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About Venus

Venus, a brand of Indian origin, is no new name in the industry of water heaters. Since its origin about 55 years ago, the brand has proven its core values of quality, reliability, and performance through its entire product range. The company has also extended its expertise by incorporating products like fans, room heaters, air coolers as well as irons. Venus intends to provide its consumers with the best quality products and after-sales services by continuing its approach towards maintaining the top position in the market of water heaters and electronic appliances.

Product Range

Venus has an impeccable range of products that mainly include all sorts of water heaters. Following are the products that have been included in Venus’ portfolio:

  • Venus water heater
  • Venus fans
  • Venus Solar water heater
  • Venus Solar PV
  • Venus Room Heater
  • Venus Irons
  • Venus Air coolers

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Venus Customer Care Service

Even though Venus has an impressive range of products to offer, it could be a little troubling for you to look for individual customer care contact numbers for every specific product. OneDios would solve this issue right away! Visit their website and you would definitely find customer care contact numbers for all your appliances under the Venus Customer Care service.

Venus Water Heater Customer Care

Venus water heaters promise a perfect blend of quality, technology, and innovation under a very affordable range and multiple capacities. Nevertheless, they need regular maintenance and regular service from Venus water heater customer care service. OneDios does that for you absolutely hassle-free by booking your requests in just 60 seconds.


Which water heater can resist the action of hard water?

Glass-lined tanks and copper tanks are the best options that can withstand hard water without failure for quite a long period of time. Incoloy elements will last longer than the ordinary elements present in hard water. Glass lining on the tank and heating elements will reduce the action of scale deposits and thus help in eradicating the possibility of premature failure.

What is the warranty period on Venus water heaters?

The warranty on every product varies from model to model. The warranty period for the inner tank ranges from 5-10 years while the warranty period for the heating element However, the product as a whole has a warranty period of about 2 years.

Are Venus solar heaters expensive?

When compared to an electric heater, the Venus solar heater may sound a bit on the expensive end. But a solar heater will pay back its investment in a period of 2-3 years in the form of recurring energy savings. It might also make you eligible for rebates on your electricity bills in some States.<./p>

What would the maintenance requirements for Venus solar heater be?

Venus VTC solar water heating systems do not require a lot of maintenance. The collector tubes might require some annual cleaning to get rid of the accumulated scale and sediment deposits at the bottom. The system that is made out of stainless steel is primarily resistant to adverse effects of weather.

Is the efficiency of Venus solar heaters affected on cloudy days?

The VTC model solar water heater will run with equal efficiency even on cloudy days due to higher heat absorption from the infrared rays of sunlight. However, there is a fair chance of the efficiency getting affected on rainy days.

How can I opt for a heat pump that would fit my requirements?

In order to determine this, the amount of water required has to be calculated, and according to that, a suitable size has to be selected. For any further professional assistance please contact our sales consultant.

Would my Venus water heater consume a lot of energy?

Energy consumption in our water heaters is considerably lower than other household appliances primarily because these water heaters work for a very short time as compared to other appliances (Air conditioner, Refrigerator, TV, etc.) Our models have a star rating by the Bureau of Energy Efficiency. Most of these models are either 4 or 5 stars rated.

What features do the Venus heat pump water heaters boast of?

The salient features of the Venus heat pump water heaters are a wide range of working temperatures from -7°c to 43°C, the heavy-duty compressor is durable and energy-efficient.