Symphony Customer Care

Avail Symphony appliances' services without contacting Symphony Customer Care through OneDios, a simple platform that will assist you in raising service requests for any brand.


About Symphony

Symphony is an Indian multi-national company that mainly deals with air cooling technology. It is the world's largest manufacturer of air coolers (industrial, commercial and residential). The headquarters of Symphony is in Ahmedabad, Gujarat. Achal Bakeri founded the company in 1988, and since then, it has expanded its business to over 60 countries. It has many trademarks, copyrights, and patents, owing to various innovations in the field of air cooling. Its research and development is focused on sustainable development. Symphony has developed technologies that can tackle climate change. Its products are affordable, energy-efficient, and appealing. The firm has also worked in several cooling projects and is committed to creating the best quality affordable and environment-friendly products.



Symphony's sole focus is innovating the best air coolers for different purposes. These are divided in three categories:

  • Household Air Coolers: lightweight and compact design make these coolers perfect for personal use
  • Commercial Air Coolers: low power consumption and 30 m airflow makes them ideal for commercial purposes Industrial
  • Air Coolers: meant for cooling in large open or semi-open spaces like warehouses, industries, religious places, etc.


Air Cooler Servicing

As you know air coolers lower the temperature of the surrounding air through evaporative cooling. They do so with their water pads. These air coolers need proper maintenance to maintain high performance throughout their usage. If these air coolers do not receive regular servicing and maintenance, they might accumulate fungus and bacteria, which can severely affect your health. Also, with little or no servicing, severe damages can occur in these appliances. In general, air cooler servicing will include removing dirt and impurities from the air cooler, eliminating the chances of microbial growth and replacing water pads. Each part is inspected thoroughly to look for any damage. Symphony recommends at least an annual air cooler servicing for their best performance. Replacing the pads every year is also recommended. Doing so will maintain the quality of cool air released by your Symphony air cooler.


Advantages Of Air Cooler Servicing

Regular air cooler servicing gives you following advantages:

  • It will significantly increase the performance of your air cooler
  • Your appliance will be energy efficient
  • A regular air cooler servicing will help you in saving money by using less electricity
  • Air cooler servicing will lessen the chances of contamination via the appliance


How To Avail Symphony Air Cooler Servicing?

You can avail symphony air cooler servicing by contacting Symphony customer care. This is a time-consuming process as you need to find Symphony customer care number first and then wait on long holds. Instead, you can use the OneDios platform to raise a service request for Symphony air cooler in just 60 seconds.


About OneDios

OneDios is a platform for raising all your service requests of different brands. Generally, customers' daily lives are quite hectic, and taking out time to contact customer service is a huge deal. Instead of spending long hours just to finish your work, you can use OneDios that will assist you in raising a service request for any brand. It will take only one minute to raise a service request for Symphony air coolers.


Advantages Of OneDios

OneDios gives you following benefits:

  • Takes only 60 seconds to raise any service request
  • Raise service request of more than 500 brands
  • 24 hours available
  • Extended warranties and AMC available
  • Gives access to your documents anytime on your phone


Frequently Asked Questions

What is the reason behind the strange odour from your Symphony air cooler?

There are two possible reasons for a strange odour. One, the pads inside your air cooler develop mildew. Two, stagnant water in your air cooler. A regular cleaning is therefore important to avoid any such problem.


What is the cause of too much water consumption by your air cooler?

This can occur due to water leakage. You can raise a service request for solving the problem with OneDios.


What are some preventive measures you can perform at home for maintaining good working conditions of Symphony air cooler?

You can take care of some small things to help your air cooler last long. These are: Cleaning of water tank, water distribution channels and all the parts of your air cooler Motor pump oiling Look for any loose connections in the internal electrical components


What are the advantages of cooling pads replacement?

Cooling pads' lifespan is for one season only, therefore their frequent replacement is required for effective cooling. Choking of pads can result in bad smell, fungal or bacterial growth, more energy consumption (due to overload in the motor) and less air delivery. All these problems will be resolved after replacing the cooling pads yearly.

How to avail warranty services of Symphony?

Symphony gives one year warranty for its air coolers. You can avail this warranty by giving a photocopy of your valid purchase bill to the service technician.


Our preventive maintenance service and cooling pad replacement covered under Symphony warranty?

No, these are not covered under Symphony warranty. OneDios will help you in raising a service request without any hassle. So, instead of contacting Symphony customer care, use OneDios.