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Voltas freezer comes with UV-resistant plastic for a long-lasting look, a locking system for controlled access, minimalistic configuration, and an aesthetically pleasing design. It also comes with caster wheels that provide effortless movement. The compressor of the Voltas freezer saves power, and the overall electricity savings are up to 40%. The appliance has an inner stucco aluminium liner for better sanitation. Despite its best-in-class quality, the Voltas freezer may show some problems after a certain period. In such a situation, you need technical support, which comes under the Voltas freezer service of OneDios. It also includes general servicing, demo and extended warranty for the appliance. If you need help with the device, raise a request in just a few clicks. You don't have to look for the Voltas freezer customer care number online. It's an easy-breezy process with OneDios.

Request Types

To organise and simplify your queries, we have created different subcategories for your requests. Voltas freezer service includes four request types - Repair, Service, Demo and AMC. You will find the solution to your issue by raising any of these requests. Following is a detailed description of them:

Repair Request

It's normal for your appliance to undergo natural wear and tear. However, if you don't address these minor issues, you might damage your machine in the long run. So, if any appliance component is showing abnormality or is not working correctly, then opt for a repair request which, unlike Voltas freezer customer care, takes only 60 seconds to raise. Issues that you can face with your appliance are the following:

1. Broken Or Damaged

Physical injury can lead to a broken or damaged part or component. It, therefore, needs repairing and you can easily avail it with this option.

2. Bulb Fuse

If the bulb of your Voltas freezer is fused, then it's better to repair it by an electrician. Click on this option to raise a repair request for the fused bulb.

3. Corrosion Or Rusting

Corrosion or rusting results from more prolonged exposure of iron to air. It can cause metal breakage, so it is essential to fix it as early as possible. Get technical support by choosing this option.

4. Door Or Lock Problem

If you are facing any problem related to the door or lock of your Voltas freezer, then raise a repair request with this option. A skilled technician will visit your place for repair service.

5. Electrical Shock

Unsteady electrical currents can occur due to broken wirings, connections or electronics. It might damage your gadget and shock you. Therefore, you should not turn on your freezer until or unless it's repaired. Raise a request to get immediate professional support.

6. Fire Or Spark Or Burning Smell

Fire, spark or burning smell can indicate internal circuit damage. Fix any of these issues by raising a repair request with this option. A technician will look for the cause behind the problem and accordingly resolve it.

7. Ice Formation

It happens if warm or humid air comes into touch with your freezer's chilly evaporator coils. The coils will instantaneously freeze the moisture, and if sufficient for it, it will form ice. You can solve this issue by raising a repair request quickly.

8. Noise Problem

A problem with the defrost timer, compressor or condenser fan could cause a loud sound from the freezer. A professional can address this issue—Avail technical support by raising a repair request with this option.

9. Not Cooling Or Working

Cooling is the primary function of your freezer, and if it's not doing it properly, it's time to get your appliance serviced. Raise a repair request with this option to get a skilled technician for repair.

10. Over Cooling

Over cooling might result from wrong thermosetting. If the appliance is still overcooling with the right setting, seek professional support with OneDios.

11. Packing Damage

Packing damage can be caused during transportation while handling the product during loading or unloading. You can opt for a repair request to address this issue.

12. Unit Or Compressor Or MCB Tripping

If the unit, compressor or MCB is tripping, it may occur due to some internal component fault. There could also be malfunctioning in any part of your appliance. It is best to get it checked by a professional.

13. Water Leakage

Water leakage is another issue that you might face with your appliance. A technician can fix it. Raise a repair request to do the same.

Service Request

The service request includes general servicing of your freezer. If your machine needs annual maintenance, select this option and register your issues only in a minute. You don't have to contact the Voltas freezer customer care to book a service.

1. General Servicing

General servicing is essential for your appliance as it undergoes natural wear and tears over time. So, an annual or biannual maintenance check is crucial for the perfect working condition of your Voltas freezer.

Demo Request

You can raise a demo request if you need a demonstration of your Voltas freezer. Every appliance comes with several distinct features, and as a result, people require a demonstration of their newly bought product. You can do so with this request in just a few clicks. It won't take much of your time, unlike Voltas freezer customer care.

1. Demo

As the name suggests, the demo option will let you raise a request for a demonstration of your appliance by a professional. If you have recently purchased Voltas freezer, you can avail of this service.

AMC Request

The Annual Maintenance Contract (AMC) request activates your AMC plan. If you want to give extra protection to your appliance, then you can opt for AMC. It includes a one-year comprehensive warranty. You can raise this request without searching for the Voltas freezer customer care number. You can submit the request in one minute.

1. One Year Comprehensive Warranty

It will include a year of periodic checks of your Voltas freezer. The company's authorised technician will pay regular visits to check your appliance and resolve any damage or problem in your device.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q.1 What are some tips for maintaining my Voltas freezer?

Some of the tips that can maintain your Voltas freezer are following:

  • Regularly checking the seal
  • Cleaning the freezer after defrosting it
  • Maintain a fixed temperature
  • Don't open and close the freezer very often

Q.2 What is the highest freezer load?

Load the freezer with about 70 - 85 % of its capacity at all times. Generally, an overly packed freezer leads to hinderane in the airflow whereas when there's not enough space, every instant you open the freezer door, all of the cool air will escape outdoors.

Q.3 When will I be enabled to load my new freezer with food?

You can put stuff in your new freezer after allowing it to rest on its side for 4 hours or standing for 1 hour. After this period, you can put your belongings in your new freezer.