IFB Customer Care No. 1860 208 5678

For IFB complaints, please reach out to IFB

All India Number(s): 1860 208 5678 (queries/ feedback/ complaints)

1860 425 5678 (For Enquiry/ Complaint)

IFB has built a strong reputation as the finest brand with product superiority and prompt after-sales support. IFB customer care provides you with unrivalled access to customer service throughout India. The company ensures that its products meet or surpass the highest quality and technical requirements, ensuring a lifetime of independence. IFB's product range includes dishwashers, washing machines, chimneys, and other home appliances that help clients live better.

Most Common Searches for IFB Customer Care

IFB AC Customer Care

The AC wears out with time and requires servicing regularly. IFB AC customer care boosts the air conditioner's efficiency while extending its lifespan. Customers who need their air conditioner service can do it through OneDios. IFB has collaborated with the OneDios app to render flawless customer care services. Whether you want an IFB AC installation or an AC service done or are relocating, you can register your IFB AC Installation, IFB AC Reinstallation, or IFB AC Repair service with OneDios.

IFB Chimney Customer Care

Spices and oils, which produce much smoke and oil, are essential in Indian cuisine. A chimney can help you with various things, like reducing smoke and odours. It also protects the kitchen's tiles, ceilings, and walls from getting dirty. You've come to the right place if you're seeking the IFB customer service number. You can book an IFB Chimney Installation or IFB Chimney Repair service request with OneDios.

IFB Dishwasher Customer Care

While some people like to wash their dishes by hand, most prefer a dishwasher. Despite their higher initial cost, dishwashers save time and money in the long run. They're also more secure and less likely to break crockery. A dishwasher, like any other appliance, needs to be serviced regularly. For regular service and any other IFB complaint, you can now book a service call with IFB customer care through the OneDios app. A new installation request for an IFB dishwasher and a de-installation request or reinstallation of an existing dishwasher, Regular IFB dishwasher service and repair, OneDios will take care of it.

IFB Microwave Customer Care

Microwaves are a must-have in any kitchen. To ensure your microwave lasts as long as possible, you should do regular servicing and keep it clean. You must call IFB customer care for microwave repair and replacement. All IFB customers who need microwave service can do so through OneDios. Please register on our OneDios app with your contact number to avail of our services. We work daily to provide IFB microwave services like breakdown, servicing, extended warranty, and installation with a satisfying experience.

IFB Washing Machine Customer Care

A washing machine problem arises, and it slowly loses performance. One of the most common issues is a washing machine that is not draining. One of the following factors can induce it: -A small piece of clothes, leftover dirt, or other material has blocked the drain hose or pump. The washer isn't draining or spinning correctly since it's broken. As a result, consistent service is essential. Customers can book service for all IFB washing machine complaints online in less than a minute with IFB washing machine customer care through OneDios. Contact OneDios to arrange your IFB Washing Machine Installation/Reinstallation/Repair/Service request.

FAQs about IFB Customer Care:

Q1. What is the most common dishwasher problem?

A faulty water inlet valve is the most common cause of dishwasher water flow problems. If the intake valve fails, water may not be able to flow into the appliance when you need it. Look no further if you need an expert to ensure your dishwasher is in good form. Book an IFB dishwasher service request with IFB customer care through the OneDios app.

Q2. How often should my AC be serviced?

Once a year, your AC should be serviced. We suggest booking a service call with OneDios. You can request any complaint, repair or service at any hour of the day. OneDios website serves you 24*7, thus making the process of booking a service request more convenient and faster.

Q4. Why won't my washing machine door open?

If your washing machine door doesn’t open, you could face one of the following problems. The door will not open if the washing machine is not properly drained. Before you open it, make sure it's drained. The thermal lock may be stopping the door from opening. To repair this, unplug your washing machine and wait for 5 minutes. Your washing machine's handle could be broken. In any case, you can book your service call with OneDios or IFB Customer Care.

Q5. What causes a microwave to fail to heat?

A damaged magnetron could be the cause of a non-heating microwave. The magnetron is responsible for producing heat within the microwave, and a faulty magnetron could blow a fuse, causing other microwave operations to fail.