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Are your V-Guard appliances in dire need of a maintenance check? Do you want to skip the trouble of looking for different customer care numbers for different appliances? If your answer to these questions is a yes, you have landed up at just the right place. Tune into OneDios and give your appliance servicing issues a tough fight!

About V-Guard

With its origin dated back to 1977, V-Guard is a robust brand in the industry of Indian electronic and electric products. An initiative that was known primarily for voltage stabilizers has now a wide variety of electronic products in its range and makes up for a great success story. As a brand, V-Guard intends to remain relevant and aspirational to the world of technology in these modern times when the world is constantly moving towards its younger self. Their thoughtfully engineered electronic products are curated with the motive of enriching the lives of their consumers and driving market leadership.

V-Guard product range

V-Guard offers you a myriad of superior quality and high technology products for you to make all your household chores quite simpler and easier. Some of the products under their catalog are as follows:

  • V-Guard Water heaters
  • V-Guard Domestic Pumps
  • V-Guard Fans
  • V-Guard Water heaters
  • V-Guard Air Coolers

And many more

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V-Guard Customer Care Service

V-Guard’s products boast superior quality and high technology. But what makes their offers even better is the V-Guard customer care services. From V-Guard geyser, V-Guard water heater, V-Guard inverter, and V-Guard stabilizers. These are all authorized customer care partners with OneDios offering you all the services that would make your appliances even easier to maintain and keep in check.

Vguard Water Heater Customer Care Service

Vguard offers reliable and long-lasting water heaters in multiple capacities under their pebble series. All the heaters offer higher efficiency, longer heat retention and aesthetic design. However, for regular maintenance and spontaneous repair you do not need to hunt for Vguard water heater customer care service number. Simply raise your ticket with OneDios in less than a minute.

Vguard Water Geyser Customer Care Service

Vguard Geysers come in electric, solar and water pump range. Vguard offers them in up to 6 litres of huge water heater capacity. However, no matter how efficient geysers and heaters are they will always require maintenance service every now and then. OneDios offers Vguard water geyser customer care service without undergoing the hassle.

Frequently Asked Questions for Vguard

How can I choose the right capacity while purchasing a water heater?

Water heaters should be opted for depending on the number of persons using them and the climatic condition of the location where it is to be fixed. Other key features of a water heater that should be considered while making the purchase are pressure rating, energy saving, corrosion resistance, ability to withstand hard water, and service support.

What are the warranty terms specified on water heaters?

Warranty on water heater varies from model to model; the inner tank has a warranty from 5-10 years. The heating element has a warranty of 2-4 years. Overall product will be under warranty for 2-3 years if the installations and usage are as per the guidelines.

How can I decide between an instant or storage water heater while making my purchase?

An instant water heater provides you with quick hot water, but this is not appropriate for places where the climate is very cold. The storage water heater has the advantage of getting water heater at the desired temperature of up to 75°C and another factor that contributes to its pros is that the excess water heated can be stored in hot conditions for hours.

How can the blades of the V-Guard mixer grinder be fixed?

You can do this by fixing the blades on the shaft in the jar and tightening it by rotating it in an anticlockwise direction till the blade gets tightened. To remove the blades, rotate them in a clockwise direction.

How can I clean my V-Guard mixer grinder?

Clean the main unit of the mixer grinder using a damp cloth or soft sponge without using any abrasive cleaning materials. Remove the jars after each use and wash them in soapy water. Then rinse with clean water. Dry the parts thoroughly with a clean soft cloth. Always keep the jar upside down. We recommended you clean your V-Guard mixer grinder immediately after every use for easier cleaning.

Is it safe for me to use the induction cooktop?

Yes, our induction cooktops are absolutely harmless and safe for you to use.

What type of glass is the V-Guard induction cooktop made of?

The V-Guard induction cooktop makes use of A-grade crystalline glass with a polished outer surface.

Z Zareena

  • 2022-12-02

Replacement of Vguard Gas gyser as it's not working from installation period under warranty