Vijay Customer Care

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Vijay is a famous manufacturer of Home Appliances. Equipment for the home and kitchen is their area of expertise. Based in Hyderabad, the Vijay brand has been manufacturing home appliances for more than fifty years. It has a crystal-clear vision for the future that is rooted in the past through its guiding principles. VHAI is poised to take the lead in the markets it has served for so long as it moves boldly to broaden its horizons in India this year. Indian small appliance industry innovator Vijay Group is known for its electronic home appliances. VHAI is geographically present in 8 states, has 13 branches, and presently provides the entire South India market in addition to a few key locations in Maharashtra, Chattisgarh, and Bhubaneswar. Quality, authenticity, Vijay customer care, value for money, customer orientation, and employee welfare have been the cornerstones of all of VHAI's endeavours from the start and up to the present. The flagship brand of VHAI, VIJAY, is currently undergoing a reengineering, redesign, and repositioning process to increase market efficiencies and take full advantage of growth markets.

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Vijay Customer Care For Home Appliances

The variety of home appliances offered by Vijay includes stabilisers, space heaters, air coolers, geysers, various types of fans, and more. These products' advantages of high quality and reasonable cost will be enjoyed by customers. Since OneDios and Vijay customer care has partnered, you can now easily schedule any requests for your Vijay products through this system. You can complete the process whenever and wherever you want, and it will only take 60 seconds.

Vijay Customer Care For Kitchen Appliances

Vijay customer care can assist you in getting the services for your appliances. If your kitchen appliances are not working properly then you can contact them. Alternatively, you can choose OneDios to raise a request. The platform gives you a user-friendly interface for a hassle-free experience.

Why OneDios?

Customers can arrange service for a variety of products using the online platform OneDios. Numerous machines need regular checks, and the majority of people schedule appointments with different brands' customer support divisions. This process takes a long time to complete. OneDios was created to overcome this difficulty. Users can generate any service using this platform in just 60 seconds. They are not required to call anyone, either. Customers of Vijay customer care can now arrange a service within a minute thanks to the partnership between OneDios and the company. Utilizing OneDios has the additional benefit of allowing you to schedule any service at any time.

Vijay Customer Care FAQs

Q1. What safety measures do I need to take when using a room heater?

Keep them away from fire-prone objects, kids, and animals. A room heater must not be used to dry clothes. Keep a safe distance between any water sources and your room heater. They shouldn't be put on uneven ground. Instead of putting them on any furniture, put them on the ground.

Q2. How can I tell if my water heater is broken?

The seven indicators listed below can help you identify whether or not your water heater is in excellent working status:

  • Water is cloudy or has a colour
  • The strange odour emanating from hot water
  • Leakage of water from the tank
  • Unusual noises coming from your appliance while it is operating
  • The water in your appliance is either not heating up properly or not heating at all.

You can choose to have a routine checkup with the help of OneDios rather than contacting Vijay customer care.

Q3. Can I keep the heater on continuously?

Never consider leaving the heater on when no one is around. To prevent carbon monoxide poisoning, switch off and disconnect the heater prior to leaving the room or at bedtime. Greater inhalation of carbon monoxide can result in nausea, puking, drowsiness, headaches, and an energy shortage.

Q4. What is included under the routine checkup of the water heater?

The maintenance schedule for your water heater should include the following tasks:

  • Water Elimination: By emptying the tank, you can remove the silt from your water heater. It's critical to remove at least a quarter of the water from the tank.
  • Examining Valves: The temperature relief valves in your water heater will go through a thorough inspection as part of routine maintenance. Any leaky valves will be replaced by the plumber
  • Without contacting Vijay customer care, you can arrange a service with a plumber who has been approved by the brand through OneDios.

Q5. What causes the poor airflow in my room heater?

A clogged or dirty filter can negatively affect the blower or heater of your appliance. If this problem or the filter is not checked or is left in its existing condition, the limit switch may be affected. Since obtaining the limit switch later can be expensive, it is recommended that you periodically inspect the filter and clean it as requisite. With regular maintenance, the requirement for repairs and poor airflow can be avoided. Without phoning Vijay customer care, you can book it with OneDios.