensure a longer life and efficiency of your AC

4. Extended Warranty and AMC Plans

Buying an extended warranty covers your repair and servicing needs for a prolonged time period. But before making a final decision, you should be completely sure about a few things. These include the exact time period, coverage under the scheme, whether you need to pay any deductibles, and any exclusions that may apply. If you are satisfied with everything, go for it and let the brands take care of any servicing needs that might arise in the future.


AC Service in NOIDA can be booked from the OneDios app, without having to wait through long call center calls. You can also book the appointment day at your convenience for a hassle-free experience.


Why OneDios for all your services and repair needs?

  • Multiple plans and options on our platform. Plans from the OEMs and other Service providers are available for easy comparison.
  • Competitive pricing of these plans by respective providers
  • Buy instantly in a seamless and paperless online transaction.
  • The contract becomes available instantly.
  • No need to keep and store paper copies of the contract
  • Raising a request as part of the service plan becomes a matter of a few seconds
  • Auto schedule happens for your service visits as per your service plan. You can choose to accept them or move to a more convenient slot just at the click of a button.
  • You can view the complete  Service history for ready reference
  • Allows end consumers to rate service and AMC.
  • Quickly raise a ticket directly with the OEM of the service provider

OneDios aims to transform the customer service experience for end customers.  This vision cuts across all products and the services they avail of. You can buy your AMC on OneDios here. You can also download the OneDios app or visit the OneDios website to buy a maintenance contract.

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