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Whirlpool Washer Dryer Service

Whirlpool washer dryer service on OneDios is a package of different services that you can avail yourself of whenever you require. These machines come with several common features and some distinctive ones. As far as their basic function is concerned, they all give the best performance concerning washing as well as drying clothes. As these machines have the same compartment for both functions they help you save some space. Their compactness is the main advantage. Whirlpool washer dryer has a feature of multiple dry and washes cycles which uses extra hot water and drying temperature. It also comes with wrinkle prevention cycles. The machine is equipped with a smart sensor, which detects the size of the clothes. You can even connect this appliance with your smartphone. It will help you in monitoring the process of washing and drying without being at home.

If you own a Whirlpool washer-dryer then you may need a technician's help at some point in time. Just after purchasing the product, you will need installation services. You will also require technical support when your appliance will be showing some malfunctioning. You can book a service for any of these issues in just 1 minute with OneDios. The platform is quite easy to use and will not waste any of your time like Whirlpool customer care. So, choosing OneDios is a smart choice.

Types Of Requests In OneDios

OneDios offers two types of requests under the Whirlpool washer dryer service - breakdown and installation-related requests. Both of them are explained below:

Breakdown Request

During the usage period of your appliance, you will come across abnormal issues which may lead to the appliance malfunctioning. Therefore it is important to get the solutions to such issues before they severely damage your appliance. You can raise a breakdown down if you are facing any of the following issues:

1. Draining Problem

If you are facing a draining problem with your Whirlpool washer dryer, then go for servicing. Proper drainage is important for the machine to work efficiently.

2. Drum Issue

There could be any possible reason behind the drum issue. It is best to get your appliance checked by a technician, who will not only determine the cause of this problem but also gives a solution to that issue.

3. Other Symptoms

If you are facing any other symptoms of your appliance that doesn't seem normal, then you can select this option.

4. Stopped Working

Whenever your appliance stops working, then opting for servicing is the ideal option.

Installation Related

Installation-related requests are used when you will be dealing with a new product or even an old one that needs installation or reinstallation. You can also raise a demo request under installation-related requests. The process of raising installation-related requests is quite simple and easy. It does not even require you to remember the Whirlpool washer dryer customer care number. Various options under installation-related requests are given below:

1. De-Installation Request

The de-installation request helps you when you no longer use your appliance or when you are shifting to another location. Professionals will help you out in uninstalling your product.

2. Demo Request

Demo requests will include a demonstration of the working of your appliance, its various features and do's and don'ts. You will then be able to use your appliance to its best potential.

3. Installation

If you want to install your old appliance, then you can select the installation request. OneDios will provide you with the services on your scheduled date without any delay.

4. New Product Installation

Installation of a new Whirlpool washer dryer requires necessary plumbing, correct supply and drain connections. Washer levelling is also required during the installation. Therefore, it is recommended to opt for professional help.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q.1 What is the location of a washer dryer vent?

Hot air is used to eliminate moisture from your clothes invented by washer dryers. It then discharges this from your machine through a hose that is usually routed through a wall vent or window in your home.

Q.2 Is it necessary to have an external vent for a washer-dryer?

Unlike a traditional stand-alone dryer, most combo washer-dryers do not require venting. This means you can use your device everywhere there's electricity and running water.

Q.3 What happens to the fluff in the washer-dryer?

A filter is included in every washer-dryer, and it captures fluff and particles generated during drying. They must be cleaned regularly.

Q.4 What is the process used during the working of a washer-dryer?

The process of condensation takes place during the working of a washer-dryer. It helps in cooling the air inside the machine and condenses the vapour residing in the clothes.

Q.5 What is the importance of sorting laundry?

Sorting clothes enables you to employ various wash cycles (sensitive, regular, and permanent press) as well as varying temperatures when washing. Most crucially, when you regulate the water temperature and cycle type, separating garments reduces the possibility of a garment bleeding onto another. Sorting laundry will also increase the lifespan of your clothes. You can separate your laundry based on size, washing requirements (hot or cold water), fabric type and colour.

Q.6 What is the maximum amount of laundry I can do in a single load?

A typical washer-dryer can clean 13 to 15 pounds of clothes, but only 7 to 9 pounds of laundry can be dried. As a result, it's critical to give heed to both the content of every batch and the desired task(s) - wash and dry, wash just, or dry only. If the load is only going to be washed, it's fine to fill it to the maximum capacity of 13 to 15 lbs. However, if you try to dry a lot that is huge, you'll end up with wet laundry.