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Whirlpool Wine Cooler Service

Known as a sub-brand of the popular Whirlpool Corporation, Whirlpool India Ltd. is a world-famous global kitchen and laundry appliance brand that makes it easier for you to carry out all your household chores with utmost ease. With its headquarters based in Gurugram, the brand constitutes among the top players in the manufacturers and marketers of major home appliances in the country. Whirlpool boasts global expertise of more than 110 years and is now present across a myriad of categories in India and the Indian subcontinent with a wide product portfolio ranging from washing machines and refrigerators to air conditioners and dishwashers.

If you love your drinks chilled and yummy, this one is the perfect product for you. Whirlpool’s wine cooler boasts simplified rack storage where you can store all your whites and reds. The dual climate control and reversible doors make it a flexible appliance while the LED lighting helps you find anything that you want to take out from the wine cooler whenever you want to.

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Whirlpool Wine Cooler Breakdown Request


1. Breakage-Tray or Handle

This is quite a common issue that could have been caused due to the pressure exerted by the over-packing of bottles in the wine cooler or because of the handle or tray being subjected to damage by an external source. In this case, you can register a complaint using the Whirlpool complaint number.

2. Cooling issues

The cooling issues in your Whirlpool wine cooler could be due to the clogging of refrigeration coils owing to the accumulation of dirt, a faulty evaporator, or a malfunctioning thermostat. Get this issue checked with the Whirlpool customer care service!

3. Other symptoms

Your Whirlpool wine cooler might show some other symptoms that might be an indication of it being in dire need of a good maintenance session. Put the Whirlpool complaint number to use and avail of service immediately.

4. Stopped Working

The typical causes behind the sudden stopping of your wine cooler’s working could be a mishap with any of the internal components or the door being left open frequently. Get a deeper insight into this issue by tuning into the Whirlpool customer care service.

Whirlpool Wine Cooler Installation Request


1. De-installation request

If you are looking for a service that helps you with the seamless de-installation of your Whirlpool wine cooler, you can apply for the de-installation service on the Whirlpool toll-free number under the Whirlpool Wine cooler installation request.

2. Demo request

Are you planning to get your hands on the Whirlpool Wine cooler and want to get yourself a demo service booked? If the answer to that question is a yes, the demo request can be availed of through the Whirlpool Wine cooler installation request by using the Whirlpool toll-free number.


3. New product installation request

Have you bought the Whirlpool Wine cooler recently and want to get it installed nicely in your space? If yes, book yourself a service on the Whirlpool toll-free number with the new product installation request under the Whirlpool Wine cooler Installation Request.

4. Installation request 

If you are looking for a service that helps you with the installation of your Whirlpool Wine cooler, you can apply for the installation service under the Whirlpool Wine Cooler installation request by dropping a call on the Whirlpool toll-free number.

Frequently Asked Questions


Q.1 Why should I get myself a wine cooler?

Light, heat, humidity, and vibration tend to spoil the wine. Keeping it intact in a wine cooler helps to neutralize the effect of these by storing your wine at the correct temperature and humidity while protecting it from sunlight. Whirlpool wine coolers run at minimal or no vibration so this shouldn’t adversely affect your wine. Best of all, when you want to enjoy a chilled drink comfortably, it’s ready for serving straight from the cooler. Put the Whirlpool wine cooler customer care number to use to know more about this topic.

Q.2 What are the finish options available in the Whirlpool Wine cooler?

You can choose from wine coolers in two different stainless steel finishes to match your style. Traditional stainless steel mixes in easily with other stainless steel appliances for a cohesive and timeless look. Or you can even choose a black stainless steel wine and beverage cooler for a sleek, contemporary twist on this classic kitchen finish. If you want a deeper insight into the details, you can get your wine cooler checked with the customer service whirlpool.

Q.3 What are the differences between freestanding wine coolers and built-in wine coolers?

A freestanding wine cooler is curated in a way that it dissipates heat from the back, so this heat cannot escape from an enclosure and eventually will overheat the unit. This overheating will in turn considerably decrease the cooler’s ability to maintain its internal temperature and cool your wine. The unit’s compressor will attempt to make up for the overheating unit and may eventually burn itself out. At the very least you run the risk of cutting down on the cooler’s overall lifespan as the compressor is continually overworked. The risk of invalidating the manufacturer’s warranty by operating a freestanding unit in a built-in space is also there. Use the Whirlpool wine cooler customer care number to know more about this.

Q.4 What are the appropriate conditions to facilitate the aging of wine?

Wine ages through a complex process that comprises subtle chemical reactions that require specific conditions for the best results. These conditions are a constant temperature of around 55°F, relative humidity of around 70%, and protection from direct light. Even exposures of short durations to temperature extremes can cause the wine to age poorly as unwanted chemical reactions are created. For these reasons, a cellar is an ideal environment for aging wine. If you still need to know more details, feel free to contact customer service at whirlpool.

Q.5 How can I clean my Whirlpool wine cooler?

Unplug your cooler and remove all items from the wine cooler. Clean the insides by putting a mild cleaner to use. Clean the wire shelves or trays using a mild detergent solution.

Clean the wooden shelves or trays using a soft cloth and wood cleaner. Wash the external part of the cooler with a mild detergent solution. Dry out the wet parts using a soft cloth. You can use the Whirlpool wine cooler customer care number to get a deeper insight into the know-how of cleaning your wine cooler.