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Whites International

Whites International is a manufacturing brand based in Sri Lanka. It mainly works in the air cooling technology sector. Whites International is a driven company dedicated to offering its customers top-notch products along with cutting-edge and environmentally friendly air conditioning and refrigeration solutions. They are quick in this market and promise to make a lucrative difference for both their clientele and society at large. Their production capabilities are excellent. They have been effective in upholding the flawless quality for every one of our product offerings thanks to the use of cutting-edge technology and first-rate equipment.

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Common Searches About Whites International Customer Care

Whites International Customer Care For Refrigerator

Whites International offers visi coolers and chest freezers in the area of refrigeration technology. The former is used to store beverages and food at a low temperature. They come with high illumination. Apart from being highly efficient, they also are eco-friendly. They also have many other features. Chest freezers have a huge capacity with a strong built-in. They can easily work for several hours in case of a power cut. If any of these appliances are showing any problem then you can book a service by contacting Whites International customer care. But if you are in a hurry and don't have time to wait for a while then it is best to use OneDios, which enables you to schedule a service within 60 seconds.

Whites International Customer Care For AC

Whites International AC has several features like no noise production, auto restart, up and down swing flaps, sleep timer, moisture removal and more. It comes with different technologies which help in understanding your comfort level and work accordingly. If you face any problem with your appliance then you can book a service in just a minute via OneDios. Contacting Whites International customer care will take time and therefore is not the best choice!

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OneDios is a platform wherein you can raise requests for various brands within a minute. Since Whites International customer care takes a significant amount of time, users don't find it hassle-free. The process consists of a long queue on hold, call drop-offs, etc. It takes longer if customers don't know the Whites International customer care number. If you are frustrated with all these issues, then you have a better option - OneDios! Since people themselves can initiate the process of scheduling a service on this platform, they don't have to undergo the tiresome process of number search, contacting customer care, waiting on long hold and more! Therefore it only takes 60 seconds to raise a request in OneDios and not more than that!

Whites International Customer Care FAQs

Q1. What are controls for refrigeration?

Controls for refrigeration ensure that all of a refrigeration system's primary parts function in unison with one another. These parts, such as the thermostat, evaporator, condenser and compressor, must work precisely as a unit to ensure the optimum outcome and most effective performance.

Q2. How might maintenance be done properly to assist to increase energy efficiency?

A few times a year cleaning a system's cooling coils can avoid the accumulation of dirt, dust, and grime that can cause the coils to operate more and consume more electricity. Away from anything that can hinder the airflow around coils is also a good idea. To keep them operating effectively, condensers and evaporators need to be cleaned and serviced frequently.

Q3. What is a fan motor?

A fan motor operates fans that are crucial components of a refrigeration system, as the name of the device suggests. Fan motors circulate cool air and evaporate water in open display cabinets in the produce and dairy departments of supermarkets to keep goods safe and fresh. Fans in a refrigeration unit that distribute cold air across all of the components are likewise driven by motors. This prevents the parts from overheating, which could reduce their effectiveness or, worse yet, result in their breakdown.

Q4. What might prevent an AC unit from starting?

Your AC not turning on might be caused by several thermostat problems. The most frequent issue is with disconnected or lost wires. Your air conditioner won't operate if the wires are frayed, disconnected, or unclean. A broken thermostat is a further typical issue.

Q5. Why won't my AC switch on?

Tripping of circuit breaker can cause it. Consequently, whenever your air conditioner won't switch on, check the circuit breaker. In the case of high voltage, a circuit breaker is a safety device that cuts the electricity. Using high voltage equipment or power spikes in the electrical system could be to blame. If you need any technical support then you can use OneDios to book a service. It will not take as much time as Whites International customer care.