TCL Customer Care

TCL Technology, or Telephone Communication Limited, is an electronics manufacturing company based in Huizhou, China. It was founded in 1981. The company manufactures products like television sets, smartphones, air conditioners, washing machines, refrigerators, etc. It comprises of four different companies:

  • China Display Optoelectronics Technology Holdings Ltd
  • Tonly Electronics Holdings Limited
  • Shenzhen Stock Exchange and TCL Electronics Holdings Limited
  • Communication Technology Holdings Limited

TCL Technology has introduced a slew of cutting-edge items, including AI-powered televisions and IoT- enabled air conditioners. It mostly focuses on home entertainment and relaxation.

TCL Customer Care For Various TCL Products

TCL offers a wide range of products which need regular servicing. Different products require specific servicing for their peak performances. These products include the following:

TCL Air Conditioners Customer Care

TCL has launched right split air conditioners in the Indian market. These ACs include AI Ultra Inverter compressor technology, which improves low-frequency operation while saving up to 40% on energy. These products come with smart connectivity (Bluetooth, WiFi, Google assistant) that will let you connect to TCL AC. Apart from providing strong cooling to the room, they are also pocket friendly and environment friendly (uses R32 refrigerant which is eco-friendly).

A technician is required for installation, repair and servicing of your air conditioner. Every company has its own customer care service that will let you book an authorised technician. TCL also has TCL customer care service for its consumers. You can contact them for annual maintenance of your AC. However, contacting TCL customer care is a lengthy procedure, and OneDios is a viable alternative.

TCL Refrigerators Customer Care

TCL offers a variety of single and double door refrigerators with quick freezing technology, which can freeze a food item in as little as two minutes. These also help to keep food chilled for a long time. No frost technology, clever swing flow, and some other features are available on double door refrigerators.

However, in the event of an unexpected failure or other damage to your refrigerator, you may require the services of a specialist. Early assistance is required at that time. As a result, contacting the TCL customer care number is probably not a good idea. A better option is to use OneDios to submit a service request, which will just take one minute.

TCL Washing Machine Customer Care

Innovative and smart washing machine are being introduced in the market by TCL. Honeycomb crystal drum, waterfall spray wash, touch screen display, non pollution design and many more features are included in TCL washing machines. There are three variants of washing machines launched by TCL. These appliances help in saving electricity as well.

Also, Washing machine repair and regular maintenance is very important. You can book a servicing for your washing machine with OneDios instead of contacting TCL customer care number.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do you avail TCL product's servicing?

You can either contact TCL customer care or raise a service request with OneDios.

Will TCL replace its faulty product?

TCL can replace a faulty product if the defects were present in the original product. Also, only products purchased from an authorised TCL dealer can be replaced.

How often do you need an air conditioner servicing?

It is suggested that an air conditioner be serviced once a year for best performance and longer lifespan. Use OneDios to raise a service request for a TCL washing machine instead of contacting TCL customer care.

What are some maintenance tips for TCL washing machines?

Some maintenance tips for TCL washing machine are:

  • Don't overload your machine with laundry, instead divide clothes in smaller sections
  • Use a right kind and quantity of detergent
  • Look for any cracks or bulges in the hoses regularly
  • Interior and dispenser should both be cleaned

What is a washing machine service wash?

It is a cleaning and maintenance procedure for the washing machine. It is also known as maintenance wash.

What are some of the most typical causes of air conditioner breakdown?

Fan blades, compressor, electrical connections, and contacts are all damaged. If your air conditioner is more than five years old and cycles on and off regularly, it is in danger of failing prematurely. Annual maintenance can typically detect worn or damaged parts before they become a problem that necessitates emergency repairs.

If you want to contact TCL customer care for booking a service, then try doing so with OneDios, an easier way of raising a service request.