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Whirlpool Water Purifiers Service

Whirlpool water purifier service in OneDios gives you facilities that will help you in operating your appliance smoothly. Whirlpool water purifiers come with RO+UF+UV+ATDS technology which makes your water safest to drink. These filters, after a certain period, need replacement. Regular servicing will solve this issue. Apart from regular serving, you will also require other servicing during appliance malfunction. From general serving to breakdown issues, OneDios offers a complete package. You can select a suitable option while raising a request for your appliance. Unlike Whirlpool water purifier customer care, OneDios is available 24×7. So, you can raise a service request at any point in time. The platform is quite easy to use and you can effortlessly raise a request.

Types Of Requests In OneDios

OneDios provides three different request types for Whirlpool water purifiers, namely service requests, repair requests and installation-related requests. You can pick the ones you require. It will help in selecting the right servicing according to your requirement. It only takes 60 seconds to complete this process which is way less than what it takes in Whirlpool water purifier customer care. The different types of requests are mentioned below:

Service Request

Service request includes general servicing, which you can avail of at a regular interval of time. It will help in enhancing the efficiency of your appliance.

1. General Servicing

As water purifiers are used throughout the year, they may undergo small changes that may hamper the efficiency of the appliance. To avoid this situation, you must invest in general servicing.

Repair Request

If your appliance is showing an abnormal issue during its operation then the chances are that it is a sign of internal damage. It could be a result of a malfunctioning component or any other reason. Various issues that you may come across with your Whirlpool water purifier are the following:

1. Does Not Operate

If your appliance is not operating or starting after turning it on, then opting for professional support becomes the only option. As it is difficult to identify the particular reason for this problem without looking at the appliance, it's necessary to have it serviced. The expert will identify the source of the problem and offer a suitable remedy.

2. Other Symptoms

If your appliance shows symptoms not mentioned under the repair request, then you can select this option.

3. Slow Water Flow

There are multiple reasons for slow water flow. The problem may arise due to clogged filters, low pressure in the RO water tank or bent tubing. The cause will be more clear after checking the appliance. So, raise a repair request to resolve this issue.

4. Water Has Bad Taste Or Odour

Some soluble pollutants in the water may produce a foul odour, which your water purifier might be inadequate to filter, leading to odorous drinking water. Also, your water may give different bad tastes (like metallic or rotten eggs smell or taste) due to several reasons. Opt for a repair request to solve this issue.

5. Water Leak

A water leak is a result of bad piping or damaged components. If you are facing a water leak problem with your appliance then it is recommended to get it repaired by a technician.

6. Water Tank Does Not Fill Up

If the water tank of the Whirlpool water purifier does not fill up then raise a repair request in OneDios. You will get one of the best repair services on the scheduled day.

Installation Related

The installation-related request covers all aspects of your product's setup. It also provides a demo request to help you understand how the appliance works. If you want to raise an installation-related request, then simply select the request type under this section and schedule a suitable date and that's it. The entire process will take only 60 seconds and you don't even need to know the Whirlpool water purifier customer care number to avail of the servicing.

1. De-Installation Request

When you no longer utilize your device or are moving to a new location, you can use the de-installation request. Technicians will assist you in removing your appliance.

2. Demo Request

Demo requests comprise an explanation of how your appliance works, as well as its numerous features and rights and wrongs. You will then be ready to make the most of your appliance.

3. Installation

You can choose the installation request if you wish to install your old equipment. OneDios will give you the facilities on the agreed-upon date.

4. New Product Installation

Whirlpool water purifier is a complex appliance to install, so it is advised to go for the brand's authorised installation services and OneDios provides you only the brand-authorised services.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q.1 What is the advantage of RO filters as compared to other filters?

In RO filtration, the water is passed through a semipermeable membrane with the help of pressure. The membrane stops the impurities from having a larger size. This method is quite precise and effective when it comes to water filtration. Other filters come with large pore sizes which only stops the larger particles.

Q.2 What is TDS?

TDS is Total Dissolved Solids which measures the Parts Per Million (PPM) value of dissolved substance in the water.

Q.3 What is the duration after which I should change the filters of my water purifier?

As the RO membrane is such a major component of the water purifier equipment, it must be maintained and cleaned regularly to guarantee that you get pure, healthy, and delicious drinking water. To avoid blocking pores, the RO membrane should be replaced every 3-4 months.