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Voltas Air Cooler Service

Voltas is a Tata Group firm that specialises in air conditioning and cooling technology. Voltas has a variety of air coolers with different tank capacities. It has released four distinct air cooler models to deal with various heat levels. Tower Coolers, Desert Coolers, Window Coolers, and Personal Coolers are the several types of coolers available. Honeycomb padding, insect repellent, turbo air throw, seven-hour timer, and other unique features are all included. These coolers are created for specific uses; for instance, Tower Coolers are made to fit into limited areas, and Desert Coolers are suited for locations with extremely high temperatures. Voltas Coolers come in a wide variety of styles, giving clients a lot of options.

Voltas air coolers deliver excellent results. These coolers, on the other hand, experience wear and tear over time. So, to get the most out of your Voltas air cooler, it's important to have it serviced regularly. Instead of looking for the Voltas customer service phone number, you can book any service request using OneDios. For various concerns, OneDios provides you with a variety of request options. These are mentioned below:

Repair Request

Over time, your Voltas air cooler may start getting problems. Here, a repair request will help you in resolving the issues. Some of these issues are the following:

1. Electrical Shock

If your air cooler is giving an electrical shock, then it’s time to get it serviced. There could be various possible reasons for this issue and the Voltas air cooler technician will find it out after checking your appliance.

2. Fan Motor Not Working

The fan motor could not be working because of the damaged windings or the failed capacitor. There could be some other reasons for your Voltas air cooler malfunction, and the technician will detect and fix its main cause.

3. Fan Speed Not Changing

There could be a problem with the motor of your appliance which has resulted in a fixed fan speed.

4. Filters Need Change

The filters of your Voltas air cooler need to be changed annually. It is due to the deposition of impurities after continuous usage. Replacing them will enhance the performance of your appliance.

5. Fire Or Spark Or Burning Smell

This problem can occur due to a short circuit in a component of your Voltas air cooler. If you come across any of these problems, then booking a service request immediately is the best option.

6. Less Air Flow

Less airflow of your Voltas air cooler could be a result of internal damage to your air cooling unit. A technician will find the exact cause of this issue.

7. Noise Problem

Since Voltas air coolers work by moving air, they generate some noise. However, your air cooler may require maintenance, which you may readily determine if you hear annoying buzzing noises originating from your system; most likely the sound arises from a faulty compressor belt but sometimes it could happen due to older pipes. Servicing will help you address this problem easily.

7. Not Cooling Or Working

The water pumping motor is the main problem if the cooling isn't working properly. The cooler also does not deliver complete cooling if the grass is not adequately moistened. Additionally, the level of refrigerant determines the proper cooling of your air cooler.

9. Packing Damage

It could happen due to improper handling during transport or packaging. In such circumstances, a return or replacement is simple to accomplish.

10. Swing Not Working

Separate swing motors are used to control the swing. So, a flawed swing could be a result of either the PCB not supplying enough current to the motors, or the motors themselves are malfunctioning.

11. Vibration

Due to the interrupted airflow (blade-pass), higher levels of vibration in your air coolers can occur. Voltas air cooler technician will fix this problem in no time.

12. Water Leakage

The copper pipes that store refrigerant in the air cooler may become brittle and develop leaking holes as a result of moisture and other corrosion-causing substances in the atmosphere. So, water leakage can occur from these damaged pipes. Another reason could be the broken reservoir of your appliance.

13. Water Pump Not Working

The problem with your water pump can occur due to the damaged motor of your air cooler. The water pump is an important component for cooling air, therefore getting it repaired as soon as possible becomes necessary.

14. Wheels Not Working Or Jammed

Wheels make your air cooler transportable, adding another level of comfort to your life. Over time, impurities can accumulate over these wheels that may hamper their working condition. Regular servicing is a key to maintaining their performance.

Demo Request

Voltas air cooler service team will guide you in understanding various features of your appliance. They will demonstrate the working performance of Voltas air cooler giving you a thorough knowledge of the product.

AMC Request

Voltas Comprehensive Warranty Plan or Annual Maintenance Contract (AMC) covers regular periodic checks. Most of the components are included in this plan, with exception of a few parts.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q.1 How can I decrease the humidity of my air cooler?

You can reduce the humidity of your air cooler by increasing the ventilation of your room or using charcoal briquettes. You should also keep an eye on any leaks. Regular maintenance is also important to reduce the humidity.

Q.2 How can I improve the lifespan of my Voltas air cooler?

You can increase the lifespan of your Voltas air cooler by simply opting for regular servicing. It will help in detecting any fault in your appliance before it becomes a bigger issue.

Q.3 How long does a Voltas Air Cooler last on average?

A Voltas Air Cooler has an average lifespan of 6-7 years. After this period, it may begin to lose efficiency.

Q.4 Why are air coolers better than fans?

Normal fans circulate air around the room with fan blades but do not provide any cooling. Room air coolers employ a powerful fan to properly disperse newly cooled air and leverage the water evaporation to cool entering hot air. When liquid water turns to water vapour, the temperature of dry air can drop dramatically (through evaporation).

Q.5 What is the principle of an air cooler?

Air coolers operate on the principle of cooling by evaporating water contained within them.