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AC AMC : Importance of buying AC AMC.

Air Conditioner (AC) is truly a lifesaver as summer temperatures rise up and climate change accelerates. According to the IMD Summer Outlook report for 2021, most parts of India will witness hotter than usual summer temperatures. This can cause severe heat strokes, dizziness, and reduced productivity. An AC can help cope up with these extreme conditions. But like any electronic appliance, AC needs regular maintenance for its proper and efficient functioning. And you would need an AC AMC plan for this.


 AC AMC is an Annual Maintenance Contract for regular care and maintenance of your AC. This ensures some expert services like fan replacement, alterations in the compressor, and filter cleaning. An AC AMC plan covers your AC maintenance for the warranty period mentioned in your plan. This can range from one year to five years or more. AMC is a contract between the buyer and the service provider, ensuring reliable and skilled service for the best results. 


Why do you need an AC AMC?

There are several benefits of purchasing a reliable AMC with a service provider.

1. Efficient functioning of the AC

For optimal utilization of an AC, regular maintenance is required. Compressors and filters of the AC usually become inefficient with repeated usage and require either replacement or repair. An AC AMC will ensure that your AC functions efficiently for a long time to beat the summer heat.

2. Reliable and regular service

If you have an AC AMC with a service provider, you can be assured of regular and reliable service. In case your AC suddenly stops you would have a dependable partner to take care of it. They will get the AC back to running as soon as possible. An AC AMC also ensures that your service provider is only using authentic replacements in the AC because they are obligated by contract terms.

3. Option to customize

Many service providers offer an option to customize your AC AMC as per your wishes and requirements. You can customize them by the number of years and the number of times you may need the service. You can also upgrade or extend your AMC whenever you like.

4. Lower electricity bills

Regular cleaning and servicing of AC save your electricity bill. Over time dirt accumulates in the AC ducts and vents which reduces its cooling efficiency drastically. Due to this AC sucks up extra power to work. Regular servicing and maintenance can ensure the optimum functioning of your AC and keep your electricity bills low.

5. Discounts and offers

A lot of service providers and their aggregators offer exciting discounts when you buy an AMC. You can avail of these promo codes to get amazing deals and discounts on the purchase. You can save some extra cash through these offers on your AMC purchase.

So, get you AC AMC at the earliest to avail benefits of all these advantages.

AC AMC on OneDios

If you are looking to buy an AC AMC plan, please consider buying it on the OneDios website or OneDios app.

Why OneDios for AC AMC?

  • Multiple AC AMC plan options on our platform. Plans from the AC OEMs and other Service providers are available for easy comparison.
  • Competitive pricing of these plans by respective providers
  • Buy instantly in a seamless and paperless online transaction.
  • The contract becomes available instantly.
  • No need to keep and store paper copies of the contract
  • Raising a request as part of the AC service plan becomes a matter of a few seconds
  • Auto schedule happens for your AC service visits as per your service plan. You can choose to accept them or move to a more convenient slot just at the click of a button.
  • You can view the complete AC Service history for ready reference
  • Allows end consumers to rate AC service and AMC.
  • Quickly raise a ticket directly with the OEM of the service provider

OneDios aims to transform the customer service experience for end customers.  This vision cuts across all products and the services they avail of. You can buy your AMC on OneDios here. You can also download the OneDios app or visit the OneDios website to buy a maintenance contract.


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