Tata Customer Care

Tata Motors is one of the world's largest automakers and is part of the USD110 billion Tata group, founded by Jamsetji Tata in 1868. It manufactures passenger cars, sports cars, luxury cars, vans, buses, coaches, trucks, and construction equipment. It is India's largest automobile manufacturer and the first Indian automaker to develop competitive domestic vehicles on its own. In 1998, Tata launched India's first indigenous passenger automobile, Indica. The firm also launched an ambitious Nano vehicle, which the lower and middle-income class can afford.

Tata introduced the Indica, India's first entirely indigenous passenger automobile, in 1998, and the Tata Nano, the world's cheapest car, in 2008. In 2004, Tata Motors acquired Daewoo Commercial Vehicles Company, a South Korean truck manufacturer.

It continues to shape the Indian commercial vehicle scene by introducing cutting-edge powertrains and electric solutions packaged for high power and user comfort at low life-cycle costs. Impact Design underpins the company's latest passenger and utility vehicles, which provide a superior combination of performance, driveability, and connectivity.

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Tata Punch Customer Care

Tata Punch aces in comfort, safety, performance, design and more features. Regular maintenance will keep these features intact for a long duration. Earlier, you needed the Tata customer care number for booking a service, but now this is not the case. You can easily do it with OneDios.

Tata Nexon Customer Care

This premium SUV by Tata is known for its signature dark elements in the interior and exterior. If you are searching for the Tata customer care number to get your vehicle serviced, now you don't need to do so with OneDios, a platform for all your service requests.

Tata Harrier Customer Care

The premium dark colour with deep blue undergone by Tata Harrier gives it a luxurious appeal. It comes with R18 Blackstone Alloys all-blackjack interior theme. Regular servicing will maintain the attractive appearance of your vehicle. Now, you can book Tata vehicles with OneDios without searching for the Tata customer care number.

Tata Safari Customer Care

Tata Safari is the second vehicle built on the OMEGARC platform, based on Land Rover's well-known D8 chassis. This classic needs regular maintenance and servicing, just like its counterparts. You can book services for your SUV with OneDios without the Tata customer care number.

Tata Altroz Customer Care

Built with futuristic design and comfort, Tata Altroz Dark is one of the premium car models of Tata Motors. If you are looking to get your Altroz serviced, then using OneDios will help you out in an easy way. Unlike Tata customer care, it doesn't take much of your time to raise a service request for Tata Motors.

Tata Tiago Customer Care

Tiago is a popular option among youths due to its sporty design and next-gen technology. It is recommended to get your car serviced at regular intervals to maintain the young spirit of the vehicle. However, booking via Tata customer care number is a slow process; instead, you can schedule your car servicing with OneDios in just 60 seconds.

Tata Tigor Customer Care

Tata Tigor comes with comprehensive safety features and a smooth driving experience. To work these features at their best, get your Tigor serviced as recommended by the brand. You can use OneDios for booking your car servicing without knowing the Tata customer care number.


Frequently Asked Questions

Q.1 What are the advantages of routine automobile maintenance?

Your vehicle's top performance may be maintained through regular auto servicing. It improves the automobile's overall safety. Additionally, frequent car servicing improves the fuel efficiency and lifespan of your vehicle.

Q.2 What role does a car warranty play in the automotive industry?

Your car's warranty will cover any mechanical or electrical damage to your vehicle for a fixed period after purchasing the car.

Q.3 Why is a local service not performed over brand authorised servicing?

Local servicing doesn't give a guarantee of service. Various brands have different ways of servicing, of which many technicians are ignorant. Also, local servicing will not provide replacement of your vehicle's component with the original part. Opting for local servicing can nullify the original warranty of your vehicle.

Q.4 How often does your vehicle need servicing?

The first service should be performed after 1,500 kilometres, followed by the second after 7,500 kilometres, and the third after 15,000 kilometres. It includes a free car inspection as well as a car wash. These first three services provided by the Tata service centre are free.

Q.5 What's the best way to schedule a Tata car service?>

Previously, users would call the Tata customer care number to reserve services. Customers, however, frequently have to wait in long lines before being able to make a service request. With OneDios, you can now complete the task in under a minute.

Q.6 What are scheduled services?

Scheduled services are a type of preventative maintenance that ensures a vehicle's smooth and trouble-free operation by replacing consumable elements such as engine oil, oil filter, fuel filter, and air filter according to Tata Motors' suggested replacement schedule.

Q.7 Is Tata Nexon available in petrol and diesel versions?

Tata Nexon is available in both petrol and diesel versions.

Q.8 How many gears does the Tata Tiago have?

The Tata Tiago has five different gear ratios.

Q.9 What is a good ground clearance for Indian roads?

According to experts, a ground clearance of 170-180mm is acceptable for Indian roads because the height of the barriers is not fixed, and each automobile has its restrictions and requirements. To put it another way, to safely navigate Indian roads and minimise damage, the ground clearance must be at least 165mm.

Q.10 What is the reason for the cranking loss of the engine?

It could happen due to a weak battery of electrical connection.

Q.11 What should you do in case of no cranking engine?

Check the ignition fuse, followed by cleaning and tightening the connections.

Q.12 How to take care of the battery of your Tata vehicle?

Following are some maintenance tips for your car's battery:

  • Regularly check the battery for terminal corrosion
  • Clean the battery with water and baking soda solution
  • Keep the battery's terminals free of water and coated with jelly

Before cleaning the battery, disconnect the negative terminal.