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Voltas Water Dispenser Service

Voltas water dispensers are convenient for obtaining pure water at various temperatures (hot, cold, or regular). Water dispensers are ideal for use at home or in the corporate world. Voltas manufactures two variations of water dispensers - Voltas table top and Voltas floor mounted. The former is ideal for personal use due to its compact size and the latter is perfect for professional settings owing to its elongated size that holds more water than the former. All these Voltas water dispensers come with three faucets for hot, cold and normal water. They are necessary for drinking water throughout the year. So, any damage to your device is unaffordable. You can maintain the good efficiency of the appliance with Voltas water dispenser services twice a year. This will ensure that there will be no interruptions in the provision of safe drinking water. Voltas water dispenser services include dirt removal, basic cleaning, inspecting the water dispenser for any damage, repairing or replacing malfunctioning parts, and much more. You don't have to go through the tedious procedure of searching for Voltas customer care number to schedule a Voltas water dispenser service. Instead, in 60 seconds, you can submit a request through OneDios.

Types Of Requests In OneDios

OneDios offers different types of requests for your specific needs. One is a repair request and another is an AMC request. Both are mentioned below:

Repair Request

Repair request includes issues related to working of Voltas water dispenser. There could be multiple issues that your appliance develops that need to be fixed for maintaining its peak performance. You can select any below-mentioned issue under Repair Request according to your need:

1. Bad Smell

Bad smell is a common problem with water dispensers. There are different smells that your water dispenser might be giving off and these are mentioned below:

  • Musty or earthy smelling water indicates the growth of mildew or mould.
  • Plastic smell due to a new plastic tubing or other parts
  • A rotting smell indicates a dirty interior of the water dispenser
  • Smells like rotten eggs, chemical or metallic smell which tells problems with the water supply itself.

A technician will be able to detect the exact cause of the bad smell of your appliance. So, you can use OneDios which only takes one minute for registering your complaint without the Voltas water dispenser customer care number.

2. Broken or Damage

If your Voltas water dispenser is broken or damaged, then you can select this option for resolving the problem. It is a one minute process to raise a repair request in OneDios.

3. Compressor Not Tripping

If the compressor is not tripping then it could be due to overloading. Generally when your appliance takes too much electricity then the circuit breaker automatically cuts off the supply of electricity to avoid fire. A technician can resolve this problem in no time.

4. Corrosion or Rusting

Corrosion or rusting is an issue arising from the oxidation of iron which damages the metal. The technician will easily solve this issue.

5. Dirty Water From Tap

Dirty water from the tap means either your appliance is not clean or the water source could be the culprit. Voltas water dispenser service will include cleaning your appliance.

6. Display Shows Error or LED Blinks

If the display shows an error or LED blinks then you have to book a service request to fix this issue.

7. Door or Lock Problem

The door or lock problems can be resolved by Voltas authorised technicians. Select the repair request option for fixing this problem.

8. Drain Issue

If you are facing a drain issue with your water dispenser, then opting for a Voltas water dispenser service can resolve the issue.

9. Electrical Shock

If your Voltas water dispenser is giving an electrical shock, then there might be a problem with the electric circuit. It is dangerous to fix it on your own, rather than book a service in OneDios.

10. Fire or Spark or Burning Smell

Fire, spark or burning smell could indicate an issue with the internal electric circuit. Raise a repair request in OneDios without knowing Voltas customer care number.

11. Ice Formation

Ice formation can be caused by the loss of freons. There could be other possible reasons. The exact reason can be determined by a technician after checking your appliance. So, you can book a repair request in OneDios.

12. Moisture or Sweating

Moisture or sweating can be a result of condensation and it is pretty common. There is no need to worry about this issue.

13. Noise Problem

The sound during the start of the compressor is normal. However, when the noise does not stop even after some time, then you need to opt for a repair service for your appliance. A technician will thoroughly check your Voltas water dispenser to identify the exact cause of the problem.

14. Not Cooling or Working

If your water dispenser is not cooling or working you can examine the outlets as well as the power settings. If everything looks to be in order, there is an inherent problem that needs attention.

15. Not Heating

The tank reservoir may be empty if the hot water is no longer hot enough. It must correct itself after 20 minutes. If this does not address the problem, the boiling system's filaments may be damaged and therefore need to be repaired or replaced.

16. Over Cooling

Over cooling can be due to internal damage to your water dispenser. A technician can solve this issue after knowing the root cause of the problem.

17. Packing Damage

If your appliance comes with packing damage then get it replaced or repaired.

18. Part Broken

If any part of your appliance is broken, then repairing it is an easy task for the technician.

19. Unit or Compressor or MCB Tripping

If the unit, compressor or MCB of your water dispenser is tripping then raise a repair request in OneDios.

20. Water Leakage

A little water leakage is common with water dispensers, but if it is giving off too much then it may be due to some problem in the appliance. The screw of the back valve of your water dispenser could be loosened which results in water leakage. Also, there could be a faulty valve which leads to water leakage. This problem can be resolved by a technician easily.

21. Water Not Coming From Tap

You can check the reservoir or the water supply if water is not coming from the tap. If everything looks fine, then raising a service request is the only option. The technician will check the appliance for the root cause and then solve the problem accordingly.

AMC Request

AMC (Annual Maintenance Contract) request gives your product one year of warranty. In this plan, you will get two free services in a year. It will include all the repairs. This will save your pocket from extra expenses and protect your Voltas water dispenser from any future damage.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q.1 Can I turn off the water dispenser during the night?

Yes, you can turn off the water dispenser during the night or any other time when it is not in use for a longer period.

Q.2 How often should I clean my water dispenser?

It is recommended to clean your water dispenser every 6-12 months.

Q.3 What are some advantages of a Voltas water dispenser?

There are plenty of advantages of a Voltas water dispenser:

  • Easy to use
  • Clean water
  • Water with three different temperature settings
  • Environment friendly
  • Easy maintenance

Q.4 What is the procedure for using a water dispenser?

The water is poured into a small hole in the top of the bottle, which fits the mouth of the bottle. Gravity and vacuum pressure load the appliance with water from the bottle, which is subsequently released to the glass when you tap the faucet.

Q.5 What precautionary measures can I take with a water dispenser?

Some precautionary measures with a water dispenser are:

  • Regular cleaning for preventing mould growth
  • Take care of the water spilt by the appliance to avoid slippery floor
  • Maintain a safe distance between your water dispenser and the electrical socket. This will help in preventing any electrical shock.
  • Lift the refilling bottle with a straight spine to avoid back pain.