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Voltas Visi Cooler Service

The Voltas visi cooler service includes various types of servicing for the appliance. You can avail any of them without the help of Voltas visi cooler customer care. OneDios can assist you in raising any service request in just 60 seconds.

Voltas created the appliance with your storage concerns in mind. It makes use of the R134a refrigerant, which reduces environmental concerns. It is an excellent choice for securely storing frozen food, including meat, processed foods, ice cream, veggies, and sweets, retaining them at the optimum temperature range for extended lifespan, preserving quality and taste, and restricting visi cooler burn and ice crystal growth. Small commercial enterprises and residential customers' kitchens will benefit from the minimalist structure.

Request Types

We've divided your requests into sections to help you find the best and simplify them. Repair, Service, Demo, and AMC requests are available under Voltas' visi cooler service. Any of these queries will help you find a solution to your problem. They're explained in further depth below:

Repair Request

You can expect regular wear and tear on your device. However, if you ignore these little faults, you may permanently ruin your equipment. So, if any part of your machine is malfunctioning or acting strangely, submit a repair request, which, contrary to Voltas visi cooler customer care, requires only 60 seconds to complete. The following are possible problems with your appliance:

1. Broken Or Damaged

A broken or damaged section or part might result from a mechanical injury. As a result, it requires repair, which you can obtain with this choice.

2. Bulb Fuse

If your Voltas visi cooler has a fused bulb, it's best to have it replaced by an expert. Select this option to submit a fused bulb repair request.

3. Corrosion Or Rusting

When you expose the iron components of your cooler to the air for an extended period, it results in corrosion. It is critical to correct it as soon as possible because it may cause damage to the metal. This option provides technical assistance.

4. Door Or Lock Problem

If you have an issue with the door or lock on your Voltas visi cooler, use this option to submit a repair request. A qualified specialist will arrive at your location to do repairs.

5. Electrical Shock

Whenever an appliance's circuitry, wiring, or links fail, electrical currents become irregular. If you plug one in, the unpredictable energy could harm your device and cause you a shock. As a result, you must not use it before fixing your visi cooler. Avail of quick expert assistance via OneDios.

6. Fire Or Spark Or Burning Smell

Internal circuit damage can cause fire, sparks, or a burning odour. Use this option to submit a repair request for any of these problems. A technician will investigate the source of the problem and resolve it correctly.

7. Ice Formation

It happens when hot or moist air comes into contact with the icy evaporator coils in your visi cooler. The water will be frozen instantly by the coils, and if there is enough of it, it will develop ice. You may resolve this problem by submitting a repair request.

8. Noise Problem

A loud noise from the visi cooler can result from a malfunction with the defrost timer, compressor, or condenser fan. It is something that only an expert can handle. With this option, you can get technical help by submitting a repair request.

9. Not Cooling Or Working

Your visi cooler's primary purpose is to keep things cool, so if it's not performing effectively, it's time to have it repaired. This option allows you to send a repair request to a trained expert.

10. Over Cooling

Incorrect thermosetting may result in overcooling. If the device is still overcooling despite the correct setting, contact OneDios for assistance.

11. Packing Damage

Damage to the packaging might occur during transit during lifting and moving the item. To resolve this problem, you can submit a repair request.

12. Unit Or Compressor Or MCB Tripping

A problem in an interior part may cause the unit, compressor, or MCB to trip. There may be a problem with any aspect of your product. It is best to opt for a professional inspection.

13. Water Leakage

Another problem you might have with your machine is water leaking. An expert can fix it. To do the same, submit a repair request.

Service Request

The service request comprises general appliance maintenance. Click on the option if your equipment requires annual maintenance and submit a request in less than a minute. You do not need to approach Voltas Visi Cooler customer care to schedule a servicing.

1. General Servicing

Since your device is subject to natural fatigue failure, it requires routine maintenance. As a result, a yearly or biennial service check is critical to ensure that your equipment is in excellent operating order.

Demo Request

Whenever you require a trial of your Voltas Visi cooler, you can submit a demo request. People must demonstrate their recently bought product because each appliance has many distinctive features. This request allows you to do so in just a couple of clicks. Unlike Voltas cooler customer service, it does not take much of your time.

1. Demo

The demo feature, as the name implies, allows you to schedule a professional demonstration of your equipment. You can use this service after purchasing a Voltas Visi cooler.

AMC Request

Your AMC plan is activated when you obtain an Annual Maintenance Contract (AMC). You can choose AMC if you wish to give your equipment additional coverage. It includes a one-year comprehensive warranty. You can register this request without calling the Voltas cooler customer service number. You need one minute to submit your request.

1. One Year Comprehensive Warranty

2. The warranty period of one year

3. It will entail a year of regular appliance inspections. An authorised expert from the company will visit your home regularly to inspect your device and repair any damage or problems.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q.1 What exactly do you imply when you term visi cooler?

Visible coolers are another name for Visi coolers. Visi coolers are devices that chill goods and can keep them at a temperature of one to 10 degrees.

Q.2 What are some maintenance tips for Voltas Visi Cooler?

Following are some maintenance tips for your Voltas Visi Cooler:

  • Store the appliance in an open space
  • Regularly clean your appliance
  • Frequent servicing of your appliance is crucial to maintain the proper working condition kg your appliance

Q.3 What is the difference between Visi coolers and refrigerators?

Visi coolers work with systems that chill the human environment for any sealed zone or ample space, unlike refrigerators, which preserve everyday consumables for a tiny space by employing methane gases to chill the items.