Voltasbeko Customer Care

What if we subtract the inconvenience that comes with keeping all your maintenance appliance needs at once? What if we tell you that you could avail the Voltas Beko customer care services of every electronic device you own, all of it on one platform? Sounds impressive, doesn't it? Well, OneDios is here to make this entire process just as easy peasy as it could get and bring you the best possible solution for such problems!

About Voltasbeko

Voltasbeko is one of the most popular brands that has created an impeccable name in almost every Indian and international household. This six-decade-old brand collaborates between two famous brands, namely Voltas and Beko, that belong to the Tata and Arcelik Group, respectively. Voltasbeko serves its consumers with top-notch electronic products that boast a perfect fusion of elegance and sophistication.

To redefine modernism and comfort through their products and customer services, Voltasbeko makes it simpler and easier for its customers to carry out their daily household chores. It is quite difficult to keep up with your consumers' ever-changing demands and requirements when it comes to technology and design. Voltasbeko considers this factor and comes up with products that are a step forward when curating solutions for a better and seamless appliance experience.

Voltasbeko Product Range

Voltasbeko encompasses umpteen products under a wide variety of categories. Curated with the intent of providing you with an everyday companion that caters to all your household chores needs.

Here are some of the popular products;

Voltasbeko Refrigerators:

Includes products like frost-free double door refrigerators, bottom-mounted refrigerators, side by side refrigerators, high-end frost-free refrigerators, and direct cool single door refrigerators.

Voltasbeko Washing machines:

Includes top-loading washing machines, bottom-loading washing machines, semi-automatic twin tub washing machines, and dryers/washers.

Voltasbeko Microwaves:

Solo microwave ovens and convection microwave ovens.

Voltasbeko Dishwashers:

Full-size dishwashers and tabletop dishwashers.

Most Popular Searches for Voltasbeko

Voltasbeko Customer Care Service

Voltasbeko Customer Care Service is a major factor that makes up for the brand's exemplary reputation among umpteen brands in the market of electronic devices and appliances.

Despite Voltasbeko's range of products incorporating exemplary and superior-quality appliances under its catalog, keeping all of the products and their periodic maintenance in check is essential. If you are looking for the Voltasbeko customer call service number, OneDios can be your go-to option. Being an authorized channel for registering all Voltasbeko customer service requests, this platform would offer you all their customer care services most seamlessly and comfortably possible.

Voltasbeko Dishwasher Customer Care Service

Floor Standing dishwasher

Floor Standing Dishwashers are just the perfect option for you to go with if you love cooking but hate the hassle of washing dishes that it brings along. This product would clean up the nooks and corners of all your dishes while saving you from hours of manual labor. Therefore, if you're facing any troubles with your product, you can tune into the OneDios website and register your complaint in a matter of seconds to avail the Voltasbeko Floor Standing Dishwasher Customer Care Service.

Voltasbeko Table Top Dishwasher

Table Top Dishwashers are the perfect solution for houses that need to keep their concern about getting the dishes cleaned in check while tackling the space crunch in their homes. These dishwashers are portable, therefore just the right product for the people who keep shifting their homes from time to time.

Voltasbeko Microwave Customer Care Service

Volatsbeko Microwave is the number one choice for serving daily meals. They come in three variants— Solo, grill and convection and serve multiple purposes. However, like all other major home appliances, VoltasBeko Microwaves need regular servicing too. What? Wait! Who got time and patience to get microwaves serviced or repaired? So stop looking for Voltasbeko Microwave customer care service and register your complaint or service request with us in almost no time!

Voltasbeko Refrigerator Customer care Service

For most modern Indian families, the refrigerator itself means Voltasbeko refrigerator. However, the brand serves beyond the domestic market with its side-by-side and inverter fridges. Although voltas products are known for their efficiency, regular maintenance and repair are necessary. OneDios' Voltasbeko customer care services take care of that need.

Voltasbeko Washing Machine Customer Care Service

Voltasbeko hosts a wide range of washing machines— top load, front load, semi-automatic, dryers, etc. All the products come with unique Turkish technology to remove tough stains effortlessly. However, for your washing buddy's upkeep and repair, you might be looking for the Voltasbeko washing machine customer care service. Stop that now and register your request with OneDios in less than 60 seconds.

If there is an issue with your product that you need to get resolved, you can get yourself a Voltas Table Top Dishwasher service booked in just a few seconds only on the OneDios website.

Frequently Asked Questions for Voltasbeko

What should I do if my refrigerator is not cooling properly?

In such a case, you should first check the refrigerator's location and place it in a well-ventilated area. Maintaining a proper wall clearance distance from the sides and the back wall is essential.

How should I check the power supply of my refrigerator?

This could be due to the power plug not being correctly plugged into a socket. You should also if a circuit breaker has been tripped while using a multi-plug socket. If you still face the same issue, try contacting Voltasbeko customer service.

How can I clean the drain hose of my washing machine?

In this case, you should first check the drain hose for any blockage, followed by removing the blockage by hand & running water through the drain hose by turning the knob towards the drain position.

How can I clean the exterior of my microwave?

To clean the exterior of your microwave, you can use a soft and wet cloth along with a mild detergent.

How can I clean the interior of my microwave?

To clean the microwave from the inside, put a warm, wet cloth to use or boil a bowl of water in the microwave that would soften any food particles present so that they can be easily removed.

Can the dishwasher clean plastic and wooden utensils?

This might not happen as plastic utensils cool down faster while wooden spoons absorb water.

Why is the dishwasher not washing the utensils properly?

To solve this issue, you should place your utensils facing downwards.

What is an autocycle?

Autocycle is a facility activated by opting for the Auto program. With this, a sensor automatically senses the level of dirt on dishes and sets an optimized wash cycle.

Therefore, if you are facing troubles with any of your Voltasbeko appliances or want to book any service and maintenance requests for the brand, you can tune into OneDios and get all your issues sorted right away!